Herbal Wellness Center North

Herbal Wellness Center is your Phoenix area dispensary for quality medication at affordable prices. Our mission is to always deliver the finest marijuana products including world-class strains of flowers, concentrates, edibles, vape cartridges, and more! To find the best cannabis products in Arizona, check out our extensive catalog.

You’re going to love our new patient specials, our daily specials, and our customer loyalty program. Order online or shop in-store. We invite you to shop at the affordable home of the true cannabis connoisseur – Herbal Wellness Center.

Herbal Wellness Center at 1720 E. Deer Valley Road brings you the largest selection of medical marijuana products at affordable prices. You’re going to love our new patient specials, our daily specials, and our customer loyalty program. Come see us today.

Herbal Wellness Center at 1720 E. Deer Valley Road opened in July 2020 and is the second Herbal Wellness Dispensary in the Phoenix area. Our first dispensary opened in 2013 and since that time we’ve been known for having the Phoenix area’s largest selection of premium medical marijuana products at affordable prices. We carry everything from all the leading brands. Our low overhead and high volume mean lower prices for you.


Oasis Cannabis is a state-licensed medical and recreational marijuana dispensary located in Glendale, AZ. Oasis Cannabis is the first medical marijuana dispensary in the state of Arizona. We have three convenient Valley locations and we offer express pickup and delivery for our medical patients so we can serve you in the Phoenix-Metro area with no issues. We offer the widest selection of bulk marijuana flowers in a variety of different qualities, strains, and prices.

We also offer a massive selection of other cannabis products such as distillates, live resin vape cartridges, wax, shatter, live resin, rosin, diamonds/sauce, CBD isolates, sublingual sprays, inhalers, edibles, topicals, and more!

Oasis Cannabis is one of Arizona’s oldest medical marijuana dispensaries and the first dispensary in the city of Chandler. Oasis Cannabis | Glendale is the newest location for the Oasis dispensary chain.

Curaleaf – Bell

Welcome to our home. Where the grass is not just greener, it’s better. Some people walk in knowing what they’re looking for— a tincture to ease the pain or perhaps a flower to make the day brighter. Then some walk-in curious, ready to start their journey with this ancient plant.

Whatever your reason is, we’re happy you’re here and honored to be your guide. We’re here to figure out what works for you, you. After all, cannabis is not one-size-fits-all. So, ask us anything. Under one roof, there is no such thing as a stupid question. Make yourself at home. Let’s have a weed chat. And let our confidence become yours.

Giving Tree Dispensary

The Giving Tree Wellness Center was created by two local women with a common goal – to offer a safe and inviting environment that will include much more than medical marijuana. Our in-house Medical Director will be able to educate the patients and their families about Medical Marijuana and other alternative therapies to provide the best care for each patient. We believe that alternative therapy such as medical marijuana, western medicine, education, and SUPPORT will provide the right answer to patients and their loved ones.

The Giving Tree Wellness Center is a leading Arizona Licensed Medical Marijuana Dispensary. We opened our doors in May 2013 and then expanded to include a Mesa location in July 2013. At Giving Tree, we work with medical professionals collaboratively to help certified patients access high-quality medical cannabis to treat pain, nausea, and other symptoms.

At Giving Tree Dispensary, we are passionate about quality cannabis and education. We pride ourselves in taking health concerns seriously and are dedicated to providing education to our patients on how cannabis can assist in alleviating health concerns. We look forward to welcoming you to Giving Tree!

Harvest HOC of Tempe Dispensary

Licensed Medical and Recreational Marijuana Dispensary. Stop by Harvest House of Cannabis in Tempe, Arizona for a personalized shopping experience to meet your medical cannabis needs. We offer a wide breadth of medical marijuana, whether you are searching for a specific flower strain or prefer to consume edibles or tinctures, or something in between.

Our expert budtenders will guide you to the right products to fit your unique needs. Check out our daily deals and sign up for our loyalty program to take advantage of everything Harvest has to offer. Our Tempe dispensary serves you with the best cannabis products. Find us off W Elliot Rd.

Harvest Health and Recreation, Inc. (Harvest House of Cannabis), is a consistently profitable, fully vertically integrated cannabis company with one of the largest footprints in the world. Founded in 2013, Harvest’s industry-leading cultivation, manufacturing, retail facilities, construction, real estate, and technologies are backed by experienced, in-house finance, compliance, operations, real estate, human resources, marketing, and legal teams, who have proven and trusted track record in the cannabis industry.

Harvest’s established best practices are leveraged daily to consistently drive innovation and growth. Harvest continues to broaden its operations in opportunistic markets while servicing patients, consumers, and the cannabis industry at large.

What does Brett like best about working at Harvest? Without any hesitation, he said, “At the end of the day, you feel like you’ve made an impact in people’s lives. We work hard to create an environment that people—both patients and employees—want to come back to.”

What’s special about Harvest? Well, lots of things, but Brett is especially proud that Harvest of Tempe is safe and inviting and provides patients with the highest quality medical marijuana in the state of Arizona. “While we’re happy to fill patients’ informational needs, we also recognize that some prefer some autonomy as they search for the treatment that best suits their needs. We’re here to benefit patients and the community, not just to be another business in town.”

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