Acredale Animal Hospital

Acredale Animal Hospital has been helping the people of Virginia Beach with all of their veterinary needs since 1986. To assist pets to stay healthy, it provides diagnostic testing and nutritional guidance.

Specialized surgical operations and advanced medical treatments such as orthopedics, dentistry, cardiology, and ophthalmology are provided by its veterinarians. Services like grooming and boarding are also offered. Clients can drop off their pets and have their refills mailed to them at Acredale Animal Hospital.

Affordable Veterinary Services of VA

Care-A-Lot Pet Supply in Virginia Beach is home to Affordable Veterinary Services of VA, a low-cost veterinary health center. In addition to providing low-cost vaccinations, basic diagnostic tests, heartworm, and deworming drugs, and flea and tick control for cats and dogs, Affordable Veterinary Services also offer rabies vaccinations.

Walk-ins are welcome, and pre-scheduled appointments are not required to complete the necessary paperwork. A Facebook page for their mobile wellness clinic is also kept current.

Center for the Health and Care of Animals

Animal Medical Center is a veterinarian facility in Virginia Beach that can treat common animal illnesses in dogs, cats, rabbits, and other animals.

At the Animal Medical Center, you’ll find eight doctors that are both qualified and experienced in their fields. Even though they have specific interests in ophthalmology, surgery, wound management, and big-breed dogs, they enjoy every aspect of the practice.

Bostic Veterinary Hospital

Kempsville in Virginia Beach is home to Bostic Veterinary Hospital, a full-service animal hospital. Both Virginia Beach native Dr. Gail W. Szabo and the University of Tennessee alum Dr. Anthony Manning provide veterinarian services, including preventative care, dental care, surgical care, grooming, and even breeding.

Bostic Veterinary Hospital has been recognized by the American Animal Hospital Association and the Pennsylvania Animal Health Improvement Program.

Boulevard Veterinary Hospital for Integrative Healing

The Boulevard Veterinary Hospital for Integrative Healing in Norfolk provides general medical, surgical, and dental care for animals.

Dr. Constance Pozniak is the head veterinarian and she is also an acupuncture and chiropractic specialist. Hydrotherapy, diagnostic ultrasounds, and traditional Chinese veterinary medicine are all tools in her practice’s arsenal.

General Booth Veterinary Hospital

For almost twenty years, residents of the Virginia Beach area have been able to trust the care of their small animal companions at General Booth Veterinary Hospital.

They have a team of doctors who focus on several different disciplines, including dermatology, soft tissue surgery, canine and feline internal medicine, and pain treatment.

The veterinary services, grooming parlor, and pet motel at General Booth contributed to the company’s 2015 Best of the Beach win.

Great Neck Veterinary Clinic

As a full-service animal hospital, Great Neck Veterinary Clinic is dedicated to serving the pets and their owners of the Virginia Beach area. Their staff can handle anything from major to little surgeries, as well as normal dental treatment and internal medicine for conditions like liver failure, heart disease, and stomach upset.

Great Neck also has a full-service veterinary pharmacy and boarding facility called Fur’st Choice Doggy Daycare.

Independence Veterinary Hospital

Animals in need of veterinary treatment in the Virginia Beach area can visit Independence Veterinary Hospital. Owner and full-time veterinarian Dr. Brian S. Hastings has a background in surgery, ultrasonography, and cardiology, and he earned his veterinary degree from Virginia Tech.

Dr. Robert B. Johnston, the other full-time vet in Independence, studied veterinary medicine at the University of Florida and has been working with animals for over 30 years.

Owl Creek Veterinary Hospital

The Virginia Beach community is served by Owl Creek Veterinarian Hospital, a companion animal clinic that provides a full range of services, including traditional veterinary treatment, dog training, dog daycare, and kennel boarding.

Dr. Ann Ayre has been practicing veterinary medicine in Owl Creek for almost twenty years. She is a proud alumna of the Veterinary College at the University of Guelph in Ontario and has a special interest in veterinary dentistry. Dr. Kirsten Jaegersen, who received her Ph.D. in veterinary dentistry and surgery from Ross University in 2014, is an expert in her field.

P.A.W.S. for Rehabilitation

P.A.W.S. for Rehabilitation is a facility in the greater Virginia Beach area that specializes in canine physical therapy and pain relief. Currently, P.A.W.S. is staffed by veterinarians Stephanie Patterson and Blair Hollowell, both of whom are medical doctors with experience in either surgery or internal medicine.

At each appointment, they may utilize any of a wide range of treatments, including rehabilitation therapy, hydrotherapy, electronic walkway systems, fitness and conditioning, training classes, acupuncture, and so on.

Paws Clinic

Dr. Mike and Monique Wansky, a husband-and-wife team, opened Paws Clinic in Virginia Beach in 2000. Vaccinations, parasite management, and a free vet exam with every immunization are all services provided by Paws Clinic for cats and dogs.

Dr. Mike Wansky, a member of the American College of Veterinary Preventive Medicine, and his wife, Monique, founded Paws Clinic, a Better Business Bureau-accredited company, to provide reasonably priced preventative veterinary treatment for pets.

Princess Anne Veterinary Hospital

Medical, surgical, and dental care for pets in the Virginia Beach area are all available at Princess Anne Veterinary Hospital. One of the hospital’s current physicians, Dr. Kier, has been with Princess Anne for almost ten years.

Dr. Kier, a veterinarian with national accreditation, can provide families with both domestic and foreign health certifications. Dr. Johnson served in the U.S. Army and enjoys ophthalmology, anesthesia, and geriatric care.

Salem Veterinary Hospital

Cats, dogs, rabbits, reptiles, pocket pets, birds, and small farm animals of Virginia Beach and its surrounding areas are all welcome at Salem Veterinary Hospital. This comprehensive veterinary treatment is made possible by Salem’s team of highly trained veterinarians.

Nearly eighty years of veterinary experience are shared between Drs. Barbara Sheffield, Lisa Hundley, and Karen Smithwick. Dr. Hundley is interested in surgery and internal medicine, Dr. Smithwick focuses on emergency and critical care, and Dr. Sheffield has nearly 30 years of expertise in the veterinary industry.

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