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Best Home Repair Services In Wyoming

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Blue House Home Inspections

Kendal and Alison Wabeke are the proud owners and operators of Blue House Home Inspections in Wyoming. There is an emphasis on radon testing, inspections for mildew, vermin, termites, and septic systems, as well as for carbon monoxide and asbestos.

Kendal has worked in construction for four years and is a graduate of Central Michigan University’s Mechanical Engineering program. Alison completed her undergraduate studies at Calvin College and then went on to earn her MBA at Central Michigan University.

Brigade Home Inspection Services, LLC

Wyoming and the neighboring areas are serviced by Brigade Home Inspection Services LLC, a residential property inspection business. Its certified inspectors also check for radon, evaluate energy efficiency, and look at the condition of the roof.

After completing a home inspection, the company’s home inspectors will give the client a report that details any issues they found in the home across four categories: major, cosmetic, minor, and functional.

Grand Home Inspection

Wyoming and its adjacent states are served by Grand Home Inspection, a family-run business that specializes in property inspections. The company, which has been in operation since 2015, was established to educate consumers.

All the interior and exterior features of a home, as well as the electrical and plumbing systems, are evaluated as part of Grand Home Inspection’s residential home inspection services, which are available in a variety of packages. In addition to standard home inspections, pre-listing inspections, pre-offer inspections, high-end house inspections, mold testing, and radon testing are all services provided by this firm.

Hammer Home Inspections

For more than a decade, homeowners, buyers, and sellers in the Wyoming and Grand Rapids areas have relied on Hammer Home Inspections, a home inspection business based in Michigan. Glenn, the company’s creator, has vast experience in residential home maintenance and repair thanks to his nine years spent working in the home foreclosure industry.

Schedules for his comprehensive home inspections, W.D.I. audits, and radon screenings can be scheduled on the firm website. Both Glenn’s professional inspection skills and his residential thermography expertise are recognized by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI).

HJ Home Inspections

HJ Home Inspections is made up of InterNACHI-trained professionals who inspect homes in the Wyoming and Grand Rapids areas. The crew’s main objective is to perform complete, standard home inspections of the roof, basement, foundation, plumbing, HVAC, and attic. It also checks for radon, which can seep in through spaces like mortar joints, fissures in a solid floor, or a split in a service pipe. Inspections for mold, wells, septic systems, and wood-destroying insects are also available.

Ink Home Services

Ink Home Services provides comprehensive home inspections to Wyoming residents. Radon testing, termite and WDI inspections, home energy scores, sewage inspections, perfluoroalkyl sulfide (PFAS) testing, and mold and air sample testing are all examples.

Their owner, Danny Geurink, has been in the building industry for over 15 years and holds the highest certification in the field: Certified Master Inspector. In addition to being a member of the Grand Rapids Area Realtors, he is also certified as a Home Energy Score Assessor.

JW Home Inspections

Property owners and managers in Wyoming, Grand Rapids, Sterling Heights, and the surrounding areas may rely on the expertise of JW Home Inspections. It provides a wide range of expert home inspection services, including analyses of the building’s structural integrity, examinations of the electrical and heating systems, and video surveillance inspections of the sewage and septic systems.

Many potential issues might arise with a house, but JW Inspections has a staff of qualified and experienced home inspectors that can give an honest assessment and recommend solutions.

Locker Inspection Services

Wyoming and the surrounding areas are served by Locker Inspection Services LLC, a home inspection business. Inspection services include well and septic, pre-listing, mold, multi-unit, termite, pool and spa, irrigation, and termite. Besides radon, air, and water testing, the organization offers these services as well.

The home inspectors on their team are dedicated to providing clients with thorough and reliable inspection reports upon which they can base important decisions. Inspecting Lockers is an InterNACHI-accredited business.

Michigan Home Inspections

The inspectors at Michigan Home Inspections help customers in Wyoming, and they have more than a century of expertise between them. Their inspections cover everything from the inside to the outside, as well as the roof, plumbing, electricity, and the structure itself. The team checks the insulation, built-in appliances, and storage areas.

They also look for signs of pests and insects, and mold, and investigate the quality of the air inside the home. Radon testing, septic load testing, and inspections, well load testing and inspections, and environmental testing are some of the supplementary services offered by the home inspection organization.

Paul Torkelson

Paul Torkelson, the proprietor of Pillar to Post, serves the Wyoming metropolitan area by performing property inspections for potential buyers. He has been assisting customers in assessing the state of their property for the past two decades in the home repair and building industries.

His home inspection services cover the entire dwelling, including the porch, decks, structural base, roof, and electrical systems. He also works with real estate brokers and provides them with the services they need to guarantee a home’s quality before a buyer makes an offer.

Searchlight Inspections, Inc.

Wyoming-based Searchlight Inspections, Inc. has served clients throughout West Michigan for the past 17 years. In addition to being licensed builders, many home inspectors also hold degrees in industrial engineering. Radon, wood-boring bugs, mold, and lead checks are among the services they provide.

Pre-sale inspections for sellers and pre-purchase inspections for buyers are two of Searchlight Home Inspections’ specialties. Customers have the option of having inspectors come back and re-issue a report if necessary.

The Home Examiner Inspection Services

Wyoming and the surrounding areas are serviced by The Home Examiner Inspection Services, a family-run business. The organization, which has been around since 2003, employs a wide range of technologies, including drone photography, thermal imaging, a moisture meter, and gas leak detection, when conducting home inspections.

Buyer inspections, pre-listing inspections, construction inspections, maintenance inspections, and even loan draw inspections are all part of the company’s repertoire of offerings. The Home Inspector is also responsible for radon testing, termite inspections, and re-inspections.



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