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Best Health Insurance Agencies In West Virginia

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West Virginia’s health insurance

If you are unable to obtain health coverage through your employer or government programs in West Virginia (like Medicaid and Medicare), you may be eligible to purchase private health insurance through the state’s insurance exchange.

West Virginia’s health insurance premiums are calculated using several variables, such as the policyholder’s age, coverage needs, and deductible. To help you find the best coverage at the lowest possible cost, MoneyGeek compared the most popular plans available in the West Virginia insurance exchange across these criteria.

Plans with lower monthly premiums typically have higher out-of-pocket maximums and deductibles. If you go with this strategy, your monthly premiums will be higher. There are four “metal tiers” to choose from when looking at health insurance in West Virginia. The metal tier system allows you to tailor your monthly premiums to your comfort level with deductibles and other out-of-pocket costs.

Monthly premium plans typically have higher deductibles and out-of-pocket costs, and the other way around. That means the premium you pay for insurance will change with each tier you select. A gold plan’s lower out-of-pocket expenses may make it a better deal if you incur high monthly medical expenses. If you are a healthy person and want to save money on insurance, you may want to consider a lower tier.

Health insurance premiums, maximum out-of-pocket expenses, and deductibles in West Virginia are highly variable across mental plan levels. The least expensive monthly prices in each plan category in West Virginia are listed below.

Silver plans in West Virginia offer cost-sharing reductions for low-income shoppers. Your deductibles may be significantly reduced by this type of discount, allowing you to enjoy greater coverage at a reduced out-of-pocket expense.

Several factors go into determining health insurance rates in West Virginia, but one of the biggest is a person’s age. For example, a 26-year-old purchasing a silver plan can expect to pay about $557 per month, while a 60-year-old will pay about $919 more.

The costs we used are based on a hypothetical profile and not your actual premiums. Insurance marketplace plans have varying premiums and regulations based on age and income. As a result, you won’t know how much your chosen plan will cost until you apply for it.

See the age ranges of prospective plan buyers and metal quality levels in the table below. Learn more about the different types of health insurance metal levels available in West Virginia by reading our comprehensive guide.


Since 1986, when our founder, Don Kemp, transitioned from his role as a loan officer at Production Credit to that of a local Nationwide Insurance Agent in New Philadelphia, Kemp Insurance Agency has been serving the residents of Tuscarawas County and the surrounding areas. In 1993, we took on more employees after Don bought out Dale Hill’s Nationwide agency and made him one of our mentors.

When Don’s son, Nathan Kemp, joined the company as an agent in 2009, we truly became a family business. We became an independent insurance agency in July 2020, maintaining our relationship with Nationwide as our flagship carrier while also adding many other excellent carriers to our roster.

Kemp Insurance Agency’s mission is straightforward: we look out for our client’s best interests. According to our understanding of the insurance industry, the agent serves the client, not the insurer. We’ll consider our job done if the client is happy and safe.

We’re here to help and guide customers through any insurance-related process because we know it can be confusing for the average person who doesn’t deal with these issues daily. Our goal is to earn your lifelong business, and a big part of that is providing you with the best possible insurance and service, so we take the time to learn about you and your insurance needs. If you need assistance with insurance, Kemp Agency is here to help.


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