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Best Graphic Designers in Oregon

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Ambrosini Design

If you’re looking for a graphic designer in Portland, look no further than Ambrosini Design. Ken Ambrosini, the company’s director, and principal designer has worked with clients all over the world on environmental graphic design projects, including large-scale signage and exhibit installations, as well as logo and brand identity creation.

He also takes care of businesses’ branding requirements and provides urban signage master plans. Signage for the enlarged Nike World Headquarters at the Sebastian Coe Building and its Los Angeles parking garage can be found in the portfolio of Ambrosini Design.

Brave New Day

From its base in Rose City, Brave New Day provides its clientele with professional graphic design services. Logos and names are just two of the tools that the studio uses to aid its clients in becoming instantly recognizable in their respective industries. The group also has expertise in designing user interfaces, websites, packaging, and signage.

The team also creates point-of-purchase displays to inform shoppers about the latest offerings from the company’s clients. The National Forest Foundation, Queue Coffee, and Northpointe are just a few of our satisfied customers.

Christine Rains Graphic Design

For more than three decades, Christine Rains Graphic Design has worked to meet client’s needs for strategic, original, and timely design solutions. It creates publications with clear layouts, brochures that explain projects, newsletters that update clients, and illustrations and maps that clarify the content.

The firm’s clientele consists of governmental and non-governmental organizations, as well as micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises. The company has collaborated with the Johnson Creek Corridor Committee and the Historic Columbia River Highway, as well as the Safe Rest Villages.

Empire Green Creative

Portland’s Empire Green Creative is a production company that helps companies tell their stories with striking visuals. It was established in 2012, and its primary focus is on using high-caliber production techniques to create in-depth stories devoid of filler to give brands an edge.

Popular ads like “Nike Unlaced,” “Bare Knuckles,” “Words of Encouragement,” “Destroy Doubt,” “Ebb, Then Flow,” and “Why We Run” can be found in the portfolio of Empire Green Creative.

Fieldtrip Design

As a Portland-based design firm, Fieldtrip Design aids companies in making the most of their advertising dollars to build brand awareness and spread their message. Infographics like charts, diagrams, and graphics are all products of its inventive staff. In addition to logo design and signage, Fieldtrip Design also develops brand standards manuals for their clientele.

Brochures, posters, sales sheets, direct mail ads, display graphics, and trade show booth design are all examples of the types of print advertising we create for our clients. Travel Oregon Magazine, Qwest, and Intel are just some of the companies it represents.


Jolby is a Portland-based design, illustration, and innovation studio. Print, interactive, digital, desktop, and mobile design are all services provided by the company’s in-house creative team of professionals. POP displays, packaging, and event/set design are also responsibilities of the designers.

Companies like Patagonia, Nike, The Nature Conservancy, Google, Disney, and Target are among those represented in Jolby & Friends’ portfolio. Commercial illustration, typography, storyboarding, character design, and 2D animation are a few of the other services we offer.

Laundry Studio

For over 20 years, the people of Portland and the surrounding area have relied on Laundry Studio, a graphic design studio. The company’s designers specialize in creating patterns for use on textiles and home decor items like upholstery, window treatments, and textiles. In addition to selling its designs, Laundry Studio also hosts creative workshops where they show customers how to make their works of art.


The Portland-based brand design studio Lazaris. Discovering new brands, developing brand strategies, and creating brand designs are all services provided by the company. The team at Lazaris views brand design as a whole, making sure that everything from the brand’s name and identity to its color palettes, tone, and logos effectively conveys the brand’s message.

They also provide brand architecture, interior and environmental design, and photo editing services. A sampling of our previous customers includes Dell, Twitch, Pfizer, Honeywell, Hilton, and Reflektive.

Linea Forma Design

The Portland-based graphic design studio Linea Forma Design has been around since 1980. The company collaborates with other companies to design logos and promotional materials like brochures, manuals, and even signage.

Technical artwork like infographics and cutaways are among the specialties of its staff, in addition to product design, animation, and 3D modeling. Linea Forma Design has assisted clients in the fields of technology, photography, the sciences, and management.

MEK Design

Portland’s MEK Design has been providing branding, design, digital, and print services for more than 15 years. Established in 2001, the minority-owned company’s in-house graphic designers produce fresh, cutting-edge layouts for websites and advertisements in print and digital media.

Among MEK Design’s past clients are Sinclair Strategies, Portland State University, the Latino Victory Project, the People for the American Way Foundation, and the Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center.


Portland is home to OMFGCO, a brand construction firm. Consultations, strategies, and positioning, as well as logo and visual identity, packaging and collateral, digital design and development, and naming and branding, are all part of the company’s offerings.

It’s effective in interior design and other natural settings as well. With their expertise in the hospitality industry, OMFGCO has been approved as the official interior design and branding agency for the Autograph Collection. The branding, billboards, and brochures were all made in-house.

Opus Agency

Opus Agency, founded in 1993 and headquartered in Portland, Oregon, is a global brand events and marketing agency. The company, which employs more than 450 people in locations across the country, creates innovative marketing campaigns and events through a collaborative team effort.

Logos, branding collateral, video production, and social media are just some of the areas where creative graphic design comes into play, all with the end goal of spreading a brand’s message, making an impression on specific demographics, and maximizing return on investment.


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