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Best Voice Actors in Wyoming

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Shayan Ahmed J.

Hello, my name is Shayan, and I founded TECHNOVATES LLC, which is currently the highest-rated company in the industry for creating explainer videos, whiteboard animations, commercials, advertisements, logo animations, and video introductions. My work remains at the forefront of its field because I approach it with enthusiasm, originality, professionalism, and a deep appreciation for the needs of my clients.

In the past 13 years, I’ve expanded my knowledge of businesses both big and small, new and old, domestic and international. Transform the information we gain from you into powerful video content is our driving force. Our explainer video is made to simply and clearly describe your business, service, or topic to your target audience.

Trey D.

I am a native English speaker from the United States with an Advanced level of certification in Russian. I do localization and translation work involving these two languages. I also have years of experience as a language teacher.

Whether you’re speaking or writing, I’ll make you sound like a native speaker. Nothing gets lost in translation when I’m working with you, whether we’re talking business or casually. Everything went smoothly, and it was delivered on time, which was a pleasant surprise.

Lisa M.

Superstar translator, proofreader, voice actor, typist, virtual assistant, graphic designer; expert in US immigration law; fluent in Russian and English. Lisa is qualified to help because she holds a bachelor’s degree in English, a bachelor’s degree in business administration, a certificate in Russian translation, and a certificate in immigration paralegal studies.

Lea Liza J.

Currently attending New Era University in the Philippines for their School of International Relations online. The Bachelor of Arts in Foreign Service is a popular choice. Because of my extensive school hopping (13 different institutions), I can readily embrace change and appreciate a wide range of cultural perspectives.

I feel like it’s natural for me to grasp how society works, and I enjoy teamwork as much as I do going it alone. My positive outlook would allow me to contribute well-structured, carefully considered, and outstanding work to this venue.

Anthony C.

Thanks to my adventures, I’ve picked up a wide variety of abilities. I thrive in an environment where I am constantly challenged intellectually and can apply what I learn. The times when I am not busy with work or school-related studying are spent exploring the world. I always have a good time when I travel, whether it’s to find a job or to immerse myself in a new culture.

Kristin N.

Interested in adding a hard-working, positive personality to your team? If I am hired for the position of administrative assistant, I can assure you that my efforts will be well worth your investment. Your team will benefit greatly from my dedication to and mastery of my field.

Hi there, my name is Kristin and I have worked as a paralegal and executive assistant for over 12 years. I’m writing because I’m interested in the Admin position you posted and the company overall that you work for.

As a Customer Service Representative at WebstaurantStore, it is my job to ensure that all customers’ needs are met while also meeting my own and my coworkers’ high standards of performance. Working with different types of people, learning about new cultures, juggling multiple tasks at once, and generally improving my customer service and interpersonal skills are all things I’ve learned on the job here.

Nicole Carlino

Hi! Although I now make my home in Nashville, I am a Los Angeles native who has had two songs make it onto the Billboard charts. If you’re reading this, likely, you’ve already heard my voice. 😉 Aveeno, BWM, Coca-Cola, Cox, Duracell, Fossil, Go Wireless, Habitat for Humanity, Honda, Hyundai, Infiniti, KFC, Mazda, MasterCard, McDonald’s, Mckinsey, Microsoft, MINI, Mitsubishi, Mondelez, NBC, Nissan, Oreo, Pacific Life, Shiseido, Tinder, Toyota, Uber, VW, and many more have all used VO services in the past. When not in the studio, I enjoy spending time in the kitchen, reading, and laughing at my bad jokes.


Since I enjoy both watching and listening to actors in video games and films, I figured I might as well try my hand at voice acting. I have a wide range of experience, from animation to video games to fan projects, and I am excited to continue developing my skills in whatever direction you wish to send me. I’m excited to get to work with you and am committed to doing my very best.


I am a highly skilled and in-demand American English male voice-over actor on Fiverr. Versatile voice actor with over 30 years of experience in radio, TV, and video game commercials, whiteboard animations, game voiceovers, and character voices (also major networks).

You can rely on my swift, reliable, and excellent communication in a variety of styles, from smooth and deep to friendly and authoritative to youthful and fun. Check out my recent work in interactive voice response (IVR), voice-to-text (VSL), and electronic learning (E-Learning). Put me in your favorites right now.


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