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Best Pet Care Services In Pennsylvania

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The Cat Peeps

Your cat will be safe and sound at home with the Cat Peeps, where it will be loved and cared for while you’re away on business or pleasure. We’re experts in the field and not just any experts; we’re CAT experts. We are devoted to their health, happiness, and well-being. Our sitters are Pet First Aid certified AND Certifiable Cat lovers…haha! We carry both insurance and a bond for your peace of mind.

Each prospective member of the Cat Peep team must pass a thorough background check and orientation before they can join the team as a sitter. We are living in a society that is entirely focused on feline friends. We provide the necessities and luxuries that cats demand. Our visits include: * Feeding and Fresh Water (every single visit) * Playtime and cuddle time * Litter scoop * Cleaning up accidents (they happen!), hairballs, etc * We’ll even bring in the mail if you need us to! Medicine Dispensing

Experts agree that leaving your cat at home can be a stressful experience for both of you. A cat sitter ensures that your feline friends receive the loving care they need while you’re away, including sticking to their regular feeding and exercise schedules. Also, they won’t have to go through the ordeal of being transported and won’t have to worry as much about contracting diseases from other animals. My previous company, Walkies, offered cat-sitting services before I started The Cat Peeps.

While I do not doubt that our cat clients received excellent service, I have always felt uneasy about providing both of these options. And I think the people who own cats and dogs are very different, too. They need a special kind of love that caters to both cats and their human companions. I yearned to establish a company and, more specifically, a group of people who were exceptional and VERY knowledgeable about EVERYTHING related to cats, including their body language, habits, medication, grooming, and socialization. We cat people know that a cat’s devotion doesn’t come easily.

Andrea Fenner operates two pet-sitting businesses: Walkies (dedicated to dogs) and The Cat Peeps (cats only). She is a member of the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters, the Female Entrepreneur Association, and the National Foundation for Women Business Owners, and she has written a book on dog training called The WALKIES Guide to Potty Training and another called How To Start your Dog off Right (for a healthy, happy, well-behaved life).

For Paws Philly

We’ve just expanded into Germantown as well! Paws’s mission is to provide a loving home away from home for your pet while you’re away. You can leave your pet at the For Paws Philly home while you’re away for a week, or we can come to your house while you’re away for the day. Our goal is to make life easier for your dog or cat so that you can relax and take pleasure in their company.

We provide many options for assistance, such as but not limited to: Care for Dogs on a Day-to-Day Basis Overnights in our home 30 minute & Hour walks In-Home Cat Care Services To give you confidence while you’re away at work or on vacation, we want to reassure you that we provide highly individualized and compassionate service. Animal Care Professional and Proud Member of Pet Sitters International. Is Our Company Insured?

Sarah has a history of compassionate animal care. She often found herself singing to them like Snow White when she was younger. She still performs as a singer and takes dogs for walks. Her singing has earned her the nickname “Singer Belle” from some of the locals, while “The Singing Dog Walker” is what others call her. Sarah loves that she can combine the two things she loves the most: Animals and Music. Sarah and the rest of the For Paws Philly crew place a premium on providing excellent customer service and a warm welcome. They are constantly striving to be better every day.

Debbie’s Pet Sitting

Animals with Special Requirements Using Subcutaneous Fluids to Administer Medication Tarot readings & Reiki for pets Sitting/Walking for Pets I do not offer overnight stays for dogs in my home. I DO board small caged animals, but only in the downtown area.

Technician in Veterinary Medicine since 1998 From 2001-2010 I was pet sitting part-time in Philadelphia. I left my job at the animal hospital in November 2010 to focus exclusively on pet sitting.

I have been working with animals since 1997. From pet stores to the SPCA, to animal hospitals. For thirteen years, I worked as a veterinary technician. In addition to my job at an animal hospital, my pet-sitting business has flourished since I first started doing it on the side in 2001. I began pet sitting as a full-time profession in November of 2010 and have since focused on elderly and chronically ill pets. It’s nice to be able to put my medical training to use to help the animals of Philadelphia, though I still enjoy visiting and walking the healthy ones.

Happy Tails of Philly

Dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, rabbits, ferrets, and other exotic pets are all welcome at Happy Tails, an in-home pet-sitting service. I not only provide a wide range of services for my animal clients, but also several “extras” that my human parents will hopefully find useful. All of your indoor and outdoor plants will be cared for, the lights and blinds will be changed to give the impression that someone is home, your trash and recycling will be taken out and brought in, your mail and newspapers will be collected, you will receive updates via phone or email, and you will have the freedom to change your plans if necessary.

In 2002, while continuing her education at Drexel University at the graduate level, Jaime Bennett founded Happy Tails of Philadelphia. Jaime has a deep, abiding affection for all creatures great and small. She always knew from a young age that she would one day make dog clothes in South Jersey, where she grew up.

In 1998, Jaime enrolled at Philadelphia University to study fashion design. Within a short time, she had decided that the operational side was where her interests lay. She completed her bachelor’s degree in marketing. She received her Master of Arts in Teaching from Drexel University in 2002. For four years, she toiled as a classroom teacher, spending her days preoccupied with thoughts of her canine companions. She quickly realized that spending time with animals was what made her heart sing. Unfortunately, Philadelphia’s Happy Tails was born.


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