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I have 15 years of experience as a professional writer and speaker, and I bring a high level of expertise, enthusiasm, and drive to both roles. While finance is my core area of expertise, I also have much experience in the classroom, in the realms of leadership philosophy, anatomy & physiology, and psychology.

Both writing and public speaking have become major pursuits of mine, rather than just a means to an end. For me, the process of writing is an opportunity to learn and grow. In addition, I am quite good at getting my point across both orally and in writing. To generate strong associations with each piece, it is crucial to draw readers into the material. Plagiarism is anathema to me, and I enjoy researching to provide more value to the services I provide.

I have a proven track record of accomplishment as a writer and editor for TrendPrive Magazine, as well as an academic history marked by numerous Summa Cum Laude accolades and awards for literary brilliance.


I’ve been writing professionally for several years, and my portfolio includes anything from articles and site content to TV and film scripts. I’ve spent the last eight years penning episodes for a news programme on AMC and ION that focuses on the intersection between entertainment and technology. Typically, the services and goods I feature are related to technology, and I write segments showcasing them.

The alternative is that I am a full-time freelance writer who has published thousands of articles and web pages online. As a writer, I want to inject a bit of levity into my pieces to keep the reader interested. I can also write in a more “dry” style if requested by the client.

It doesn’t take me long to complete tasks because of my efficient work ethic. I can go above and beyond in meeting a client’s expectations because of my strong communication skills. That’s why my 100% Job Success rating on Upwork stands out so much.


Hello, my name is Gloria Koo and I studied English and Anthropology at Vanderbilt. I am a current master’s student at the Department of Anthropology at Cambridge University. I am fluent in both English and Spanish and have much experience writing professionally and academically thanks to my participation in a Cultural Anthropology field project and completion of a programme in dissertation writing (among many other writings of academic research and affiliation).

I have extensive experience editing academic content at the university level, from course assignments and lecturers’ syllabi to application essays for graduate schools. I have also proofread some pieces written by authors whose first language is not English and which required careful attention to grammar and sentence structure. In addition, I have expertise in editing essays for admission to both medical school and four-year universities.

However, I also enjoy writing and blogging on my own time, and I enjoy reading a wide variety of narratives that range widely in tone, subject matter, and presentation. I like to think that my abilities and perspectives are broad enough to include many different types of people and accommodating enough to work with many different kinds of writing styles.


I’m a hard worker and ambitious self-starter; I graduated college early and now I coordinate digital media for businesses and political campaigns.

Writing is my strongest competence, whether in an academic or business setting. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’d like to see a sample of my work in either format.

I have worked in the media, public affairs, marketing and sales, as a youth sports coach, and as a researcher.

I’ve done volunteer and paid work with people of different ages, walks of life, and goals. My strengths include analytical reasoning, clear and succinct writing, and the capacity for problem diagnosis.


Recent customers included students looking for assistance with secondary medical school applications and editing services.

For the past ten years, I’ve worked as a survey designer, administrator, and copyeditor for a national nonprofit foundation’s grant reports at an independent evaluation agency. In recent years, I’ve gotten into editing many forms of writing including blogs, letters, reviews, and even condition reports on works of art. In the past, I’ve helped students polish their essays for medical school applications.

I take pride in my attention to detail and am sensitive to the requirement for privacy. You’re a talented writer, and that’s something I like about you. So that you can make an informed judgement, I’ll provide context for my proposed adjustments. Changing anything to its final form is not something I do; that decision is up to you. Please feel free to ask me about the reasoning behind my recommendations.

The Microsoft Office suite, Adobe Acrobat, and Google Docs are all programmes I am comfortable with. I have extensive experience with Survey Monkey programming and can help you optimise your data collecting by using skip patterns.

Please get in touch with me if you have any handwritten pages that need to be converted into a digital format.

Most of the things that I enjoy learning about and doing are nonfictional. These include things like plant conservation, gardening, native plant and tree cultivation, plant-based cookery, and arts and crafts. To me, murder and mayhem don’t belong in fiction. Your essay would appeal to me if it dealt with any of the above issues.



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