No other city puts as much emphasis on the quality of your retail cannabis experience as Portland, and no other business offers more refined, high-end smokeable than Serra. Both buildings have spotless interiors of white marble, gold fixtures, and light wood, making them feel like their own art galleries. There is a wonderful collection of paintings by Maja Dlugolecki on display at the Downtown shop; the works were all motivated by the many sensations one experiences while under the influence of cannabis.

Pruf Cultivar, grown in state-of-the-art greenhouses, is known for its exceptional terpene ratios, and Serra’s gumdrops, a five-milligram variety, are both tasty and chewy. They have also worked with the local bean-to-bar chocolatier Woodblock Chocolate to develop a variety of chocolate bars using different strains of chocolate for different effects. Don’t leave the ‘Quality Drugs’ neon sign without your distinctive selfie.

Electric Lettuce

Visiting Electric Lettuce, a cool brand with roots in the counterculture of the ’60s, is like stepping into the past. You’ll find a listening area where you may put on a record and zone out for a while in addition to the mellow, Summer of Love ambiance.

When you’re ready to buy some weed, you may browse the menus by frequency, choosing from options like “Active” for a jolt of energy and focus, “Groovy” for a soothing physical high, and “Cosmic” for a more abstract mental experience. Although being familiar with the color-coded approach is necessary, the results are more accurate than the simplistic sativa/indica classification.

Each of Lettuce’s ten or so Portland area locations has its distinct atmosphere, but they all have the same retro charm and high-quality menus of carefully selected flowers, vapes, and edibles. It’s possible to arrange for both pickup and delivery.


Somewhere goes beyond the scope of a typical pot shop. The shop sells potted monsteras, cacti, and carnivorous plants to create “thoughtful commodities from the natural world.” Locally crafted t-project teas can be found next to cannabis flowers from licensed growers. And if you’re looking for something to vape, they have a variety of cartridges and all-in-one pens like the Quill, and if you’re looking for something edible, they have some local favorites like Leif Goods’ 1:1 Mint Hibiscus Chocolate Bar.

Every year in the early spring somewhere holds a gardening workshop where attendees may acquire free grow kits and advice from local professionals on how to start their cannabis farms.


Oregrown, founded in Bend, is a reputable cannabis company, and its Portland extension is a more refined, aesthetically aware version of the outdoorsy dispensary. A bespoke, tiered couch that seats 15 people and is perfect for group selfies, an interactive PAX exhibit, and a stylish clothing section stocked with branded merchandise you’d want to wear (including some camping gear you can use) are just a few of the highlights.

In addition to their excellent in-house Oregrown flower, they also stock a wide variety of the finest products the state has to offer, both in terms of aesthetics and taste. In search of a 5mg edible? They provide a wide variety of flavored options crafted from various cannabis concentrates. There is a wide variety of materials, from live resin and rosin to CO2 oil, that have been shown to have consistent effects.

Kings of Canna

Kings of Canna has the ambiance of a cigar lounge, complete with dim lighting and plush furnishings, but without the stuffiness. The products are a steal, despite being showcased in a gorgeous wraparound glass cabinet against a red velvet backdrop.

This family-run business enjoys favorable pricing on a wide range of growing methods because of its established partnerships with the city’s top boutique farms. Popular indoor growers like Nelson & Co. Organics may be found for $14/g, while generic but still high-quality flowers can be purchased for just $60/ounce.

Live resin, known as the “champagne” of concentrates, may be purchased from Zen Extracts for $65 per gram, while hash rosin can be purchased for $10. In addition, they have vaporizer pens, sweets, tinctures, beverages, and topicals, all in a relaxed setting.

Eden Cannabis

This friendly, female-run dispensary is the go-to in the area for superior flowers and extracts. Its presence, however, may be directly attributed to the presence of its lovely location, which features a must-see weed swing. You may indulge your inner child on a giant wooden swing draped in vines at the Eden in Southeast Portland, Oregon, where a pink neon sign proclaims, “It’s 4:20 Somewhere.”

Everything from the award-winning vape cartridges from Happy Cabbage Farms to the glittery Gron Pearl sweets to the reusable joint packs from Fire’n Jane to the CBN and CBG-dominant joints from Lady Jays is adorable. We carry many of the local flower shops’ top sellers, and our pricing is comparable to those of other, more basic flower shops in the area.

Five Zero Trees

Five Zero Trees does an excellent job of standardizing the customer service they provide across all of their sites (which reach from Portland to the coast of Oregon), with a wide range of options available on both their flower and concentrate menus. Buds are prioritized in the well-lit, spacious bedrooms by being presented in clear, airtight glass jars.

High Noon Cultivation, Resin Ranchers, LOWD, and Magic Hour are just a few of the well-known indoor and sun-grown brands sold there. Moreover, each establishment offers a comprehensive collection of glasses and smoking implements in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and accouterments. Due to the chain’s long history, customers can always count on prompt, courteous service from knowledgeable budtenders.

Mongoose Cannabis

Mongoose, like many other local stores in Southeast Portland, demonstrates the potential of a limited but well-placed area. A room with, you guessed it, mongooses as decor.

There’s still enough area to house the city’s premier tincture and high-potency concentrate shop, where patients with chronic diseases may get their hands on high-CBD RSO oils at rock-bottom costs. Those who forget their mask can utilize the walk-up window, and the modest flower selection likely helps them maintain a more constant turnaround, as the bloom is always fresh.

There is a display of more elaborate glassware in the middle of the little shop, and there is also a gift section with cannabis-themed coloring books and art magazines.

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