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Best Voice Actors in Vermont

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teaches the Vermont

Since the Such A Voice headquarters are in Vermont, the state is a fantastic place to study voice acting. Anyone interested in entering the field of voice acting will find invaluable resources in Such A Voice. If you’re looking to launch a career in voice acting, our Vermont introductory course could be the perfect fit.

Since the 1980s, Brian Thon’s voice has been heard in indie films from coast to coast. He has provided his voice for radio, television, and internet commercials and narrations. His list of international voice-over and production clients is constantly growing and now includes Amazon, Fox, MetLife, GE Healthcare, the Clarion Inn & Suites, professional sports teams, film, and many more.

Mary Jo Maichack, Singer Storyteller

Mary Jo Maichack has been a professional storyteller and musician for the past 30 years, performing for audiences of all ages from kindergarteners to retirees. She had performed so many concerts, workshops, and residencies for an estimated half a million people that she had simply lost count.

Two national awards (NAPPA) were given to her for her CDs of original historical fiction and folktales combining storytelling and music in honor of reading. She co-founded Maichack Arts with her husband and is the State Liaison for Massachusetts in the National Storytelling Network.

Her shows cover a wide variety of topics, including but not limited to: celebrations of reading, nature, Mother Goose with puppets for preschoolers, Halloween and holiday programs, Pourquoi tales, and much more (see her website for a complete list of topics).

An opening song to get everyone in a good mood, then a multicultural folktale (with interaction for all ages, who may sing, dance, and chant as part of it), and then, if it’s safe to do so, a folktale or myth that audience volunteers come to the stage in costume to act out under her narration and deft direct. Without the need for costumes, virtual programs can still be quite interactive.

Art4orm Entertainment

Enjoy the best in party entertainment with Art4orm. We are a New England-based event planning company with access to some of the region’s most talented DJs, emcees, and dancers. We have been in the entertainment business for over fifteen years, and we want to use that experience to make your event special. We guarantee that our experts will make your event legendary, no matter the scale or nature of the celebration.

Stadium Announcer

Every one of us speaks with a distinct tone. My unique style of music has evolved into a successful career. My Somerville-based studio is where I collaborate creatively with partners and clients from all over the world to make everything from online videos to radio and TV commercials to in-stadium sports features to podcasts and audiobooks.

In addition to my work in the studio, I also provide my voice and personality for some of the most prestigious tennis tournaments around the world, such as the Olympic Games, the U.S. Open Tennis Championships in New York, the Qatar ExxonMobil Open in Doha, the Qatar Total Open, and the BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells. I’m a huge fan of game shows and occasionally perform as the show’s announcer.

On mic, camera, or stage, I pride myself on being dependable even under duress, as well as relaxed and easy to direct. I’ve had the great fortune to work on many large-scale events and commercial productions, but I’ve never thought anything was too small. My inspiration comes from the relationships I build and the creative process behind each project. An obsession with oneself is boring and pointless.

Paint Party

When it comes to team building, employee engagement, and creative fun for businesses, communities, and families all over the world, look no further than JJArtworksTM Paint Party Professionals, a social painting event company that specializes in both virtual paint parties on Zoom and “in person” events. You can always count on a good time when you attend one of our signature JJArtworksTM Paint Party events with your loved ones or coworkers.

Because we are a mobile social painting event company, JJArtworks Paint Party Professionals will come to your home or place of business with all the painting supplies and equipment needed to throw a successful and enjoyable paint party. We currently have “in-person” art teachers in the states of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Connecticut, Vermont, Rhode Island, and northern California.

Zoom allows us to serve customers and businesses all over the world through our virtual events. We can ship our paint kits to your guests wherever they may be located in the United States or beyond, be it their private homes or a central location such as an office, school, or church. Please find below our supplementary fees for both social and business gatherings.


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