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Best Branding Agencies In Tennessee

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Blue Kite Marketing

The Nashville-based Blue Kite Marketing is a digital marketing firm. It helps businesses, both new and old, with social media strategies and audience engagement. The agency helps clients find their target demographic, set goals, conduct a competitive analysis, pinpoint relevant content, track its performance with data dashboards, and receive strategic advice.

As a bonus, it also aids in terms of setting up and training employees, as well as the allocation of funds and other resources. The firm can assist with everything from initial brand conception to ongoing social media consulting and coaching, complete with analytics monitoring and reporting.


DesignUps, a digital marketing agency based in Nashville, is well-known for its adaptive web services. The company is a leader in the fields of web and app design, logo and brand identity creation, web development, brand strategy, web services, user experience design, and brand discovery.

Web developers at DesignUps conduct extensive research and incorporate client feedback to produce responsive, scalable digital experiences. The company’s skill at updating brands and boosting its online visibility has earned high marks from satisfied clients. DesignUps stands out in the industry due to its innovative approaches and enthusiasm for cutting-edge tech.

Go West Creative

Go West Creative, based out of Nashville, has been in business for more than 35 years. Its staff also designs video, film, and web content, in addition to special events like trade shows, sales meetings, gala award ceremonies, concerts, and branded product tours.

To lead its clients to uncharted creative territory, Go West Creative fuses creativity with meticulously planned logistics. Go West Creative has earned high marks from satisfied clients thanks to its innovative approaches to marketing and its valuable, long-lasting solutions.

Huckleberry Branding

Nashville, Tennessee-based marketing agency Huckleberry Branding offers original approaches to company identities. The group provides tried and true growth marketing strategies that help companies connect with their clientele and stand out from the crowd.

Huckleberry Branding was established in 2013, and since then it has offered individualized services in branding, visual design, marketing, SEO, and website creation. Huckleberry Branding stands out from the competition by tailoring its marketing approaches to the specific needs of each client within a set budget.


Nashville businesses can turn to K2forma for comprehensive marketing campaign strategies. This firm gets to know its clients’ backstories before using branding, content creation, customer intelligence, and strategic planning to relay those narratives to their intended audiences.

Kickoff, discovery, strategy, tactics, execution, and measurement are the six phases that make up the process that helps clients guarantee a return on investment. To assess the campaign’s success in the market, its staff will work in tandem with the client to collect and analyze relevant data.

Locomotion Creative

Locomotion Creative is a Nashville-based marketing agency that provides strategic assistance in these areas. By identifying and analyzing target markets and audiences, its highly qualified team provides clearly defined branding goals. Advertising, branding, package design, web design, logo design, illustration design, video production, and animation production are just some of the many tools used by this marketing firm to achieve its goals.

The company’s goal is to make working together with its clients as easy as possible. Many of Locomotion Creative’s clients have praised the company for its strategic marketing decisions that have helped them achieve their business goals and propelled their brands forward.

Lounge Lizard

Since 1998, Nashville companies have relied on Lounge Lizard to craft their brands and share their stories. It also offers services in the areas of website creation, digital marketing, sales optimization, search engine optimization, and application development. The company has earned certifications as a Google Partner, Hubspot Partner, and Salesforce Administrator. The Tony Awards, National Geographic, Walt Disney, Motorola, and ESPN are among its clientele. Lounge Lizard is a global company with locations in New York’s Long Island, the nation’s capital, and Music City.

Parachute Media

Nashville’s Parachute Media is a full-service digital marketing firm that excels at integrating social media into its clients’ online presence. The company’s innovative advertising campaigns and forward momentum are made possible by the insights gleaned from the company’s use of social media analytics.

Parachute Media is an agency that focuses on building brands through strategies like strategy, content creation, advertising, email marketing, video production, and web design. The firm’s responsiveness to and adaptation to customer needs and market changes have been lauded by its clientele. For their efforts with Universal Music Group Nashville, Parachute Media has been recognized with multiple American Advertising Awards and an Online Marketing and Media Award.

Paramore Digital

Paramore Digital, based in the Nashville area, is a marketing agency that helps businesses establish and maintain a strong presence on social media. The company also provides design consulting, as well as content creation, website development, graphic design, photography, video production, mobile design, and electronic mail marketing.

Paramore Digital’s clients come from a wide range of industries, and this list is always growing. Some of these industries include education, finance, retail, and the food service industry. The agency was honored with a whopping nine American Advertising Awards in 2018.

Powell Creative

Powell Creative is a Nashville, TN-based graphic design agency that specializes in creating consistent visual and verbal identities for businesses. The company is an ad agency that uses cutting-edge graphic design to produce traditional and modern forms of promotional literature. The design team is highly skilled in a wide variety of visual branding strategies, including but not limited to: the creation of cutting-edge presentations, videos, retail packaging, and a slew of other specialized offerings.


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