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Best Courier Services in Wisconsin

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Breakaway Couriers

The Milwaukee area has been served by Breakaway Couriers, a messenger service, since 1998. Prescription delivery, gift delivery, mail pickup, court filing, bank deposit, and document retrieval are just some of the services it offers. The company can transport packages of any size and uses cutting-edge logistics software to keep tabs on them from pickup to delivery. When customers need packages delivered to locations outside of the central business district, Breakaway Couriers’ team of car experts is ready to help.

E Freight and Courier LLC

E Freight and Courier LLC was established in 2005 and are a same-day courier company serving the Milwaukee area. Its drivers are experts in STAT lab, medical compliance, patient records, pharmaceutical delivery, blood delivery, and specimen integrity, and the company is dedicated to the rapid transport of life-saving medical supplies. In addition to providing legal, banking, and industrial service sectors with trucking and freight solutions, the company also provides courier and messenger services. Whenever you need it, we can get it to you.

Forward Courier

In Milwaukee, businesses can rely on Forward Courier, a delivery service. Among the many things that get dispatched by its staff are gift baskets and official company paperwork. The company also provides food delivery, working with local eateries to send out meals for individuals, families, and businesses. Additionally, they help their customers with regular shipments. Goods are transported by the crew in commercial vehicles or on bicycles. Since 2015, you can rely on Forward Courier’s delivery options.

Super Expedite LLC

A Milwaukee-based courier service, Super Expedite, LLC has been in business since 2012. The company’s goal is to offer convenient and safe courier services, including same-day, direct-shipping options. Deliveries can be made with or without human interaction, and they can be made on a specific date or at a later time. Ohio, Iowa, and Michigan are just a few of the additional areas that the company’s delivery services cover. The courier has received high marks from its previous clients for its dependability and timeliness.

Forward Courier

For businesses and eateries in the area, Forward Courier provides dependable, safe, environmentally friendly, and reasonably priced delivery services. They value honesty, integrity, and helping their neighbors. They are pleased to offer the services of a dedicated staff of couriers who have been thoroughly trained to handle all of your delivery and catering requirements. Forward has partnered with many excellent Milwaukee eateries to bring you and your team a wide range of delicious food options.

CS Logistics Inc

Locally owned and operated since its inception in 1998, CS Logistics Inc. They started modestly, but they persisted and remained dedicated to satisfying their clients. The effort they put in, combined with the power of their invaluable allies, paid off. As the Midwest’s go-to courier service, CS Logistics, Inc. now has over 150 employees.

Their main office is in Milwaukee, and in March of 2006, they expanded to open a branch in Madison, also in Wisconsin, to accommodate their expanding number of satisfied clientele. In 2018, CS Logistics celebrated 20 years in business, and today, its Milwaukee and Madison offices serve more than 800 customers within a 300-mile radius of those locations.

Breakaway Bicycle Courier

Since its founding in 1998, Breakaway Bicycle Courier has been a frontrunner in Milwaukee’s on-demand delivery industry. They originally believed that pedaling a package from A to B was the quickest and easiest option. The rapid expansion helped Breakaway become a leading Milwaukee courier service, supplying packages to prominent local businesses like prominent law firms, advertising agencies, and creative studios. Their services were previously limited to the Milwaukee area, but in 2005 they added a car fleet.

Breakaway continues to this day to provide the businesses of Milwaukee with dependable same-day delivery options and first-rate service. They take into account that each client’s business structure is unique and tailor their services accordingly. Unique service that facilitates your work is what they provide. Breakaway is much more than a simple delivery service; they are a dedicated crew who enjoys what they do.

Quicksilver Express Courier

Mike Crary founded Quicksilver Express Courier in 1981 after teaching for six years at a Minneapolis high school. With his persuasion, seven of his pals decided to leave their jobs and join him as business partners. They opened on July 6, 1982, with only one delivery completed that day due to a lack of capital but an abundance of ambition. This is the largest locally-owned courier service in the country. Since 1982, we’ve been assisting businesses of all shapes and sizes.

When it comes to customer service, expertise, dependability, and cutting-edge technology, Quicksilver is unrivaled. They provide a comprehensive menu of options to cater to your company’s specific requirements. They are the market leader in the categories of “Courier,” “On-Demand,” “Medical,” and “Freight.


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