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Best Health Insurance Agencies In Texas

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Buchanan Insurance Agency

The San Antonio-based Buchanan Insurance Agency provides health insurance brokerage services to local individuals, families, and businesses. Private plans, group plans for businesses, and temporary plans are all part of the package.

Supplemental items include dental, vision, and disability insurance plans. Its agents can also advise customers on Medicare Advantage plans, Medicare Part D plans, and Medicare Supplement plans. When it comes to health insurance, Buchanan Insurance Agency can offer its clients a wide variety of plans from several different companies.

Carnahan Insurance

Carnahan Insurance Agency is a locally owned and operated, full-service insurance agency serving San Antonio and the rest of Texas. It provides services in the areas of individual insurance, corporate insurance, and employee benefits. Its agents can also help with other types of insurance, such as homeowners’, renters’, auto, condominium, and umbrella policies.

Insurance for breweries, farms, contractors, and trucks are among the other products offered by Carnahan Insurance Agency. The President of the firm is Jerry Carnahan. He entered the insurance industry in 1977 and has been a consultant ever since.

​Complete Care Insurance Group LLC

CompleteCare Insurance Group, L.L.C. is a local San Antonio insurance brokerage that provides unbiased advice and coverage options. Its risk advisors speak Spanish and work with a large group of insurance providers to cover medical, surgical, and hospital costs for its clients.

Clients can also get assistance navigating Medicare’s many options and setting up supplemental plans to fill coverage gaps with this agency’s assistance. CompleteCare Insurance Group has served residents of El Paso and the surrounding area in Southeast New Mexico since opening an office there in 2008.


Since 2015, Coverage2Care has been there to help those in San Antonio and the surrounding area find affordable health insurance. Agents at this company have worked in the field for a combined total of more than 40 years, and they specialize in providing health insurance for small businesses.

Clients aged 65 and up receive assistance in comprehending all of their Medicare options, from Part A to Part D, with the aid of this organization.

Future Wise

Clients in the San Antonio area have access to FutureWise’s full suite of health insurance options. Temporary health insurance plans cover a wide range of scenarios, from single people to entire families to small groups. As an added perk, we also offer dental and vision coverage.

It’s not just Original Medicare they help with, either; they’ll also walk you through Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement, and Medicare Part D. In addition to disability and life insurance, FutureWise also offers term life insurance. Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Healthcare, and Aetna are just a few of the organizations with which the company has partnerships.

GBMB Insurance

Independent insurance and financial services in San Antonio from GBMB Insurance. It caters to businesses by providing them with group health insurance. Coverage for automobiles, boats, mobile homes, and recreational vehicles, as well as houses, farms, ranches, condominiums, and rental properties, are all part of the company’s insurance offerings.

Additionally, personal umbrellas and flood insurance can be purchased. EPLI insurance, cyber liability, commercial property, and workers’ compensation are just some of the commercial insurance policies offered by GBMB Insurance.

Health and Life Insurance Enrollment Center

Clients from San Antonio and the surrounding areas can visit Health and Life Insurance Enrollment Center for assistance with their health insurance needs. The company provides a variety of health insurance plans for individuals and families, including Medicare Parts A, B, and C, which pay for hospitalization, physician visits, and diagnostic tests.

Vision, dental, and cancer coverage options are also available. The company has formed strategic alliances with several healthcare providers, including Oscar, UnitedHealthOne, and Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Keystone Insurance Services, Inc.

Founded in 1989, Keystone Insurance Services, Inc. is a Trusted Choice independent insurance agency based in Austin that provides coverage to clients all over the Lone Star State. Aetna, All Savers, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Humana, and UnitedHealthcare are just some of the insurers whose products are available.

Healthcare, dental, vision, disability, and life insurance are all offered by the company. The company helps people who are looking for property and casualty insurance. Group and individual dental, health, and long-term care policies are offered, and clients are assisted by agents in selecting the policies that best meet their needs.

Luis Moreno Insurance

As an insurance agency, Luis Moreno Insurance serves the local San Antonio community and the surrounding areas. Luis Moreno, the proprietor, has worked as an insurance agent for over twenty years and speaks both English and Spanish fluently.

Medicare, the Affordable Care Act, and employee health insurance groups are just some of his areas of expertise. Personal property, vehicles, homes, motorcycles, and other valuables can all be insured through the firm. Business owners can choose from a variety of liability coverage options, including both general and professional.

MAR Financial Group

MAR Financial Group has been providing San Antonians with medical coverage options since 1990. Some of its health plans include coverage for individuals and families, as well as dental, vision, travel, and disability.

Before assisting customers in selecting health insurance policies to protect their possessions and loved ones, agents at this company provide them with information.

Humana, Aetna, OneAmerica, and Aflac are some of the companies with which the company has formed alliances. Employee insurance, life insurance, disability insurance, and Medicare are also available.

Texas State Financial & Health

Established in 2013, Texas State Financial & Health serves San Antonio residents by providing them with access to a variety of health insurance plans. Dental and vision plans, short-term major medical, ancillary products, Medicare, and group medical plans are also options for coverage.

After helping thousands of customers, the company was recognized by the Elite Marketplace Circle of Champions for its outstanding insurance services. Company founder and 10-year San Antonio resident Justin Holland.

The Harrin Group

Health insurance services are provided to customers in the San Antonio area by The Harrin Group, a company owned by veterans. Electrical engineer Barry Harrin started the company and owns it today. He has worked in the insurance business for more than 15 years.

He is an expert in a wide range of healthcare plans, including those for families, students, the self-employed, military personnel, expectant mothers, and the elderly. Harrin has written several books, including The Islamic Conquest of Europe in 2020 and A Manager’s Guide to Guerrilla Warfare.


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