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Best Computer Repair Companies in Rhode Island

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Over at PC Tech Computer Store, we’ve been fixing computers for over a decade. The shop uses modern technological techniques to improve quality. Typically, they can replace your screen in under 15 minutes and at the most affordable rates available.

Shop owners are available to advise customers and perform necessary upgrades on their computers. We can fix your computer the same day you bring it in and our rates are very reasonable. They also fix drones, computers, tablets, and handheld video game consoles. Their service area includes not only Providence but also Warwick and Cranston.

We are experts in fixing video game consoles, both hardware and software, as well as removing viruses and spyware, building custom PCs, recovering and backing up data, preventing data loss, upgrading and networking systems, and more.


In business for over 17 years, D.A. Computer LLC specializes in fixing computers. You can bring your laptop or desktop computer to them, and they’ll fix it, from the keyboard to the motherboard. When it comes to fixing up your PC or laptop, D.A. Computer LLC has you covered in more ways than one. They can coordinate directly with your off-site IT staff to install everything from registers to whiteboards to firewalls.

Hardware, software, virus, and spyware removal service, remote access, custom computers, the cloud, personal computer and laptop repairs, and hard drive installation are some of our specialties.


When it comes to fixing computers, you can trust Tech Medic LLC. Repair, maintenance, and enhancement services for computers and networks are offered. The quality of the services provided by their team consistently amazes their clients.

They guarantee a response within the same day, and they have a dedicated expert on call to fix any urgent computer issues that may arise. Customers can count on the store for quick fixes in an emergency. Tech Medic LLC only employs high-quality tools and materials. Contracts for ongoing, consistent service are available to clients.

Troubleshooting of networks, data recovery and backup, custom network cabling, printer issues, website development, hardware failure and upgrades, computer cleaning and crashes, PC repairs, software upgrades, system optimization, and Windows corruption are among our specialties.

PPG Techs Computer Repair of North Kingstown

Seeking the best PC tech support in North Kingstown, Rhode Island? If you need computer service in the North Kingstown area, look no further than PPG Techs. This North Kingstown, Rhode Island business has an excellent reputation and is highly recommended among locals for fixing any computer issues. PPG Techs Computer Repair in North Kingstown can fix any problem you’re having with any brand of computer, from Windows desktops to Apple laptops.

Tech Medic

We are experts at assisting Mac and PC users with a friendly demeanor and straightforward explanations. We are the best local source of impartial advice for anyone making the switch from one computer type to the other or juggling the needs of both. We’ve been giving the good people of Rhode Island our full attention for a long time, long before the Geek Squad or the Apple Store.

Core Technical Services and Solutions

Services include PC Screen Replacement, Virus Removal, Desktop Screen Replacement, Laptop Screen Replacement, and PC Upgrades for Apple Devices. We repair both PCs and Macs. Core Tech Services is owned and operated by professionals who used to work for other large repair companies. They wanted to create a business that would make the professional computer service industry more efficient and customer-centric by emphasizing the customer’s unique requirements.

DA Computer

We repair and sell personal computers, assemble custom gaming PCs, and fix any problem with a computer, from a broken screen or keyboard to a faulty power jack or a spilled drink inside a laptop. Memory (RAM) and hard drive (HDD) upgrades, as well as virus/spyware removal. We can give your aging computer new life. Visiting your home or place of business to fix an issue, wirelessly connecting your devices.

My entire professional life has been spent in high technology; my positions have ranged from the general manager of an electronics factory to the director of sales for a nationwide electronic distributor. I got into computer repair as a side gig while working in electronics production. My manufacturing career ground to a halt in 2009 when the economy began to slow, and I was eventually forced to find other employment. My wife was instrumental in my turning my hobby into a career and opening my D.A. The computer at 107 Waterman Avenue in East Providence.

We Fix It

You have arrived at the correct location if you need to have a malfunctioning electronic device repaired. We Fix It provides expert electronic device repair services to help you out when you’re in a jam. We Fix It guarantees a quick and simple repair of your electronic device, be it an iPhone, computer, or tablet.

Don’t hesitate to bring your broken electronics to us when you want professional service and a team who will get the job done quickly. You can have faith that we will get your gadget back in working order. Since 2015, We Fix It has provided Providence with repair services. Our goal is to offer top-notch electronic repair services in a warm and welcoming setting.


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