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My fifth-grade teacher once gave us the option of doing some drawing or writing for homework. Out of the thirty pupils in my class, I was the only one who turned in a tale.

My expertise and main interest are in writing. When I was in school, I thought Math was simple and dull. The science was fascinating, if quite heady. However, writing successfully necessitated equal parts originality and precision. The act of writing itself was both fascinating and demanding.

After graduating college, I joined the workforce, where I promptly transformed every position I held into a form of freelance writing. Initially, I was employed to answer phones for an insurance firm, but my employer soon realised that my true talent was in writing, so he transferred me to the correspondence department. At first, I was a lead generator for a travel agency, but eventually, I switched to producing how-to guides for new hires.


No random person should be entrusted with your responsibilities. Perfect Pages is who you should have your faith in. I promise to work as if it were my job.

I bring more than 25 years of experience as a writer to the table. My areas of expertise include business-to-business (B2B) technology, management, customer service, and content marketing. No matter how much you have to spend, you will still receive excellent results and a quick response time from us.

Deadline-oriented, I have an excellent command of the English language, an excellent grasp of grammar, and an excellent attention to detail, all of which contribute to my polished, professional writing style. My technological expertise allows me to distil complex ideas into clear, engaging writing.

I can adapt to different situations and am very approachable. I keep in constant contact with customers, being attentive to their needs, and always deliver projects on schedule and under budget.


A highly driven writer, I can sell an idea or product by emphasising its advantages and providing a thorough description of its features. While I do prefer to focus on product descriptions and blogs, I have written numerous listicles, biographies, recipes, and more throughout the years. I take pride in my accuracy and diligence in locating reliable sources.

I can captivate a readership with my writing because I write with conviction and persuasion. In addition, I have experience in social media management, customer service, email assistance, and the construction of company pages. This is an opportunity for me to meet new people and build meaningful connections with those who hire me.


Blog posts, long-form articles, essays, case summaries, and website content are just some of the marketing and advertising materials I create for companies and law firms who want to highlight their credentials and experience in the field.

I serve clients from all walks of life in the United States by providing high-quality, custom writing and editing services. In response to your requests, I may produce content that follows any specified style manual (APA, MLA, AP, CHICAGO). Topics I’ve written on range from the highly technical to the more conversational, and everything in between. Clients who need condensed versions of longer narratives often have me summarise documents or court rulings.

My studies are exhaustive, in-depth, and up-to-date. Although my area of expertise is law, I am open to assignments on any topic.


Clemson University awarded me a Bachelor of Arts in English, and Lindenwood University awarded me a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing. I have been featured in many poetry journals and magazines, and my work has appeared in two collections. Though the majority of my freelance writing experience lies within the music industry, I am open to and capable of covering a wide range of themes.

I have an excellent command of the English language and a solid understanding of search engine optimization and keyword principles. I am an English teacher at the secondary and tertiary levels, the host of a music blog and podcast with some success, and a lifelong learner.


My upbringing was a little odd, but I have a wealth of knowledge in writing and editing that I can offer. Teaching and statistical analysis in the classroom are two of my primary areas of interest, and I am familiar with statistical packages like SPSS.

As a lifelong learner with a passion for expanding my knowledge base, I have amassed a wealth of experience in academic writing via my many years of coursework. I am proficient in Microsoft Word, OpenOffice, Apple Pages, and Google Docs, and I can easily convert files between formats.


Business prospects of any size or scope can benefit from my MBA and my background working in a wide variety of industries, including large corporations, small businesses, and non-profits.

I have extensive experience developing innovative research strategies and am enthusiastic about sharing valuable consumer feedback to fuel productive endeavours. I provide solid experience in developing and carrying out comprehensive approaches to market research, including surveys, questionnaires, in-depth interviews, and focus groups. In addition, I have extensive experience as a writer and content producer, having written numerous web pages, blogs, reports, and other pieces of marketing copy.


The globe has made me an avid epicurean, writer, and traveller. Over ten years of sailing the world as a private yacht cook, I developed a deep understanding of regional and national differences in the way food, wine, and alcohol are celebrated around the world. I’ve always had a knack for telling tales, so I’ve spent time outside of school developing my skills in fiction writing, creative writing, editing, and copywriting.

I’m available for advice on anything from menu planning to trip writing to company strategies. Whether you need blog entries, promotional materials, or social media text, I can get the job done quickly and effectively.

Last but not least, I am an Ivy League alum who has worked as an admissions reader and now provides college application essay editing services. If you need help with your college application essay, I am here to help you from start to finish.



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