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Best Home Repair Services In Wisconsin

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Ace In The Hole Maintenance

Hanging pictures, mounting televisions, constructing home entertainment systems, repairing and replacing electrical and plumbing fixtures, and installing doors and flooring are just some of the many services offered by Ace In The Hole Maintenance to Madison, Wisconsin, residents. Drywall, windows, screens, decks, and fences can all be repaired.

It also does pressure cleaning and other property upkeep. They have nearly twenty years of expertise between them. The business was founded by Eric Hazen to help people in the community who did not have the necessary expertise to fix and maintain their homes on their own.

Actuate Improvement

Madison residents can get the most out of their dwellings with the help of Actuate Improvement’s remodeling services. Services provided by this company fall under the umbrella of “handyman,” and include the installation of electrical fixtures, as well as the replacement of cabinets and siding.

The company also offers kitchen, bathroom, and basement renovation services. Mark Alexander, the proprietor, has a background in completing modest commercial and residential building projects in the region. From 2007 to 2013, he also contributed to a remodeling firm in the roles of designer and consultant.

Bee’s Knees Craftsman Co.

Handyman services are offered by Bee’s Knees Craftsman Co. to residents in Madison and the surrounding areas. Some of the things they help with are drywall repairs, flooring, pressure washing, deck building and repair, and painting.

It also does door installations, fraternity and sorority repairs, caulking, glass replacement, and store refreshes. To do their work more quickly and efficiently, the company’s expert handymen employ specialized equipment designed for each task. They have skilled workers that have years of experience collaborating with national service providers and property management firms.

Column One

Customers in Madison and the surrounding area can turn to Column One for assistance with home maintenance and improvement. The organization provides both routine maintenance and one-off repairs for homes and businesses.

Home, garden, and estate maintenance services are also available. Remodeling, lawn care, tree trimming, garage makeovers, grounds and property management, interior and home duties, and vehicle maintenance are some of the other services we offer. Column One’s primary focus is on delivering services that meet the needs of their patrons.

Doug’s Handyman Service Inc.

Madison is served by Doug’s Handyman Service Inc. It handles both urgent matters and little jobs off the to-do list, such as hanging family photos or fixing plumbing issues, or setting up a garage door opener. Its handymen will also take on repair and renovation work.

They are experts at all things related to gutters, including gutter covers and maintenance. Since 1999, the father-and-son team has been successfully running their firm. Years of practical knowledge are drawn upon to effect repairs within the customer’s financial constraints.

Aiding in Work of a General Nature

Supporting Arms Clients in Madison and its surrounding areas can take advantage of General Labor’s services. Its employees patch leaks, install new lighting, unclog drains, and refurbish patios and decks, among other handyman tasks. Demolition with hauling is another specialist service they offer, along with plumbing and electrical repairs. The group also offers general labor services including painting (both inside and out), moving furniture, assembling products, and cleaning (both commercial and domestic).

Jon’s Just Handy

In the Madison region, homeowners and businesses can turn to Jon’s Just Handy, a locally owned and run handyman service. It is responsible for electrical tasks such as installing or replacing wiring, outlets, fans, lighting, switches, and fuses. Sinks, water heaters, faucets, doors, gutters, and garage doors are all things it sets up and fixes.

In addition to its woodworking services, it also offers roofing, drywall, and finishing services. In 2007, Jon opened up shop as Jon’s Just Handy. The company provides a variety of services, including help with computers, legal translation, and legal research.

New Heights Property Maintenance & Home Repair

The owner of New Heights Property Maintenance & Home Repair serves the residential and commercial clients of real estate agencies and property managers in Madison and the neighboring areas. You can get help fixing things like drywall, tiles, countertops, screen doors, and ceiling fans, among other things.

Flooring, plumbing, lighting, and furniture assembly are all within the scope of expertise of its professionals. They offer a wide range of services, including demolition, electrical repair, painting, and renovations of any size. The organization also provides maintenance and repairs for rental homes.

Omni Trades

The Madison area has been served by OmniTrades since its founding in 2019, and the firm is run by a local family. The company offers standard handyman services such as putting together furniture, hanging pictures and setting up new appliances, cupboards, closets, and shelves.

Flooring, plumbing, electricity, and carpentry are just a few of the additional services provided by this establishment. OmniTrades is involved in the local business community by joining the Cottage Grove Chamber of Commerce. Businessman Scott Petri studied mechanical engineering in college.

Peak Home Enhancements

The Madison area is served by Peak Home Enhancements, a locally owned and operated company. It provides a wide range of handyman services, including interior painting, tiling, woodworking, interior remodeling, and custom cabinet installation.

In addition to standard fireplaces, window benches, and concrete mason tables, the company also makes and installs bespoke pieces of furniture. Owner Chad Skupien is a skilled handyman who works by Wisconsin’s strict building codes to ensure the safety of his customers and enhance their living conditions.

Tony Trapp Remodeling LLC

Homeowners in Madison and the surrounding region can turn to Tony Trapp Remodeling LLC for assistance with their remodeling and repair needs. Rebuilding, external, and historical renovations, as well as basement finishing, are all services offered by this company’s staff.

Doors, gutters, chimneys, handrails, stairways, and baseboards are just some of the other things that can be maintained or fixed by the crew. In 2002, Tony Trapp founded the company to serve the needs of homeowners through repair work and build lasting relationships with his clientele. At NARI Madison, he holds the positions of president and chairman of the board.

Viking Property Services

In Madison and the surrounding areas, Viking Property Services provides handyman services. All sorts of home renovations, from structural fixes to cosmetic touches, are within the scope of the company’s expertise.

Interior services such as painting, cabinet installation, drywall patching, laminate flooring setup, and finish carpentry are all part of the package. It’s also useful for board and batten work, a style of paneling or siding in which thin strips of wood are used to conceal the seams between rectangular boards, creating a geometric design.



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