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Best Computer Repair Companies in Oregon

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12:01 Computer Repair

Since 2005, the people of Portland have had access to 12:01 Computer Repair. The founder of the company has worked in the IT industry for over 15 years. Technicians are responsible for the construction of custom computers, the elimination of viruses, the recovery of lost data, the installation of new screens, the cleanup of any liquid spills, and the replacement of damaged or defective hard drives. Positive reviews have been left by satisfied customers thanking 12:01 Computer Repair for their helpful service and the clear lines of communication between them and the staff.

A Plus Antico

Our team at Antico Plus, a small computer repair company in Portland, has more than 30 years of experience. There is always someone available to help with computer issues; the company’s staff is available around the clock. Services such as printing, networking, fixing broken hard drives, replacing worn-out fans, and upgrading hardware are all subject to the company’s flat hourly rate. The Better Business Bureau has awarded the A+ accreditation status to the company.

Computer Lift

In Portland, you can take your laptop, desktop, or smartphone to Computer Lift to be fixed. The business has been given an A+ by the BBB. There are a variety of services offered, such as malware and virus elimination, system upgrades, data recovery, application and hardware installation, and even instruction on how to use your new computer. Custom computers are another service Computer Lift offers. The business has received high marks from patrons for its courteous and productive employees.


Banks is home to Computerz101, a computer store that also offers search engine optimization and web design services. The company provides software installation, virus removal, website creation, hardware and software troubleshooting, and security services. The company also offers web marketing and custom computer construction. Customers have lauded the business’ reasonable rates, quick turnaround, and high standard of service.

Flux Computer Repair

The founder of Flux Computer Repair has been working in the field for over 20 years. The company can fix Apple and Windows devices, as well as transfer files, increase speeds, eliminate viruses, recover lost data, and set up networks. When a client is away from the office and needs access to their files, the company will set up a remote access solution for them. The owner of Flux Computer Repair has received rave reviews for his friendliness, patience, and candor with customers.

Hyperion Computerworks

In the Portland metro area, Hyperion Computerworks is the go-to place for both home and business computer repair needs. It provides various IT services, including upgrades and repairs for computers and laptops, helps with home technology issues, and supports small businesses. Customers who would rather purchase a new unit than have their current one repaired are also given advice. In addition, the store offers beginner-level assistance with computer setup, social media, and Microsoft Outlook.

Metro Computerworks

Since 2002, the residents and business owners of Portland have been able to turn to Metro Computerworks for all of their computer repair needs. The convenient downtown shop is open six days a week and supports both Macs and PCs. Antivirus software is updated, malware is removed, laptops are serviced, and consultations are given by technicians. Besides offering remote assistance and custom PC construction, the company does even more. Metro Computer works have received high marks for the efficiency and affordability of its services.

Metro PC Works

Portland’s Metro PC Works specializes in IT support for local businesses. Aside from these, the company also offers cloud services, IT consulting, website design, network security, disaster recovery, and website marketing. The company has received glowing reviews from patrons who appreciate the quality of service and competitive pricing.

Portland PC Repair

When it comes to fixing computers, Portland PC Repair has you covered. The company can fix broken keyboards, remove viruses from your computer, set up wireless networks, and back up your data. In addition to offering free recycling for desktops, laptops, printers, and LCD monitors, the company also constructs custom computers for customers. The expert, kind, and affordable service offered by Portland PC Repair has been highly praised by previous customers.

Portland Support Computer Repair

Technical support staff at Portland, Oregon’s Portland Support Computer Repair help customers with hardware and software problems on their computers. It has a lot of experience with different makes and models and can fix both PCs and Apple computers, for example. Clients who need external devices to search hardware for crucial files due to the laptop’s destruction can take advantage of data recovery services.


Our staff at Protechniq has been working together for over 30 years. The business fixes computers, updates networks, gets rid of viruses, recovers data, optimizes computers, and installs wireless networks. The company allows for remote access and is available around the clock to check in on customers’ computers. Pyrotechnic is an authorized Dell partner in addition to being a Microsoft Silver Partner, Seagate Elite Partner, and GFI Silver Partner.

Teknyka Tech Support

Aurora is home to Teknyka Tech Support, a computer service, and support company. The company was established in 2008 and provides a variety of services, including hardware and software setup, virus and spyware removal, performance optimization, laptop jack repairs, data backup and recovery, and more, to both commercial and residential clients. The business provides software training classes and provides free pick-up and delivery. With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and rave customer reviews, Teknyka Tech Support consistently impresses its clients.


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