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Best Advertising Agencies In South Dakota

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Midwest Marketing

Since its inception in 2005, Midwest Marketing has been serving the advertising needs of its customers. The Rapid City-based organization was founded and is still led by Dawn Claymore.

In addition to advertising and marketing, this firm also provides some public relations services. Midwest Marketing can help you with a variety of media marketing tasks, including strategy and planning, content creation, email marketing, and search engine optimization. Clients in the manufacturing, retail, non-profit, and even entertainment industries are among those they serve in the Black Hills and beyond.

Sterling eMarketing

Sioux Falls is home to Sterling eMarketing. They launched in 2009 to assist local and national businesses with their digital marketing strategies. The retail, healthcare, and automotive industries are our main markets.

By working with Sterling eMarketing, you can improve your online and offline presence and attract more customers. Services like media planning, video, and audio production, and graphic design are also provided. Viper software, an inventory management application, is also provided to clients in the automotive industry; this software helps businesses keep track of inventory, set competitive prices, and maximize returns.

Cannonball Digital

When it comes to online advertising, Cannonball Digital is your go-to agency in Sioux Falls and beyond the area. Over their 20-plus years in business, they’ve developed a strategy they call the “4 A’s of Digital Marketing” that has helped their clients gain visibility online.

Content marketing, search engine visibility, monitoring and reporting, and relationship-building via customer reviews and company ratings are all part of the service offerings. Cannonball Digital’s work in the automotive, healthcare and real estate industries has been successful for their respective clients.

Henkin Schultz

Established in 1991 by Kirby Schultz and Joe Henkin, HenkinSchultz has a combined 30 years of experience assisting clients. Located in downtown Sioux Falls, this company’s modern headquarters is staffed by experts who put their customers first.

Customers come from all over South Dakota and the surrounding states in the medical, educational, retail, and farming industries. HenkinSchultz’s list of services is incredibly comprehensive, including but not limited to public relations (PR), branding (branding), digital media (digital media), and media placement (media placement). They can advise you on how to improve your interior design to attract more customers and boost sales, for instance.

Elm Digital Marketing

Elm Digital Marketing is based out of Aberdeen, and its core values center on serving small businesses in rural areas. They focus on meeting the specific requirements of their customers in the rapidly evolving field of digital advertising and media.

By providing digital strategy and advertising, reputation management, website optimization, and training, they can help small businesses compete with the big dogs in the market. Businesses in qualifying rural areas can also receive a free consultation and other benefits from Elm Digital Marketing.

tdg agency

In 1994, the agency opened its doors; since then, it has remained in the same Deadwood location, where it will remain until 2020. The Black Hills have always been an inspiration, even after they made the transition to a virtual agency.

They serve patrons in a variety of fields, including travel and hospitality, as well as government and the arts. Services provided by the include market research and strategy, web development, video production, and public relations.

Digital Designs

The Digital Designs crew lives in the town of Spearfish. It started as a technology service provider back in 1997 and only recently diversified into advertising. Because of this, they can assist their customers with all of their digital advertising requirements.

Digital Designs assists customers all over the world with their online marketing, branding, and other digital needs, including social media management, graphic and web design, and online advertising. They have worked in the tourism, retail, and entertainment industries before. Incorporate their 15 years of expertise into your project by contacting them.

Fresh Produce

A glance at their website will tell you that Fresh Produce is not your typical advertising agency. Ted Heeren founded the company, which has its headquarters in Sioux Falls but serves clients all over South Dakota, including those in the Black Hills region.

If your company needs a facelift, Fresh Produce can help by designing new billboards, websites, videos, and logos, among other things. They can assist you in organizing events and getting your message broadcast on the radio and television. Users hail from the fields of academia, industry, and the media.


Chelly Thielke, who is based in Sioux Falls, opened The Agency in 2018. This digital advertising firm is interested in working with companies of all sizes, from mom-and-pop shops to multinational conglomerates.

You can rely on the Agency for assistance with search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, digital advertising, website design, and more. They have done business with companies in the healthcare industry, the lifestyle industry, and the financial industry.


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