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Best Legal Marketing Firms in Utah

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Brennan Wall

Brennan Wall is a marketing expert who works with businesses in and around Provo. From doctors and lawyers to restaurateurs and academic institutions, he serves a diverse clientele. UX/website design, search engine optimization, advertising, and social media marketing are just some of the many services he offers.

It’s been over a decade since Brennan Wall first started working in his field. The American Marketing Association, Graphic Design USA, and the Educational Advertising Awards have all recognized his work.

Buzz Author

Located in Provo, Utah, Buzz Author, LLC is a full-service marketing firm for local businesses and law firms. Branding and messaging, conversion marketing, and strategic SEO consulting are just some of the agency’s many digital marketing specialties.

Brand integrity, user experience design, local search engine optimization, and social media promotion are all services that they offer. Both websites copywriting and ghostwriting services are part of what they offer. Since 2018, Buzz Author has been there for their clients whenever they have a marketing issue.


In Provo and the surrounding areas, Eleviz is the go-to company for business and law firm growth strategies. Its experts offer advertising via a wide range of mediums, such as the web, email, direct mail, television, and outdoor billboards.

Members of the team also provide consulting on business efficiency and client conversion as well as services such as data analytics, graphic design, and advertising strategy. In just five years, Eleviz grew from a team of 10 to a team of over 600.


Businesses, including law offices, in Provo rely on Infogenix for all of their digital marketing services. Over its 23 years in business, this full-service agency has helped countless clients increase their lead generation, brand recognition, reputation management, and website traffic.

Web design and development, advertising on social media and in local directories, SEO, PPC, content marketing, and even the visual identity of a company are all part of the services offered. Workers at Infogenix have collaborated with such well-known companies as Michelin, Penske, Sony, Best Buy, OC Tanner, and Mountain Dew.

Lionhead Digital

Customers in the greater Provo area are the focus of Lionhead Digital’s services. Legal practitioners and firms can benefit from the expertise of their digital marketing team by taking advantage of their social media and reputation management services, which will help them expand their client base and improve their standing in the online community.

In addition, it offers services related to creating and hosting websites. To make a good impression on potential clients, these businesses need websites that adhere to user experience standards prevalent in their respective industries. SEO and pay-per-click advertising are two additional options. Naidu Law and Ratto Law Firm are among their satisfied customers.

Local Search Titan

If you own a law firm, a car repair shop, or a dental office in the Provo area, you can benefit from Local Search Titan’s internet marketing services. The company provides digital marketing services to increase client visibility in search engines and keep its clientele up to date.

It offers both global and regional SEO as well as social media marketing. Websites, Google My Business pages, and social media accounts are all managed by the company’s staff. Web design templates and custom websites, including express and mobile sites, are also available from Local Search Titan.


When it comes to search engine optimization, NDO SEO is the go-to company for law firms in Provo and the surrounding areas. Its specialists employ a wide range of internet advertising methods and create user-friendly, search engine-friendly websites.

Different SEO guidelines are adhered to, such as verifying a Google My Business account, advertising to Google Maps users, including meta descriptions, and fixing loading times. NDO SEO also offers its assistance to those in the medical, dental, funeral, electrical, plumbing, and cleaning industries.

Seo Game

SEO Game provides rank delivery solutions in the form of 30-day trials to lawyer marketing agencies and legal professionals in the Provo metro and all US locations so that they can dominate the first page of Google.

Part of the work in this field involves thinking up keywords and coming up with articles that will do well in search results. Customers in the chiropractic, roofing and dental fields are the company’s primary focus. Since 1996, SEO Game has been freely available to the public, all while running white-label solutions.

The Reputation Management Company

The Reputation Management Company, with headquarters in Springville, serves customers in Provo and the surrounding counties. It’s useful for new legal practices and lawyers in terms of building an online reputation. Whenever a client has a poor online reputation, the firm will look into ways to improve it.

It facilitates clients’ press conferences and video releases. The company does more than just manage brands; it also enhance its clients’ visibility online by making its articles more search engine friendly. It teaches them how to communicate with and negotiate with public relations firms and defamation lawyers.


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