Buy paintings online of Radha Krishna Hand Painted Painting and Wall Art Acrylic On Canvas Size(Inch) 24 W x 36 H hang in Living Room

Shopping has truly gone digital over the past decade. We now buy everything online, from airline tickets to electronics, groceries, furniture, and jewelry. However, when it comes to buying high-value artwork, some of us don’t feel comfortable shopping online. Despite the obvious advantages to buy paintings online, such as access to a large collection and not being geographically constrained, many people are still reluctant to make purchases without meeting the seller in person or are concerns about the authenticity of the work. 

Here are seven helpful tips from Artiser to help you buy paintings online with confidence.

Clarifying your intentions 

When buying paintings online, you often want to decorate your home or treat it as an investment. It is important to clearly understand what drives your purchase, as this can significantly influence decisions about budget, image size, and subject matter, and artist, and gallery reputation. online display that you access. 

Know Your Space 

 Unless you’re a collector with more art than space to keep, you may want to display a painting on the wall in your home. One of the biggest challenges when buying paintings online is seeing the dimensions of the work after reading the dimensions. If you intend to display your paintings, use a tape measure to see the actual size of the area, how much space you need for all sides, and how many inches you need to frame. You can use cardboard or cut newspaper to cover an area and see how much space each piece will take up. Doing the reverse this way can help you figure out any size limitations you might be considering, so you won’t be surprised or dismayed when the final image comes out! 

 Another factor to keep in mind is the aesthetics of your home. While traditional art can blend well in a modern home, look for any glaring conflicts between the artwork you have in mind and the color palette, mood, or aesthetic of the space. you are in. Exhibition of works.

Exploring the Universe 

 When people think of buying artwork, it’s usually just paintings. However, there is a wide selection of prints, photographs, installations, and a variety of Indian Traditional Paintings. Keep an open mind and understand different art forms. For example, if you have a limited budget but want the work of a  respected artist (like M.F.Husain or S.H. Raza) Investing in signed, limited edition paintings by a master artist is a great idea as the work is not only a 

Masterpiece but an investment 

 Likewise, a plain wall of collages or a grid of black-and-white photographs can be an attractive option. It is important that you do your research and find out what type of wall art you want to buy, as this can help you navigate the options more easily.

Check the legitimacy of the Gallery 

  Trusting someone you’ve never met or shopping at a gallery you’ve never been to can be daunting. However, there are several ways to build trust in the online world. Meet the gallery’s founders or connoisseurs, check out their training or professional experience, and whether they have experience in a particular field. 

Ganesh Handpainted Luxury Painting On Pipal Pan
Ganesh Handpainted Luxury Painting On Pipal Pan

 A library website should convey a sense of legitimacy with its design and information. Make sure the site has a secure web presence by checking the “padlock” symbol next to the URL in your browser. Familiarize yourself with payment options and check that the library is using a trusted payment gateway. If they insist on “cash only,” you may have reason to be concerned. Please ensure that you have received the correct invoice for your purchase. Check the presence of your social media library on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, or YouTube as this can be an indicator of quality. 

Understanding Artists 

 A good work of art tells a story. It’s important to understand the artist’s journey – his journey, his inspiration, his journey – before buying his work. Getting to know the artist will help you make a deeper connection with the paintings. A work of art is something that is always with you, so buying the right piece is important. 

Lord Shiva Acrylic Painting Handpainted On Wood Shivshakti For Home
Lord Shiva Acrylic Painting Handpainted On Wood Shivshakti For Home

While not all artists become Picasso or Husain, it’s good to know when an artist is promising. A good online gallery will provide information about its artists on its website and answer any questions you may have. One way to tell if an artist is a professional artist or a “weekend painter” (e.g. art started as a hobby), is by asking if they’ve been in an exhibition or collective art field or individual yet and where. Solo exhibitions require serious commitment from the artist and establish credibility. If the artist’s work is part of a museum collection or a large private or corporate collection, then That artist is very promising.  Verifying the legitimacy of the work.

Maa Durga Paintings ( Mahishasura Mardini
Maa Durga Paintings ( Mahishasura Mardini

Verifying that the work is accompanied by a certificate of origin or authenticity. Certificates of authenticity are usually signed by the artist and include a statement of authenticity from the gallery. When purchasing work from a defunct or  established/expensive artist, it is important to verify the source (or provenance) as the gallery may not be able to issue a written certificate of authenticity. signed by the artist. , especially when it comes to old jobs.  

Like what you buy 

 Art evaluation is a very personal matter and you may not like an object that is admired by everyone. It is important that you really like the artwork you are buying.Don’t feel pressured to buy a big name; You need to see the paintings in your home every day and if you don’t like it, you will soon regret your purchase. Art doesn’t always have to be intellectual or insightful – if you love a work of art purely for its visual appeal, that’s fine!


We hope this guide will give you more confidence when buy paintings online. Contact us for a free art consultation at +91 7739918888 or [email protected] and browse our curated art collection on Dirums.

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