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Best Courier Services in Texas

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Reliable Couriers

Reliable Couriers has been serving clients in Dallas and the surrounding areas since 2004. It offers quick and secure deliveries of medical specimens, legal documents, perishable goods, and payroll. Its courier delivery drivers have GPS devices so that packages can be followed in real-time. Their fleet of sedans and box trucks with lift gates can accommodate palletized freight and packages weighing up to 10,000 pounds. The vehicles also allow Reliable Couriers to deliver packages on the same day.

Dallas Courier

Over the past nearly four decades, Dallas Courier has provided the Dallas/Fort Worth area with a wide range of courier services, including same-day and scheduled delivery. The company’s drivers have been trained to handle freight, equipment, and other delicate shipments, and the company is fully insured. Dallas Courier is an industry leader in the transportation of perishable goods and offers warehousing services that are FDA-approved. An app allows customers to place orders and monitor their shipment’s progress in real-time.

Dart Couriers, Inc.

Dart Couriers has been servicing the Dallas Metro Area with reliable, low-priced courier and delivery services for industrial materials since 1984. They offer same-day, scheduled, and exclusive delivery packages to meet their clients’ various needs. Delivery of packages of all shapes and sizes is handled quickly and efficiently, and they have six vehicle options to choose from to accommodate varying service needs. Dart Couriers is a respected participant in the Customized Logistic and Delivery Association and the Texas Courier & Logistics Association.

Eagle Express

If you need a reliable courier service in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, look no further than Eagle Express. Their fleet of straight and flatbed trucks is equipped to deliver packages of any size, on demand or along a predetermined route.

When sending packages further than the Dallas–Fort Worth area, they offer a critical-distance delivery service. Throughout its thirty-three years in business, Eagle Express has consistently demonstrated its dedication to satisfying its clientele. Also new is HyperShip, a free mobile app for managing courier deliveries that give customers access to information in real-time.

Excel Delivery Systems

In Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana, Excel Delivery Systems has been the go-to for cargo forwarding for over 30 years. Courier, messenger, freight, warehousing, distribution, trucking, and healthcare logistics are all part of their repertoire of offerings. They have six trucks in their fleet, each with its own unique set of features to meet the needs of any delivery scenario. At Excel Delivery Systems, we’re always ready to take your call and give you a free quote, whether you want to do it online or over the phone.

Go Green Couriers

Go Green Couriers is the first eco-friendly courier service in the Dallas area, and they’re proud of that fact. One hour, two hours, four hours, and immediate delivery options are provided to accommodate orders placed at the last minute. They offer streamlined online billing and invoicing to cut down on paper usage. Go Green Couriers uses up-to-the-minute online tracking and offers comprehensive insurance coverage.

Guaranteed Express

Guaranteed Express, located in Dallas, Texas, has been serving businesses, law firms, banks, and manufacturers for over 30 years. So that their customers always receive high-quality service, they have invested in cutting-edge technology and provided their delivery associates, transportation specialists, and other employees with extensive training. Guaranteed Express has been recognized as a Women’s Business Enterprise and received the Lillie Knox Award in 2015.


Hazel’s is a well-established freight company that has been providing exclusive over-the-road service across the forty-eight contiguous states of America since 1977. Their offerings cover the gamut from heavy hauling to air shipping to distribution and logistics. The company has made substantial investments in a wide variety of delivery vehicles to ensure the reliable and economical transport of all packages. The DOT has given Hazel’s stamp of approval.

Kingsway Delivery Corporation

The Dallas/Fort Worth area is served by Kingsway Delivery Corporation, a courier service that focuses on same-day and next-day deliveries. Their delivery choices range from scheduled routes to fragile article delivery to point-to-point delivery to same-day delivery to priority delivery. Customers in a hurry can select the express freight option, which ensures their packages will arrive within two hours and includes a signed proof-of-delivery receipt. As a bonus, they offer bonding and insurance policies.

PRO Messenger Courier & Delivery Services

Since 1986, the family behind PRO Messenger Courier & Delivery Services has provided their services to the people of Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas, as well as the surrounding areas. They are pleased to use cutting-edge tracking software that displays the starting and ending points of each delivery in real-time. Many different delivery methods are available to meet the needs of their customers. When time is of the essence, PRO Messenger Courier & Delivery Services can get your package to its destination the very same day.

Pronto Delivery, Courier, and Logistics

Since 1984, Pronto Delivery, Courier, and Logistics have endeavored to offer reliable freight transportation and delivery services. Deliveries are made nationwide after being picked up in Houston, Dallas, or Fort Worth. They offer a wide range of services, including courier, logistics, freight, and warehousing, and they have access to nearly two hundred vehicles.

They take great pride in their highly trained and dependable delivery personnel and their cutting-edge online database. In addition to being a member of the Express Carriers Association and the Texas Courier & Logistics Association, Pronto Delivery, Courier & Logistics is also a proud member of these organizations.


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