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Best Voice Actors in Washington

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Cathy Faulkner

Cathy Faulkner is a voice actress based out of Seattle who is a member of the SAG, the AFTRA, and the NARAS. She has worked on a variety of projects before, such as commercials, E-Learning modules, product demos, and in-store promotional materials.

Since 1990, she has collaborated on commercials, multimedia, non-broadcast, character, and syndicated projects for clients like McDonald’s, Goodwill, and Pizza Hut. Her background also includes work as a radio host, music director, and program director.

She offers fast turnaround with convenient e-Delivery and records audio in virtually all popular file types in her in-house recording studio. When given advance notice, Cathy can also access the Integrated Services Digital Network. The fact that she can also record and send voice tracks via e-mail is merely a bonus.

Dramatic Artists Agency

When it comes to union and non-union talent of all ages and backgrounds, Dramatic Artists Agency in Seattle is among the best. Both the SAG and the AFTRA have awarded the agency a franchise to operate in their respective markets. The agency’s portfolio features roles in both live-action and animated media.

It also represents voice actors who can lend their voices to commercials, animations, books, and interactive works. Also featured are musicians, comedians, hosts, and keynote speakers. The agency also provides access to specialists like make-up and stunt artists, choreographers, and stylists. Commercial print projects can cast models from birth to old age.

The agency maintains a presence in both Kirkland and Burbank with its two offices there. The agency’s website features audition samples for voice actors.

Jim Cissell

Seattle-based voice actor and Emmy-winning PBS host Jim Cissell is known for his role as host of the medical documentary series The Latest Procedure. Documentaries, web tutorials, guides to medical and surgical procedures, voice impersonations, live on-camera appearances, and award-winning radio and TV commercials are just some of the things he’s done in the past.

Oprah, World’s Funniest Videos, Now a Word from our Sponsor, and The Daily Show have all featured his work. Auditions can be provided in as little as 24 hours, and the quality of all work is assured. He also has a quick turnaround and easy delivery thanks to his professional audio recording studio. Additionally, clients can collaborate with him via phone, Source Connect, and ISDN (upon advance notice) to get the job done. Jim has been doing voiceovers professionally for over ten years and has worked with hundreds of Fortune 500 companies.

Mirror Sound Studio

Mirror Sound Studio, established in 1985, is a professional recording facility in Seattle. There are five individual recording booths at this studio, allowing for the production of high-quality voice recordings. Audio and visual effects, Foley work, score composition, jingle production, audiobook narration, and other audio post-production services are all available.

The studio boasts a quick turnaround time and electronic delivery options. The team consists of musicians, composers, and producers who can create a studio environment suitable for any recording project. To those who are keen on learning the ins and outs of audio recording, the studio provides an 8-week course.

The course will introduce students to the fundamentals of sound, how to select microphones, how to operate a wide range of studio equipment, digital effects, and MIDI, as well as effective audio mixing and the best, practices for setting up a home recording studio. Only five students will be accepted into each class, ensuring that everyone gets ample opportunity for hands-on practice.

Pure Audio Seattle

For nearly twenty years, Seattle’s Pure Audio has been the go-to studio for any audio production needs. The studio’s reliable and skilled employees handle casting, sound design, dialogue direction, original audio production, and payroll services for the Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists.

All of the company’s recording studios feature cutting-edge tools for producing high-quality recordings. There are rooms designed especially for voice-over work. Pure Audio also offers interactive sound design, Foley work, scoring, and soundtrack mastering. For projects of any scale, the studio’s senior team of engineers, casting directors, and administrative support, in addition to the studio’s extensive sound effects and music library, ensure success. Among our previous customers are Valve, Amazon, and T-Mobile. The studio allows dogs and has safe parking for patrons.

Topo Swope Talent Agency

Topo Swope Talent, established in 1994 in Seattle, is a comprehensive casting service. The agency represents actors and actresses in film, television, voiceover, print, and live performances. The agency works with both male and female artists of all ages, from 18 to 65 and beyond.

The agency can accommodate both union and non-union clients, and it provides fast turnaround times and a high degree of flexibility. Whenever a client sends in a script or a list of requirements for an artist, the agency responds with a series of video auditions and/or voice demos. Submissions are currently being accepted on a case-by-case basis by the agency.

Talented individuals must be at least 18 years old, have relevant experience or training, and be legally able to work in the state in which they are being recruited. Only submissions from artists with on-camera and voice-over experience will be considered, and they must be sent to the given mailing address.


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