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Best Pet Care Services In Oklahoma

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The Deep Deuce Dog Walker

Free initial appointment for you and your pet. Expert dog walker, cat sitter, and small animal caretaker serving the downtown OKC area. Hours can be adjusted to accommodate your schedule, and weekend and evening shifts are available. Tailored playtime and exercise sessions for your pet.

As the proud parent of four lovable canines, I discovered that living in the newly urbanised core of Oklahoma City does not make pet care any easier. I had a hard time finding someone who was both affordable and trustworthy enough to have unrestricted access to my home and children. That’s how my fantastic adventure with The Deep Deuce Dog Walker began. I’m a top provider of individualised and expert pet care because I’ve spent countless hours walking and visiting the wonderful city dogs of downtown Oklahoma City.

Amanda’s ancestors have farmed and ranched in rural Oklahoma, so she has deep ties to the land.

After relocating to the more urban core of Oklahoma City, she turned her lifelong love of animals into a successful business that serves her new neighbours.

Stay Kennels

STAY is the best pet boarding and doggie daycare in the area. Located on the north side of Eastern Avenue, just west of the intersection with Hefner Road, our 10-acre campus is ideally situated between Oklahoma City and Edmond. STAY’s indoor/outdoor, climate-controlled kennels come in two sizes.

Our suites provide a roomy 112 square feet for your dog to unwind in, while the standard run is a cosy 84 square feet. There are multiple interconnecting runs, so even large packs of dogs can stay with us. Our boarders have access to large play yards right off all of the runs. Cats will enjoy the peace of their new home in one of our condos, which is located on the other side of the building from the dog runs.

Lucky Dog Lodge

Lucky Dog Lodge is a pet hotel that provides a safe and enjoyable environment for canine and feline guests. We’ve been in business as a family since 2001, and we’re known for our dedication to animal welfare. Our staff at Lucky Dog Lodge is dedicated to providing the best care possible for your pet. To ensure that your pet has a pleasant stay, Lucky Dog Lodge has taken many measures to ensure their comfort. Get in touch with the Lucky Dog Lodge today to schedule boarding for your dog or cat, or to learn more about our daycare and grooming services.

Because she had dogs all her life, she decided to open a boarding and grooming business that serves the OKC and Edmond areas when she was older.

Edmond Critter Sitter

Our in-home pet care services are provided by trained professionals who are compassionate and dependable. Allow us to look after your pets while you’re away for the day or longer.

Sheila, the founder of Edmond Critter Sitter, began the business in 2010. In 2013, her friend Kim Mullins bought the company and merged it with her own company, Kimmer’s Kennel. She has continued to use the Edmond Critter Sitter name and run the business since then.

Kim and her son Cole are the business owners and operators. Kim has a deep, abiding affection for all kinds of animals, and she delights in working with them because of this. Kim is a proud grandmother of five. Her youngest child is 18 years old. Kim is the proud owner of two lovable pooches.

OKC Vet Campus 

OKC Vet Campus caters to pet owners who prefer a more natural approach to their animal’s healthcare. To improve people’s emotional and physical well-being, they put a premium on learning and participation. They believe that understanding your pet’s needs and being actively engaged in their care is the best way to ensure its physical and emotional well-being.

OKC Vet Campus takes pride in offering its patrons the ease of upgraded telemedicine services. Their top priority is giving your pet the best possible care, and with their online appointment service, you can rest assured that your pet will receive the same high-quality veterinary attention from their specialists that they would give if you were physically present in their clinic.

Awesome Care Veterinary

Oklahoma City, OK is home to Awesome Care Veterinary, a full-service animal hospital committed to the health and happiness of your dog or cat. They are devoted to informing pet owners so that they can make the best choices for their companion animals. The staff at their veterinary clinic are experts at putting both dogs and their owners at ease.

They hope to earn your business for life as your go-to vet for annual checkups, dental care, vaccinations, boarding, and bathing, among other services. At their animal hospital, they strive to make your pet feel like the healthiest and happiest version of themselves possible.

Companion Animal Clinic

Companion Animal Clinic has been proudly serving Oklahoma City and the neighbouring neighbourhoods since 1987. They have a full range of services for your pet, including boarding, grooming, and veterinary care. They understand the importance of your pet in your life and pledge to treat it as if it were a member of the family.

They’re here to give top-notch veterinary care for your pet’s overall health. Whether it’s preventative medicine, grooming, surgery, or laser therapy, you can rest assured that your pet will always receive the kind, compassionate care it deserves. The dedication of the staff at Companion Animal Clinic is evident in the excellent veterinary care they offer.


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