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Best Pet Care Services In South Carolina

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Southern Comfort Pet Services

Owned and run. The company is mine, and I make all of the visits and take care of your pets in your home while you’re gone. Since 2010, Southern Comfort Pet Services has provided pet care in the Lexington area. Certified as a Veterinary Assistant, I have spent my entire life caring for animals like cats, dogs, and even birds.

Care, consideration, and friendship are what I have to give. Cost-Effective, Market-Based Prices! Your pet will be happier and less anxious if it can stay in its familiar environment while you’re gone. I make a point to interact positively with your pet. I don’t fill their bowls and then abandon them. I will give my all to make sure your pets have a happy and healthy life with me as a companion. I have never smoked in my life and never plan to start. There are no extra costs associated with staying with me over the holidays, no “per-pet” fees, and no “key return” fees.

Hello! Hi, I’m Andrea. Southern Comfort Pet Services is owned and operated by me, and I will be the one to tend to your pets. In April 2010, I opened Southern Comfort Pet Services. I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for furry friends. My whole life, I was that little girl in Michigan who would take in strays like cats and dogs.

For the past 32 years, I’ve been married to my wonderful husband, Marcel (whom you may meet; he’ll come along if I need extra hands), and together we’ve brought up three wonderful kids. Years and years of having a house full of pets. I now have eight lovely grandchildren, and I love the title “Nana”

If you choose a career you are passionate about, Confucius says you’ll never have to “work a day in your life.” Having given the matter some thought, I decided to go back to school and become a Veterinary Assistant. I am also certified in pet CPR through the American Red Cross. I’m moving forward with my Veterinary Technology degree program.

FUR-lough Pet Care

FUR-lough Pet Care is a pet care service that provides trustworthy, expert, and enjoyable care for your pet. For your pet’s convenience, we provide services such as daily walks, overnight stays, and regular check-ins. You care deeply for your pets; while you’re gone, allow us to express that to them. We’ll take care of your pets while you’re away on business or enjoying a well-deserved vacation. Allow us to assist you in keeping your pet on a routine that promotes their health and happiness.

My family and I have settled into our new lives in Blythewood after Hurricane Irma forced us to relocate. I’ve decided to devote my life to FUR-lough Pet Care, the business I founded with my pet-care expertise, experience, and passion. As a bonded and insured business, FUR-lough Pet Care can guarantee your pet’s safety while also providing a positive experience The range of our in-house offerings is extensive. The size of the animal does not matter. I’m ecstatic to be prioritizing the welfare of animals and can’t wait to meet your furry family members.

After years of occasional pet sitting, I decided to pursue a career in the industry. My family and I have settled into our new home in Blythewood, South Carolina, after having to relocate due to Hurricane Irma. I’m thrilled to announce that I will be giving my undivided attention to providing exceptional in-home pet care.

Wag-N-Train Kennel

For over 25 years, we’ve provided exceptional boarding for pets. Wag -N- Train Kennel is a modern facility with very spacious accommodations for large and small dogs.

Wag -N- Train Kennel is the longest continuously operating kennel in Columbia, having first opened in January 1989. Over the years the facility has undergone many changes and upgrades. Our facility is state-of-the-art now, and we keep updating it as the pet care industry develops.

In 1983, at the age of 17, I began participating in dog obedience trials as a competitor. Started Wag -N- Train Kennel in 1989 after nearly three years of work as a veterinary technician.

Sutton’s Southern Pet Retreat

Due to our small size, we can provide more individualized service for your pet than larger kennels. We think it’s better for your pet if there are fewer animals housed at once. Also important to us are opportunities for constructive socialization and interactions with people and other animals, as well as regular opportunities for exercise and elimination (at a minimum, four times per day).

Under New Ownership! Be aware that on 12/18/17, Sutton’s Southern Pet Retreat, LLC (SSPR) acquired Special Pets. We’ll be changing our name in March of 2018, so you may see both while we make the switch. We have made many improvements, updates, and added services, with much more to come.

Two of the four partners, Brittany and Tara, have nearly twenty and thirty years of experience in the veterinary industry between them (as former veterinary technicians and in the sales and distribution of veterinary pharmaceuticals), and they also board, groom, and train pets and run a nonprofit animal rescue organization called Cullen’s Archangel Rescue, Inc. – CARE. Our spouses are equally invested.

The entire staff, which includes the most caring and competent members, adores animals. Please come get to know us for yourself – take a tour anytime during business hours. You and your furkids will always be welcome and treated like family!


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