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Experienced writer and editor available for freelance work in all forms of creative writing, as well as proofreading and line editing/copy editing. As a result of my proficiency in English grammar, punctuation, spelling, and writing styles, I can make any piece read more smoothly and present a more professional image. A person’s writing skill and accuracy can make or break many initial impressions; let’s make a good one!

No matter how long or short the piece is, I can guarantee that it will read well and be free of typos because of my years of experience in the field. If you need assistance with a business project or a student task like an essay or application, I’m here to help. I can offer advice on drafting resumes, cover letters and introduction letters.

Finally, I can offer editing services for your website’s current content (home pages, biographies, About Us pages, etc.) and assistance in generating engaging content for new pages of your website. Any mistakes in grammar, spelling, or punctuation in your website’s content will turn off visitors and cost you thousands of dollars.

My skills and experience in writing have been honed over twenty years of working in management, nonprofit, and public relations roles. My previous jobs have always required me to have strong communication abilities, including writing, editing, and public speaking. Currently, every two months I create and edit a 16-page newsletter for an exclusive dining club.

I’m in charge of coming up with unique content for the newsletter and editing the work of my colleagues. In addition, I’m in charge of coming up with unique ideas for the corporate website and making sure that everything there is correct linguistically, useful, and easy to read.

I can work on tasks for an hourly rate or a predetermined amount. My Upwork experience hours are greater than what is reflected on my profile because I have completed multiple projects for Upwork clients where the hours were not separately mentioned.


My life’s work has been dedicated to improving people’s ability to convey ideas clearly through text and images. You can count on me to write, edit, and proofread with ease. To best connect with my audience, I like to experiment with several different formats.

I have experience writing and editing academic papers on a wide variety of topics, developing surveys, self-studies, and subsequent reports and strategic plans for organizations, creating informational materials for non-profits and crafting engaging materials for fundraising events, as well as writing news articles and opinion pieces for publications.

Through Upwork, I’ve had the opportunity to work as an online writing expert for Grammarly and BetterHelp, a market leader in online therapy.

My recent pieces have addressed issues related to emotional well-being. Writing about mental health diseases, their successful treatments, and protective factors is meaningful to me because of my advocacy work in this area.

I enjoy reading and writing works of fiction and creative nonfiction equally. Working with high school, college, and graduate students as a licensed English instructor has been an enjoyable and fulfilling opportunity to spread my love of writing and the transformative potential of the written word. I am now working in the field of mental health after leaving the classroom. In a psychiatrist’s office, I help patients with things like schoolwork and executive function.


Hi! To become a pilot, I’m now a flight attendant. Like you, writing is something I feel a deep connection to. Although I have a degree in English, my passion for exploring the world led me to pursue a career in aviation instead. My layovers provide me the opportunity to combine three of my passions: writing, flying, and exploring the world.

When I travel for work, I want to explore the local area and its culture to expand my horizons and increase my knowledge. I’ve always had a lot of questions. Just by nature, I enjoy traveling to new locations and learning about the local culture. Then I like to put my thoughts on paper. Because of this, I was able to take my interest in aviation and help it flourish.

If you’ve ever flown an airplane, you know what Leonardo da Vinci meant when he stated, “Once you have tasted flying, you will eternally tread the earth with your eyes turned skyward. That, along with what Mark Twain wrote in “The Innocents Abroad,” “Travel is fatal to prejudice, intolerance, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it desperately for these reasons,” is pretty much the summation of my worldview. You can’t have a broad, healthy, and benevolent perspective on life by hiding out in a tiny corner of the world for your whole life. The reason I want to publish a book is so that others can benefit from my interests.


I completed my BA in English with high honors. I studied at both Oklahoma State and Ashford. I have worked as a tutor for students in the areas of Literature, Language Arts, and English, mostly focusing on proofreading and editing. Aside from my time spent in academic libraries, I’ve also worked in the Oil and Gas industry.

Since reading is my one true love, I’d be happy to offer any assistance I can with any writing endeavor, whether it be simple proofreading or more in-depth suggestions on how to strengthen the story or the characters. Due to my status as a stay-at-home dad, I can devote my whole attention to your project, and I promise to do everything in my power to make sure it is flawless.

As a result of my time spent as a homemaker, I am adept at organizing my time. I am married and have two kids, so I am used to organizing my days, and I’d be happy to do the same for you! By choosing me, you won’t be sorry.



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