Moonlight Mountain Recovery

Moonlight Mountain Recovery is an addiction treatment facility in Idaho that provides personalized treatment plans to help clients beat their substance abuse problems. The program’s staff is committed to helping each individual they work with achieve a life that is free from substance abuse and filled with purpose.

Moonlight Mountain Recovery in Idaho is a specialized chemical dependency treatment facility that works with each patient to create a personalized, custom treatment plan to address the patient’s mental, physical, and spiritual stability. The facility’s staff consists of experienced clinicians and supporting staff, many of whom are recovered addicts themselves.

Moonlight Mountain Recovery is a one-of-a-kind addiction treatment facility in Idaho that provides outpatient and inpatient programs in addition to detox for alcoholism and drug dependency, with a special focus on the many cultural and spiritual needs that are often overlooked in rehab.

They use a blend of group and individual therapy so that you can find strength in the community and develop a mentor-mentee relationship with your therapist.

To help you stay sober after you leave the center’s care, they provide a wide range of services as part of a thorough discharge plan aimed at avoiding future relapse.

Centers in both Pocatello and Nampa, Idaho, provide a comprehensive range of services in a relaxing, natural environment. Private rooms and bathrooms, a media room, a gym, and a cozy, homey decor are just some of the perks.

Stewards Of Recovery 

The Idaho-based Stewards of Recovery is a treatment facility for substance abuse and addiction that provides services to anyone in need, regardless of their financial situation.

Stewards of Recovery in Idaho provide treatment to anyone who needs it, regardless of where they came from, how often they’ve relapsed in the past, or how long they’ve been using drugs.

The center provides a variety of supplementary therapies, such as marriage and family therapy, anger management classes, and workshops on developing useful life skills, to help its patients become more stable and optimistic about the future.

Stewards of Recovery is a high-quality, low-cost rehab in Idaho that accepts patients of any age, gender identity, race, creed, or religion and takes a clinical approach to achieve total wellness.

Stewards of Recovery is conveniently located in the heart of Idaho Falls, ID, and provides bare-bones care to keep treatment costs to a minimum.

Walker Center

The Walker Center in Idaho is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility that provides both outpatient and inpatient care for those struggling with substance abuse. With a dedicated Board of Directors and a tea of experts, the Walker Center is one of the best treatment centers in the state, with a focus on rehabilitating addicts so that they can lead productive lives.

Walker Center’s method of treatment is based on the same principles as 12-step groups like Alcoholics Anonymous. The Walker Center’s evidence-based programs, medication-assisted treatment, detox, and withdrawal management have helped thousands of people achieve and maintain sobriety and rewarding recovery journeys.

Inpatient drug treatment, inpatient alcohol treatment, and outpatient drug and alcohol treatment are the three primary types of care available. The Walker Center has locations in both Twin Falls and Gooding, and it provides a wide variety of services and programs to accommodate a wide variety of recovery paths and individual preferences.

The Walker Centers in Idaho are located in spacious, comfortably furnished houses in beautiful settings, and the helpful staff is always on hand to make sure visitors get the most out of their time there.

Brick House Recovery 

Idaho’s Brick House Recovery was founded in response to the need for a superior faith-based treatment facility. Brick House Recovery, with locations in Boise and Idaho Falls, ID, was established in 2014 to treat adults with addiction and mental health disorders simultaneously.

Brick House Recovery is a 12-step-inspired facility that offers a full range of rehab services, from initial assessment to aftercare and beyond. The rehabilitation center offers psychiatric evaluations and related therapies as part of its mental health services.

Brick House Recovery is the only faith-based addiction treatment center in the Boise, Idaho Valley area, with a second location in Idaho Falls. Treatment is provided to people of all faiths, with an emphasis on strengthening spiritual connections as part of the healing process.

Alcohol, methamphetamine, and heroin addiction are given priority at the centers.

The outpatient center is a large, bright house with large meeting rooms and decor that promotes calm and quiet concentration in the process of recovery.

Brick House Recovery

Outpatient drug treatment programs at Brickhouse Recovery are individualized and holistic because they are based on the client’s religious beliefs. Because every client is unique, he or she will work with their assigned clinician during an evaluation or assessment period to determine what it is they or hope to achieve during recovery and what methods will be most effective in helping them get there.

Clients never have to feel like they have to put their lives on hold or give up work, family, or school to get sober at Brickhouse because of the facility’s individualized and adaptable outpatient care.

Recovery education, 12-step meetings, family therapy, and individual therapy are all viable treatment options. The first month is spent in partial hospitalization, followed by intensive outpatient for the next three months, and finally general outpatient for the final two months before graduation, at which point the client commits to a lifetime of sobriety and aftercare treatment.

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