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Best Gyms In Oregon

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Cascade Athletic Clubs

Portland’s Cascade Athletic Club is a family-friendly gym that welcomes members of all ages. In addition to the standard weight machines and free weights, the gym also provides personal training, group exercise classes, health coaching, and aquatics programmes.

Training options at the club range from one-on-one sessions to those where members can work with a partner or form a tribal team. The club also offers packages and options for hosting private parties. Established in 1987, Cascade Athletic Club serves local athletes.


In Portland, Oregon, locals can make use of the services and amenities offered by Firebrand, an athletic club. Lagree fitness is taught there in small groups and incorporates elements of strength training, cardiovascular exercise, flexibility training, balance training, and core exercises.

In addition, those who wish to slim down and bulk up can participate in a 45-minute dynamic circuit training class. Private and semi-private training sessions are another service provided by the company. Sara Stimac, co-founder and owner of Firebrand, used to teach step aerobics before she was introduced to Lagree.

Industrial Strength

The Portland neighbourhood is home to Industrial Strength, a popular fitness centre. It provides a variety of exercise options, such as weightlifting and Jiu-Jitsu. It offers strength and conditioning, kettlebell training, an introduction course, and one-on-one personal training. The fitness centre also has a weightlifting plan available.

Co-founder and head coach Tony Gracia has had work featured on the websites of StrongFirst, Onnit, and Functional Movement Systems. Mira Gracia, who he founded the company with, is an Oregon weightlifting champion. She holds nine state records in the 53-63 kg category.

Intrepid Athletics PDX

The 5,000-square-foot Intrepid Athletics PDX gym is open to all Portland residents. Everyone in the club can tailor their workouts to their individual needs. Bodyweight exercises, traditional bodybuilding techniques, and weight training are all incorporated into the programmes by the company’s team of trainers.

The gym has teen fitness classes to entice new members. Similarly, it offers fitness and movement programmes specifically designed for children. They also provide counselling on diet and exercise. Members of Intrepid Athletics PDX are friendly and welcoming.

Ironside Training

Ironside Training is a Portland-based fitness centre that helps locals get in shape. The gym’s 360-degree programme is designed to help athletes in every way possible, and the facility’s training coaches lead private and semi-private training sessions to achieve this goal. Powerlifting, strongman and Olympic weightlifting routines are among the athletic options it provides.

It also services a variety of conditioning tools, including a variety of bars and platforms for various types of lifting (including the Swiss and PR bars). Its founder and current owner, Patrick Thomas, is a national athlete for the USA Powerlifting League and a member of the United States Powerlifting Association (USPA).

Loprinzi’s Gym

In the greater Portland area, you can find Loprinzi’s Gym, a fitness centre. Treadmills, stair steppers, weights, and exercise bikes are just some of the fitness equipment that can be found there.

Classes in karate for both children and adults, as well as step aerobics and yoga, are also available at the gym. The hotel also features a steam room, sauna, and outdoor pool. The doors to Loprinzi’s Gym first opened in 1948. Several news outlets, including The Oregonian, covered it.

Magnus Strength and Conditioning

Magnus Strength and Conditioning is a Portland-based gym and fitness centre. It provides customised one-on-one and small-group coaching sessions.

Classes are available for both beginning and advanced weightlifters. Head Coach Quint Fischer has the necessary certifications to handle client training and sessions, including the Functional Movement Screen, CrossFit Football, and USAW Level 1 and 2 Sports Performance. All of its other coaches have similar credentials.

Muv Fitness SE Portland

The goal of Muv Fitness SE Portland is to promote health and fitness in the local community. Including athlete training, group classes, personal training, and online fitness classes, it provides a variety of ways to get in shape by focusing on nutrition, exercise, and recreation.

The gym offers high-intensity interval training (HIIT), barbell workout classes, and a fitness training programme called THE REP EFFECT, which emphasises low-weight repetitions. The fitness centre Muv Fitness offers services like hydro massage, a jacuzzi and pool, and tanning equipment.

Peak Performance

Peak Performance is a Portland-based fitness centre run by locals. The health club has locations in Alberta and Lombard, where members can choose from a variety of exercise options like group classes, personal training, and cross-training. Boot camp, senior fitness, Olympic weightlifting, Pilates, and yoga are just some of the options.

The gym has plenty of amenities for its members, including locker rooms, showers, a large group fitness studio, and secure storage for bikes. The trainers at Peak Performance also offer post-physical therapy injury and post-natal rehabilitation services.

Prism Moves

Prism Moves is a Portland-based fitness centre established by certified personal trainer Ashley Kondziela. It provides both in-person and online weightlifting and Lift and Move programmes. By continuously educating and committing to reducing racism, sexism, body shaming, and toxic fitness industry norms, Prism Moves promotes inclusivity and the idea that fitness is for everyone.

It is a pending 501(c)(3) nonprofit with plans to expand its mission by lowering membership fees, providing more free memberships, introducing free youth programmes, and mentoring people interested in pursuing careers as coaches. It also offers a free BIPOC class once a week. Godzilla is an experienced fitness coach with a decade of work under her belt.


Locals in the Greater Portland Area can visit Revivewell, a specialised fitness centre. The studio provides both in-person and remote training programmes that focus on flexibility, strength, and cardiovascular health.

In a similar vein, the trainers at this facility also help their clients with tailored diet programmes. Foam rolling, ab exercises, HIIT, and tension relief for the neck are just some of the other classes they offer. Executive Trainer/Sports Yoga Instructor/Fitness Nutrition Expert Clarissa Evans runs the show at this studio.



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