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Best Voice Actors in Oregon

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Sharon Lacey

Sharon Lacey, before she became a stand-up comic, was a middle school teacher who won awards for her work. In her keynote speeches, Sharon entertains, inspires, and keeps the audience laughing; in her standup comedy, she does the same. She has entertained American and Canadian troops on two separate tours to Iraq and Kuwait and has performed on three separate comedy tours in Africa.

Life, according to Sharon Lacey, a Corporate Comedian and Motivational Humorist, is an adventure. Sharon worked as a news producer for KGW-TV in Portland after beginning her career in broadcasting as a radio and television host.

When Sharon decided she wanted to do something that would have a “more positive” effect on the world, she decided to become a teacher. She has won numerous awards, including TCI Oregon Teacher of the Year and the Japan Fulbright Memorial Fund Scholarship, and is a national winner of the Disney American Teacher Award.

Dave Landon

Need a male narrator for a radio ad, promotional video, or documentary? My speaking tone and delivery are friendly and authoritative. Due to my background in the performing arts, I can interpret and give life to a script to make an emotional connection with your target audience. I have a home studio where I can record voice acting for video games, children’s recordings, and commercials, and I can edit, add sound effects, and score the whole thing to perfection for broadcast.

I have done on-camera work in Christian comedy TV sketches, written and voiced many radio commercials, and hosted multiple radio programs, so I have experience in a wide range of media. My background in theatre and voice acting gives me the tools to interpret and give life to a script in a way that will resonate with and influence your target audience. I record in my home studio (in Beaverton, Oregon) and send my clients their broadcast-quality finished products (voiceovers for video games, children’s recordings, and commercials) via email.

Hug Dealer

Katia “Hug Dealer” Kilson-Anderson is a radio host, activist, and spoken word artist who is well-known in the Portland area. Katia, aka “Hug Dealer,” uses her position as DJ for the Hugs and Shrugs show on (link hidden) to spread positivity through music, discuss social issues, and promote local talent in Portland’s hip-hop and soul scene.

Katia’s poetry as a Spoken Word Artist has ranged from politics to blueberry muffins, much to the delight of his audiences. Katia was given the moniker “Portland’s Angry Poet” shortly after he began performing publicly in the latter half of 2007 due to his direct, no-nonsense approach and his boisterous, yet passionate delivery. He has performed at numerous Spoken Word shows in Portland and other Western U.S. cities, honing his skills over the years.

Alex Elkin Stand Up Comedian

After Alex Elkin won the 2016 International San Francisco Comedy Competition, he began his comedy career. When he was selected to go to Iraq in July 2018 to perform for the troops, it was a great honor for him. Alex is the current champion of the Hard Rock Casino’s Annual Comedy Cage Match and a finalist in the Laugh Factory’s International Donald Trump Impersonator contest.

Alex Elkin has been making waves in the comedy scene by headlining clubs across the country and collaborating with major performers. Alex has been featured in a wide variety of media, including the Netflix series Trinkets, Inside Edition, CNN, VUDU, XBOX, Amazon Prime, Season 5 of the!’s Simple Life, TNT’s LEVERAGE, NBC’s GRIMM, and XM Sirius’ Raw Dog comedy channel. Uproar Records has released multiple Alex Elkin comedy specials and albums, including his most recent, Screaming at Shapes, which debuted at #6 on iTunes.


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