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Best Voice Actors in Missouri

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Kevin K.

I was a morning radio host for 30 years, the last 16 of which were spent in Houston. I was nominated for a Country Music Award for Major Market Morning Personality a record number of times and wound up taking home a few of them. Since then, I’ve taken a hiatus to pursue a career in voice acting and publicise the 2011 and upcoming August releases, respectively, of two documentaries based on my life.

Over 30 years in radio, I voiced commercials for a wide variety of clients, including Michelob Ultra, The Good Feet Store, Mattress Firm, Comcast, and others. I’ve worked as an emcee for various mixed martial arts and boxing events broadcast on HBO and SHOWTIME. The Fuzzy Mic, my podcast, is something else I do.

I also narrate, do character voices, and impersonate celebrities in addition to reading commercial scripts (a decent Sylvester Stallone, a questionable Christopher Walken, a parody of George W. Bush and a few others). My uncle, the Academy Award–winning actor Kevin Kline, shows that the performing arts run deep in my family.

Jim L.

I am an American male voice actor with 20 years of experience, excellent direction-taking skills, and a high-quality recording studio. The satisfaction of my customers is paramount, so I work hard to fulfil their needs quickly and affordably. Under 2000 words, most projects can be finished in a single day.

Ramar M.

I have more than 2 years of experience in media editing and production, and I approach each project with originality and thoroughness. Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, and Audition are just some of the programmes I’ve worked with before. I have a home studio where I do video and audio editing and English voiceovers as needed.

Lela R.

In my line of work, I assist professionals, individuals, and companies who have a distinct idea of what they want to accomplish. Those who can articulate their vision clearly and keep their audience engaged at every stage. If you have an idea, we can make it a reality (even if this is your first time working with voice talent).

Send me an invitation to interview for your next project if you’re ready to work with a professional voice artist who can grasp your needs as a client swiftly and infuse any subject matter with interest and enjoyment.

Mike F.

Mike is the head video nerd, creative director, and producer at Fowlerhouse Films. His experience includes working as a multimedia producer for a Kansas City-based training and development firm and filming and editing videos for nonprofit organisations. He has worked on documentaries, captured live events, produced corporate videos, and shot weddings. Mike’s expertise as a video editor includes the ability to arrange videos in a way that bolsters the brands and goals of various businesses.

Theodore P.

I’m a professional voice actor who’s eager to work with you. Whatever you need to be done, I can do it. Give me a call if you need a voice for a commercial, narration, promotion, e-learning, explainer videos, IVR, webinar, podcast intros/outros, or anything else. I take pride in my quick turnaround time and always going above and beyond for my clients.

Plus, during the week, I host a radio show in St. Louis’s afternoon drive time. That means I have constant access to tools fit for a professional. In addition, I am equipped with a professional studio in my very own home. Given this, I am accessible during the week as well as on the weekends. I can provide you with a sound that is professional, refined, and mature. I employ a Stellar X2 microphone and a Focusrite 2i2 interface for my recordings. Adobe Audition is the editing programme I use.

Mark M.

MEM Media is run by Mark and Emma Mattei. We encourage you to visit MEMFilms.com to view our previous projects. Stuart Petty, a videographer and voice actor, also plays an integral role in our team. While we’re relatively new to Upwork, our team has been developing multimedia for dozens of companies for over three years.

In particular, we excel at spokesperson work for video production (product reviews, E-Learning, etc.) We’re quick, we’re efficient, and we take pride in our work. Mark is responsible for the behind-the-scenes work, while Emma is the star of the show. We have published numerous product reviews, online courses,

Christina S.

I can record in both English and Spanish, so that’s something to think about (any other words that require a different accent or specific pronunciation should be discussed before we start a contract). I appreciate you checking out my profile. There is so much potential in voice acting that I recently took some time off to rebrand myself. This time I’ve brought a strategy (and a shiny new SHURE mic) that I’m confident will produce the ideal voice for your project.

In conclusion, my background includes 10 years of singing experience and 5 years of voiceover experience in particular. My vocal training and academic credentials aid in my understanding and pronouncing medical and healthcare terms. I’ve finished projects like podcasting (with the help of the Pleasant Hill Times) under the name The Bygone Society and creating radio promotions, explainers, training videos, and narrating.


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