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Best Voice Actors in South Dakota

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Saasmor Entertainment

I’m an actor and dancer based in Minneapolis. For this reason, I switched my surname around to Romsaas and joined forces with other performers to launch a company that aims to both entertain the masses and provide high-quality, low-cost dance instruction to the general public. So that’s how I ended up with SaasMor!

It’s strange, but we love the strange, the funny, the silly, and the BEST! In one form or another, our comedy group has been performing together for over a decade now. Throughout that time, we’ve combined various elements to create the JESTERS COMEDY IMPROV you see today!

We have dance instructors in both Minneapolis and Edina, Minnesota, and they have been teaching everything from social dance to ballroom to wedding couples and more. To offer a service of higher quality, we decided to strike out on our own.

Victoria Ortega

Known for her work in the pop music industry, Victoria Ortega is a singer, songwriter, and producer. Victoria, a native of Kansas City, Missouri, has been writing and composing music since she was 14 years old. In 2012, Victoria uprooted to Chicago, Illinois, where she attended Columbia College to further her artistic development through writing, collaboration, and study. Victoria has collaborated with well-known musicians from the Midwest on several recordings over the years.

Matt Banwart- Stand-Up Comedian

His comedy is a whirlwind of rapid-fire jokes, anecdotes, and astute observations that keeps the laughter rolling. From Spokane, Washington to New York City, New York, his generally clean comedy has entertained people in comedy clubs, colleges, private shows, and bars across the country. When it comes to his comedy, Matt takes great pride in the fact that it tends to bring people together through shared laughter.

The critically acclaimed shows Roast Battle and Late Night 5 that Matt hosts are both huge successes. In addition, he has been featured on numerous podcasts. Matt has performed as an opening act for a wide variety of nationally touring artists like Chris Kattan, Matthew Broussard, Jon Rudnitsky, and Heywood Banks.

Matt has been entertaining audiences for quite some time. At Illinois State University (ISU), he founded and served as president of the Stand Up Comedy Club, where he introduced students to stand-up comedy by bringing in guest comedians and holding weekly workshops. Truth be told, Matt is most pleased with his victory in the pinewood derby he entered in second grade; however, the Comedy Club performance is a close second.

Jeff Houghton

Comedian and host Jeff Houghton have won four Emmys. Jeff is adaptable to any situation, and he does so without sacrificing an iota of his acerbic wit.

Jeff was nominated for and received Emmy Awards for both his hosting of and the program The Mystery Hour. Jeff is a transplant from Iowa City, Iowa, who has also called New York and Los Angeles home before settling in Springfield, Missouri.

Jeff is the host of The Mystery Hour, a late-night, syndicated talk show that airs on FOX, ABC, NBC, and The CW. A live show that premiered a decade ago and became a phenomenon on the underground circuit is now a highly successful television show in its tenth season. Working on David Letterman’s Late Show gave him his start in the business, as he was featured in numerous nationally broadcast sketches.

Joshua T Bergland

Joshua is the Chairman and Founder of the Live Mana Worldwide Foundation & Multimedia Broadcast Network, as well as a Producer, Speaker, Filmmaker, Talk Show Host, DJ, Author, and Emcee, who is committed to uplifting the passion, purpose, and mission of those who have been shunned from society labeled misfits, outcasts, or degenerates.

Joshua’s speech demonstrates the extraordinary efficacy of the Truth. Nothing is rehearsed, and Joshua delivers messages that shock, inspire, tell the truth, are authentic, and are fueled by a passion that comes from the Faith that saved him from the hell he lived in, as depicted in the Oscar-winning film and soon-to-be best-selling book The Devil Inside Me.

Joshua’s testimony of how he found Jesus is one of the most shocking and inspiring stories ever heard, and he shares it in his talks about mental illness (he has DID or multiple personality disorder), finding gratitude in our trauma, thriving with HIV, fatherhood, chemsex, LGBTQ, domestic violence, the future of media, drug, and sex addiction, and much more. Joshua has given speeches at more than 40 different events in different parts of the country.


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