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Best Graphic Designers in South Carolina

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Lifepointe Church

Promotion and communication of church activities through the creation of digital content, ministry graphics, and printed items. Will assist with social media post designs. Involves extensive knowledge of Photoshop and other Adobe Creative Suite programmes for graphic design.

Will also be in charge of directing the volunteer Graphic Design and Volunteer Photography teams. This position reports to the Communications Pastor, who is responsible for setting the vision for the position, guiding the team, and providing any necessary coaching and resources.

Cliffs Club Services, LLC

The Carolinas are known for their stunning landscape, which includes glistening waterfalls, pristine lakes, verdant forests, mild summers, and crisp winters. There are seven posh neighbourhoods at The Cliffs. Each one is uniquely attractive, unique, and equally privileged.

The people here are even more amazing than the scenery. It’s easy to look forward to coming to work because our leaders are invested in our personal and professional development and because our members and coworkers are so warm and welcoming. Visit The Cliffs once and you’ll see why it’s so great to work here!

To aid in the promotion of The Cliffs, you will use your artistic sensibilities, design expertise, and familiarity with modern graphic design software in your role as a Graphic Designer. This position coordinates with internal teams on strategy, creativity, and estimation, and oversees external partners throughout the project’s lifecycle.

The successful candidate for this position will be someone who can keep up with technological developments and determine where in the company those developments could be applied.

South State Bank

The Graphic Designer is expected to take full responsibility for any responsibilities and difficulties that arise during their work. The Graphic Designer is responsible for upholding SouthState’s brand standards across all print and digital design channels, reporting to the Creative Director.

The Cliffs

The Carolinas are a sight to behold, with their pristine mountains and lakes, balmy summer days, and crisp winter nights. There are seven posh neighbourhoods at The Cliffs. Each is uniquely attractive, notable, and successful, but they are all on par in these regards.

The people here are even more amazing than the scenery. Our management is invested in our professional development, our members are welcoming and supportive, and our colleagues add joy to each day. You’ll soon see why everyone who works here is so proud to call The Cliffs home.

The marketing efforts of The Cliffs will benefit greatly from your ability to put your artistic skills and familiarity with modern graphic design software to use in your role as a Graphic Designer.

The person in this position coordinates with other members of the team on strategy, creative, and cost estimates, and works with external partners to oversee the design and execution of projects. In this position, you’ll need to keep up with technological developments and figure out how to implement them within the company.

Allyson Brooke Inc

Are you familiar with the Adobe Creative Suite (including Photoshop, Illustrator, and the rest) and the Office 365 suite (including Excel and Word)? Do you have an ambitious, pioneering mindset that drives you to succeed? Do you have an eye for style when it comes to decorating your home? To what extent have you worked in web development and electronic commerce? If that’s the case, we should get in touch.

We want someone who can see the big picture, come up with innovative solutions, work well under pressure, and thrive in a fast-paced environment. To succeed in this role, you’ll need to use text and visuals to make the customer feel at ease and motivated to make a purchase. Graphics such as illustrations, logos, layouts, and photographs are all part of the job description. Websites, publications, packaging, displays, and more will all have their visual aspects influenced by you.

The right message conveyed by your graphics could be the deciding factor in a sale being made after being seen. delivers the intended message, etc. You’ll need a creative mind and a firm grasp on requirement translation to succeed in this role. We’d like to meet you if you’re someone who can contribute to a team through effective communication and methodical teamwork. To motivate and interest the intended readers is the ultimate aim. Two or three flexible office days per week are required for this part-time position.

SERG Restaurant Group

Candidates need to be enthusiastic, sure of themselves as designers, and ready to dive headfirst into a fast-paced work environment. The ideal candidate will be able to see their branded designs through from inception to implementation at SERG Restaurant Group, with our multi-concept restaurants and retail stores, and ever-expanding marketing presence.

Professional Plumbing Group, Inc.

PPG, a 100% Marcone Supply subsidiary, is dedicated to providing customers with the highest quality plumbing products and professional solutions available. Under the PPG banner are three well-known plumbing brands with a combined 150 years of experience in the business: Speakman, Wolverine Brass, and PlumbMaster.

While each brand caters to a slightly different demographic and offers something slightly different to consumers, they all strive to be at the forefront of their industries when it comes to innovation and service. Whether you’re in the appliance parts, plumbing, or HVAC industries, Marcone Supply has the solutions you need.


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