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Best Gyms In Texas

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214 Athletics

Customers in the Dallas area can get their workout on at 214 Athletics. Over a week, there are over sixty different classes available, each one distinguished by its focus on the needs of its students, its knowledgeable instructors, and its carefully planned curriculum.

The coaches there take the clients’ current fitness levels into account as they instruct them in movements aimed at increasing their strength, flexibility, and stamina. Furthermore, the gym is heated in the traditional CrossFit fashion, but clients work out at room temperature. Coach Tyler Nicholson is the head honcho, and he’s a certified CrossFit Level 3 Trainer.

Barry’s Does Dallas

In case you’re looking for a gym in Dallas, Barry’s is the place to go. It provides weeklong exercise plans in which various muscle groups (such as the biceps, triceps, chest, and back) are targeted on separate days.

Instructors help clients burn up to 1,000 calories in a single session while also providing a well-rounded workout and ample recovery time. The “Red Room” in which Barry conducts his business is where the action is. In 2017, a location in Dallas’s West Village became it’s first in the state of Texas.

Clairevista Holistic Health & Fitness

For over a decade, Clairevista Holistic Health & Fitness has provided Dallas and the surrounding areas with professional fitness services. Life coaching, stress reduction, yoga, an infrared sauna, and massage therapy are just some of the services and amenities that are provided.

CrossFit, high-intensity interval training, turf exercises, and a nutrition plan are all part of the personalised training programme. All of the products and services offered at Clairevista Holistic Health & Fitness are eco-friendly, and the facility itself is completely toxin-free.


Customers from Dallas and the surrounding areas can take advantage of Evolve’s fitness offerings. Access to the gym, as well as group exercise and personal training sessions, are included in the various monthly membership packages.

Members also have the option of participating in outdoor training sessions at City Sports Park, which is home to a turf soccer field and a covered court. Additionally, the Evolve app provides a 12-week online programme complete with video workouts.

Hunger in the Wild

Using a variety of programmes, Hunger in the Wild assists its clients in achieving their fitness objectives. Customers are primarily from Dallas and the surrounding areas. For those who learn best when they have a trainer pushing them to their limits, the facility offers personal training classes. In addition, it provides access to remote coaching for athletes like weightlifters.

The programme also offers individual training for people who lack the time or motivation to exercise on their own but still want to be held accountable for their progress. Nutrition programmes led by trained professionals are also available at the fitness centre.

Inspire Fitness Dallas

The people of the Dallas metropolitan area and beyond can work out at Inspire Fitness Dallas. A variety of group and individual training programmes, as well as classes for fitness and weight loss, are available.

As a bonus, clients receive individualised nutrition training from a certified coach who will help them stick to their diet plan and track their progress. The facility also offers children’s programmes for building strength, self-esteem, and leadership skills.

Larry North Fitness

Two Dallas locations are available from Larry North Fitness. Classes in weightlifting, cardio, yoga, cycling, boxing, and conditioning are available at the gym. Barre, Zumba, Pilates, and Tai Chi classes are also offered. Group classes and individual trainers are provided to help members reach their fitness goals.

The coaching staff works with each individual to create a unique training plan that takes into account their goals, skill levels, and other factors. Larry North Fitness has been training clients for over 30 years. They are dedicated to helping their clients reach their goals.


Clients from Dallas and the surrounding areas can visit MVEMENT, a fitness centre. The fitness centre features various amenities such as a workout area, locker rooms, a sauna, a lounge, and even a Zen garden for relaxation. Boxing, yoga, and Pure MVEMENT are just a few of the activities that can be found there.

The gym’s flagship class, Pure MVEMENT, combines functional training with high-intensity interval training. The gym also provides a small play area for children. Moreover, MOVEMENT features a web store where you can purchase training gear, boxing supplies, and nutritional aids.


Oakfit, a Dallas-based fitness centre, opened its doors in 2014. The gym has a long history of successfully guiding athletes, CEOs, and regular people toward a healthier lifestyle through a combination of holistic nutrition and strength training.

The fitness centre provides both individual and class-based training. In addition, it offers a 21-day transformation boot camp where participants can learn effective strength training techniques like tempo and practical exercise variations, as well as receive nutritional counselling and personal accountability.

Peak Zone Fitness

Fitness enthusiasts in Dallas and the surrounding area have a local gym option in Peak Zone Fitness. Live heart tracking, VO2 max and metabolic testing, nutrition coaching sessions, and a comprehensive guide to meal planning are all part of the membership package.

The gym’s training package includes not only tailored routines, but also comments and metrics on your progress. Members with hectic schedules can still keep up with their training thanks to the accessibility of online courses.

Starting Strength Dallas

The metro area is home to a fitness centre called Starting Strength Dallas. To improve strength, health, and athletic performance in a risk-free and effective manner, it primarily provides the starting strength programme. Semi-private training and coaching are also available to clients.

The program’s frequency and exercise routines are tailored to the client’s fitness level and health status. At its open house, Starting Strength Dallas welcomes visitors of all ages and levels of fitness experience.

Svelte Performance

Svelte, based in Dallas, is a high-performance fitness centre. There are treadmills by the Assault Fitness brand, as well as Pelotons and Olympic lifting platforms. Individualized and small-group training programmes are available to clients.

The fitness centre also offers a nutrition programme, with a dietician on staff to help members stick to their diets. A satisfied customer said the staff at Svelte is knowledgeable, friendly, and able to help them exercise at their own pace.



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