Applewood Climate Control Self Storage

Our number one priority is to ensure everyone’s safety. Since 2004, we’ve been locally owned and operated to serve you better. Easily accessible by elevator or moving dolly, self-storage units are open 24/7. Both climate-controlled and nonheated, drive-up storage units are available. Large doors and spacious hallways make it easy to store automobiles, boats, campers, and other recreational and commercial vehicles here.

In October of 2004, nine months after it had opened, we purchased the building at 4018 Marsh Rd. After that, we put in place measures to ensure everyone’s safety, such as being picky about who we rent to and working on our K9 partnership with local law enforcement. Since we first opened, there have been no incidents involving the safety of our premises.

Our current Climate Control facility was created and completed in 2012 at 3017 Dairy Drive. Here and at Marsh Rd., both of which had previously gotten cameras, we installed even more. Our Guardian Cylinder lock system is the best in the business, and we give it away to all of our clients for free.

Unlike padlocks and disc locks, it cannot be opened with a bolt cutter. In addition to our standing in the safety market, we also have a solid reputation for reliability in terms of service, having never failed to deliver a unit after a customer had made a reservation with us. Thanks, Dave

Best service possible because of being locally owned and operated. Our Number One Priority is to Keep Everyone Safe. Both of our urban establishments are situated in quiet, secure areas. Modern, purpose-built storage facilities (not renovated buildings). One of our SAFETY Precautions is being picky about who we rent to instead of taking the “fill it at any cost” tack.

Our K9 dog training program is actively supported by several local organizations, and we have printed materials and swag to spread the word. Trespassers will be warned by the flashing red lights on our cameras. For maximum safety, you’re welcome to use the Guardian Cylinder locks we give at no cost. The retired sheriff of Dane County, Wisconsin, takes care of our lawn maintenance, so you know we take safety seriously.

Store Quest Self Storage

We at StorQuest want to help you prepare for whatever the future may hold. We also realize that this is just the beginning of your self-storage journey. That’s why, in addition to our dozens of convenient locations and convenient amenities like our exclusive Bellman service, we’ve made storing your belongings as quick, simple, and stress-free as possible. It’s high time you stopped putting off until tomorrow the fun you could be having right now. The time to act has come, so put pen to paper and get things done.

StorQuest Self Storage, which is based in the United States, owns and manages a large and successful chain of cutting-edge self-storage facilities. StorQuest’s mission is to provide customers with the greatest quality storage solutions available, backed by the best service in the business.

StorQuest understands that your storage unit is for more than just storing your belongings. You are cordially invited. It’s a launchpad for an incredible future. Because of this, we go above and above to assist you in putting your belongings into storage, managing them, and resuming your life. You may relax since we’ve got this under control.

A+ Storage

We aim to provide the best self-storage service possible. Your storage experience with us will be first-rate because of our excellent location choices, affordable rates, and kind, knowledgeable personnel. Our facilities are spotless, safe, and simple to get to. You can keep your cars and boats with us, or use the extra space for household items and workplace supplies.

Our Madison storage facilities, conveniently located near Highways 30 and 51 and a short distance from Nekoosa Trail and Commercial Avenue, have a variety of unit sizes, 24-hour video surveillance, and climate control.

Sun Prairie’s Commercial Avenue site is convenient to the city’s main thoroughfares and features a variety of unit sizes at competitive rates. Located only a half-mile north of the junction of Highways 19 and 51, our De Forest location provides a variety of storage spaces at reasonable prices and is convenient to both the Truax Airport and the Truax Highway.

Having shut down Hanley Company in July of 2008, this venture is now the primary source of income for the family. In 1999, we opened a storage facility at 601 Commercial Avenue in Sun Prairie. By 2000, we had expanded to 4202 Reardon Road in Windsor/DeForest, and in 2008, we bought aaa Secure, located at 713 Walsh Road.

We engaged Gary as the new property manager and rebranded aaa Secure as A+ Storage. In 2015, we installed climate control units at our Sun Prairie facility, and in 2017, we’ll have a new climate-controlled building available for business there by September.

In addition, in September 2017, we will be adding three more standard storage unit buildings in Sun Prairie. Our properties are always spotless, and we go out of our way to provide convenient payment plans and friendly service to our tenants.

Nick owns A+ Storage and serves as the facility’s manager/operator in both the Sun Prairie and DeForest facilities. Gary runs operations out of our Madison office, while his wife Michelle handles marketing and customer support. Nick and Michelle’s son Collin helps clean up the apartments and the grounds.

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