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Best Divorce Lawyers in West Virginia

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Roger A. Isla, Esq.

Lawyer Isla acquired his Four-year certification in scientific studies in Bookkeeping from the Franciscan College of Steubenville in 1989, trailed by his J.D. from the Duquesne College School of Regulation in 1992. Lawyer Isla has finished an 8-day program in preliminary and hearing abilities with the Public Foundation for Preliminary Promotion.

Lawyer Isla confessed to rehearsing in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia, as well as the U.S. Locale Courts of the Western Area of Pennsylvania, the Northern and Southern Regions of West Virginia, and the Southern Locale of Ohio. As an individual from the Jefferson Province Bar Affiliation, the Ohio Bar Affiliation, and the West Virginia Bar Affiliation. Lawyer Isla attempts to increase the expectations of his training, work on his abilities as a lawyer, and grow the effect of his work to whatever number of clients and networks as could be allowed.

With assistance from his certification in Bookkeeping, Lawyer Isla’s focal area of training was liquidation. He has dealt with more than 3,000 chapters and 11 cases in his vocation, yet he has extended his training to incorporate a few different regions too. These regions incorporate criminal regulation, DUI/DWI, individual injury, family regulation, aggressive behavior at home, and business regulation.

He served in the US Armed force Save, as an individual from the Leading body of Guides at the Franciscan College of Steubenville, an individual from the Board for the Weirton Region Office of Business, Weirton Levels Rotating, Jefferson Province Kiwanis Board, and the Unified Way Board. Because of his obligation to his local area, the Ohio State Bar Establishment granted him the Local area Administration Grant in 2001.

Lawyer Isla completely appreciates meeting individuals from varying backgrounds. He wants to utilize his abilities, instructive foundation, and long periods of training experience to help clients through distressing and close-to-home emergencies.

Amanda Lewis Esq

I’m in confidential practice with around 29 years of experience, generally in homegrown, family court matters. My experience is in West Virginia, and I’m a Christian lawyer who won’t scam you!

Brenda Waugh thinks often about one thing when she is working with her Brenda Waugh thinks often most about one She brings her enthusiasm for equity and her empathy to work on client’s prosperity to each case she chips away at, whether it includes haggling with an insurance agency, interceding a contention between colleagues or assisting a family with fostering a future in a cooperative separation. Brenda thinks often about you!

Brenda carries north than thirty years of involvement in this work. While she has adequate involvement with the court as a litigator, she has likewise gotten extra schooling and preparation in intercession and exchange to expand the abilities she can bring to assist clients with tackling their legitimate issues. She furnishes these choices and works with clients to outline the best course for the client.

Brenda has disputed, arranged, or interceded in a huge number of cases during her extended vacation. As a youthful attorney, she worked with Legitimate Administrations as a promoter for survivors of family brutality and customers. Afterward, she contested many cases, arraigning wrongdoers in cases including youngster misuse \in both Kanawha and Berkeley Provinces and winning a few cases under the steady gaze of the state High Court.

In the wake of beginning her confidential practice, Brenda established that she expected to expand her abilities to give clients more choices and procured a graduate degree from Eastern Mennonite College’s Middle for Equity and Harmony 2009. She has since interceded in many cases, including those families, work environment debates, independent companies, home and probate questions, and common cases. In 2011, she added cooperative practices to the choices that she offers when she finished preparing and turned into an individual from the Worldwide Foundation of Cooperative Experts. Brenda has insight as guidance for the West Virginia Senate Legal Executive Board and as a representative with the West Virginia High Court. She has distributed articles in regulation diaries and showed courses at West Virginia College and Eastern Menno

Mr. J. Burton Tracker

Unassuming community rural kid; 4-H Clubs, Methodist Youth Fellowship; Linsly Military Foundation. WV Wesleyan School, WV Univ. School of Regulation; USAF JAG Corp. Humble community legal advisor in North Focal WV for a very long time.

Robert Kuenzel

Kuenzel Regulation, PLLC, is a law office devoted to giving quality legitimate portrayal to residents and private ventures all through southern West Virginia.

Attorney Burglarize Kuenzel was brought up in West Virginia and has lived in Chapmanville in Logan Province for over 30 years. After spending almost 10 years as a state officer, Burglarize devoted himself to serving his local area as a lawyer. His experience as a state officer has helped him in the lawful domain. His police preparation has helped him enormously in injury claims. On various events, Loot has utilized his police preparation to detect mistakes in car accident reports. This has permitted him to settle asserts that initially seemed, by all accounts, to be his client’s shortcomings. Further, knowing police methodology assists him with recognizing any potential mix-ups that can reinforce his clients’ protection against criminal accusations. Lawyer Kuenzel’s criminal safeguard strategies have acquired him acknowledgment as a specialist in criminal protection in West Virginia. While his training is committed to prosecution, he is likewise a prepared middle person.

Mr. Kuenzel likewise partakes in an every other-week public broadcast on WVOW called “Ask the Lawyer,” responding to inquiries from neighborhood audience members.


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