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Best Legal Marketing Firms in Oregon

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Rain the Growth Agency

The women-owned and -operated Rain the Growth Agency is a full-service advertising firm focused on results. Without sacrificing sales or brand awareness, we combine audience targeting, dynamic cross-channel media investment, and cutting-edge analytics with strategy, creativity, and production.

DTC fast companies, category disruptors, and established brands with conventional business models are all beneficiaries of our Transactional Brand Building strategy’s revolutionary expansion. We have been helping companies like Peloton, Chewy, Wayfair, Headspace, Humana, USAA, 23andMe, SimpliSafe, and 1-800 Contacts expand their operations for over 20 years. Our Portland, Oregon-based agency has expanded to include more than 260 people across the country since Michelle Cardinal and her partners founded it in 1998.

MANTIS Ad Network, LLC

MANTIS, an industry leader since its inception in 2014, provides innovative display, native, and video marketing solutions to clients all over the world. To help grow new businesses, we offer cutting-edge advertising and marketing services to our clientele and content monetization tools to our publishing partners. Here at MANTIS, we think that the best way to help businesses expand is to combine cutting-edge technology with complete openness.


North is a free-thinking advertising firm that uses honesty and originality to win over customers for reputable brands.

Our office is a large, bright space in the heart of scenic Portland, Oregon, where we encourage our bright, inquisitive, and hardworking staff to do their best work while also fostering an environment where they can learn from and support one another, as well as have fun while doing so.

The most satisfying projects for us are those that involve working with companies and brands that genuinely improve people’s lives. Because of our faith in people, we’re able to stay true to ourselves and our work.

unlikely places

Unlikely places are the next generation of advertising firms. From the company’s origin story to its marketing approach and its use of technology, and beyond, we believe that creative inspiration is a necessity for expansion. Please feel free to investigate how we have impacted the success of our client partners’ businesses and how we might be able to do the same for you.

There is no “b-team” at UP in the sense of a group of experts in marketing, advertising, public relations, advertising, business strategy, IT, data analytics, design, or innovation. We scale and calibrate our methods to suit the specifics of each assignment, advising our clients with a steady hand and an eye on the big picture while never losing sight of the bottom line.

Brand Definition

Brand Definition is a communications firm that offers cutting-edge digital concepts and reliable execution alongside time-tested methods of public relations, product positioning, and advertising.We pride ourselves on being a dedicated group of experts.

We are comfortable in our respective fields because we are well-versed in our respective roles, markets, and technologies. The definition is nimble and delivers consistent strategic results while other agencies struggle with client churn, staff turnover, and top-heavy management.

Coates Kokes

We’re on a constant lookout for the real thing. Oftentimes, it proves elusive. It’s not always quick to find. But it exists, and it can usually be found in the dark region where the circles meet. Genuine, in our opinion, entails not sugarcoating the truth. Because real has the true power to connect customers, causes, and brands. Kokes Coates. We support honesty. Sincerity is important to us. We’re for real.

Rosebud Media

In June of 2017, we at Rosebud Media acquired The Mail Tribune, the oldest newspaper in the state of Oregon. With this purchase, the Mail Tribune has a new local owner and publisher for the first time since its founding in the 1970s.

Our goal is to be southern Oregon’s go-to news and information provider, with the growing readerships of the Mail Tribune and the Ashland Tidings, as well as our specialty publications and exciting online content.


We offer a wide range of digital marketing services and are a full-service digital marketing agency. Our experience spans all areas of consumer engagement, from brand research and media buying to creative and content development and even product customization technology; we’ve even won Advertising Age’s Small Agency of the Year competition twice!


Hedgehog is an end-to-end digital agency that’s changing the way companies communicate with their clientele. Hedgehog is a web solutions agency that specializes in strategy, design, consulting, and technology, and works with Microsoft, Sitecore, Magento, and WordPress. Vertical industries in which Hedgehog excels include e-commerce, travel and hospitality, manufacturing, media, and healthcare.


We are an independent creative agency with roots in the Pacific Northwest, dedicated to advancing brands through data-driven, industry-leading integrated solutions. We have been providing the brand impact our clients require while also keeping things light and enjoyable for more than 40 years.

We are a team of 120 storytellers with expertise in areas such as strategy & analytics, creative & technical development, social & PR, and full media buying & planning.

We live by our core beliefs every day, expertly adjusting to new circumstances and putting our values of “Be Bold,” “Be Insightful,” “Be Imaginative,” and “Share Success” to good use. When we have a diverse and inclusive workforce, we can approach problems from a variety of perspectives and come up with novel solutions.


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