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Best Home Repair Services In Utah

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Absolute Home Maintenance and Repair Inc.

Customers in Salt Lake City and the neighboring areas are Absolute Home Maintenance and Repair Inc.’s primary focus. It offers a wide range of handyman services, such as plumbing, carpentry, painting, assembling, and waste disposal.

Licensed handymen also set up and mend things like electrical appliances, kitchen gadgets, door knobs, mirrors, and air filters throughout the house. For over 20 years, this business has been completing jobs for satisfied customers.

Branham Handyman

Householders in the Salt Lake City area and its suburbs are the primary clientele for Branham Handyman. It takes care of both minor and major handyman jobs, allowing homeowners to restore and modernize their homes while also increasing their comfort.

It may fix water damage and install drywall, paint, put in, and finish baseboards and casings. Demolition work is another service provided by the business. It also takes care of new vanity setups, door installations, and texturing jobs.

Daxton He Does It Handyman Services

The Salt Lake City citizens are the primary customers of Daxton He Does It LLC, a handyman service. Appliance installation, drywall fixing, painting, changing out light bulbs, clearing out dryer vents, and fixing doors are just some of the services it does. Moreover, the staff is familiar with installing mirrors and assembling IKEA kitchen units. Its website features an extensive catalog of available services alongside an online request form.

Hands Away Handyman

Hands Away Handyman serves Salt Lake City and the neighboring areas with all of their home repair and maintenance needs. Windows, faucets, and drywall are just some of the handyman services it provides.

Treehouses, screened-in porches, and apartment suites atop garages are just some of the recreational structures that its professionals have experience building. More than 15 years have passed during which Hands Away Handyman has served the community. Timeliness and neatness on the task site afterward are further hallmarks of its professionalism.

Handyman Remodeling Service

Property owners in Salt Lake City and the surrounding area may rely on Handyman Remodeling Service for all of their maintenance and repair needs. It does a wide variety of chores for its customers, from gardening and drywall repair to painting and installing plumbing fixtures.

Decks, fences, and frames can all be constructed by its team. Contractors also take care of odd jobs like setting up smoke alarms, replacing locks and hanging artwork. There are senior discounts available at Handyman Remodeling Service.

Honeycomb Handyman

Customers in the Salt Lake City area can reach out to Honeycomb Handyman. Handyman services such as carpentry, general repairs, drywall, painting, framing, and flooring are all provided to homes by the organization. Its skilled artisans work on a wide range of household systems, from the inside to the outside, including appliances, plumbing, electrical, furniture, and landscaping.

The business was established in 2016 by project managers and remodelers David Schutt and Neil Hahn. In 2009, before he founded the company, Schutt renovated a historic house. He also handled less extensive restorations in the neighborhood.

Jim’s Handyman & Home Improvement Services

Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas are served by Jim’s Handyman and Home Improvement Services. Its staff assists individuals and families in realizing their ideal financial abodes. The organization is a one-stop shop for all repair and upkeep needs, whether big or small.

Its contractors construct and fix things like kitchen cupboards, bookcases, base moldings, outdoor decks, and stairways. Additionally, they install baseboards, crown molding, and flooring. They also do gardening and paint. This company has been around for three decades, making it an established player in the market.

Meticulous Home Remodel & Repair

The Meticulous Home Remodel & Repair team consists entirely of family members, and they’re proud to serve the Salt Lake City community. Home and business owners can take use of the company’s array of handyman services, which includes, among other things, renovations to kitchens, bathrooms, decks, and gutters.

The company’s services also include the fabrication and installation of doors, windows, flooring, and office fixtures made of laminate, tile, and wood. It also offers interior and exterior painting services, as well as the installation of pergolas and patios. More than 12 years have passed since the company’s founding.

Park City Handyman Services

In Salt Lake City, Park City Handyman Services serves both residential and commercial customers. Fences, doors, and windows are just a few of the many household items that its repair specialists can fix.

They put up shelving in closets, put up beds, and change out bulbs in lamps. Its specialists may also update existing kitchens and bathrooms, and build new sleeping quarters for visitors. The business supports the mission of the National Association of Home Builders.

Repairs R Russ

Repairs R Russ provides handyman services to people in Salt Lake City and the surrounding area. The business fixes sprinklers, wires buildings, and fixes broken plumbing. Hardscaping items like decks and fences are also serviced.

Power washing and gutter cleaning are also available. The owner of Repairs R Russ, who has been in the business for more than three decades, places a premium on cleanliness throughout any given home repair or renovation project.

SLC Handyman Service

Since 2019, customers in Salt Lake City and its surrounding areas have had access to SLC Handyman Service’s services. Bathroom and kitchen renovations, fence fixes, and furniture assembly are just some of the maintenance and repair services it provides.

Basement drywall and flooring installations and repairs are also part of the services we offer. Its staff also does deck, porch, and fence repainting in addition to interior and exterior painting for homes and businesses.



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