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Best Voice Actors in Ohio

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Bob M.

Professional male voice actor with a sound, reliable voice. Lexus, Frito-Lay, Royal Caribbean Cruises, OSHA, Integra, Pfizer, Texas Safety Council, The City of Covington, Disney Junior, Strangelist, Knowable, Minimus, JS World Media, Talltanic Pictures,, Pro Vista Solutions, and many, many more are among the company’s past and present clients. An authoritative, dispassionate American male voice. Age range: roughly 30 to 40. Mid-to-low pitch, with a deep voice typical of the Midwest.

Non-accented, non-regional speech.

A flawless, crystal-clear voice that can be both firm and welcoming, hard and authoritative, fresh and engaging, friendly and calming.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Voicemail (MOH), YouTube Videos (Narrations, Promotions, Explainer Videos, Tutorials, etc.), Internal Communication (Messages on Hold), and Employee Training (Courseware) Voiceover work for animated films, children’s books, commercials, videos, and whiteboard animation.

Kyle M.

Hey! Hello and welcome to the forum! A brief introduction to myself… From 2018–2020, I was a singer/guitarist for a major cruise line, and now I offer my session vocal tracks to songwriters/creators/VO services! On top of that, I’m working in the tech industry and majoring in Web Development at Sinclair Community College.

American Express, Steak ‘n Shake, and Indiana Wesleyan University are just a few of the clients whose projects I have voiced. I have also provided my voice for audiobooks, e-learning modules, online courses, audio documentaries, and YouTube channels (one of which is getting close to 100K subscribers!).

I have worked as a touring musician and as a session vocalist, adding clean, dynamic vocals to albums and assisting songwriters in the execution of briefs. I attended Otterbein University in Columbus, OH, where I earned a BA in Sports Management and a minor in Business Administration.

Eric M.

Voice actor Eric MacFadden is based in Cleveland, Ohio, and he has been working in the field for over five years. His voice can be heard as the game’s guide in Sinearc Limited’s upcoming mobile game “Sound of Earth,” which is scheduled for release in the summer of 2021.

Other works he has narrated include “My Magic Ball” by Anna Svetchnikov, “Voyages: The Story of Emmanuel Laskar don’t,” and “Lover’s Gift” by Adom Sample. In addition to hosting “RickRack’s Sound Shack” on WPTS Radio, creating voice acting content for RickRack’s YouTube channel (including a redubbing of “There’s a Man in the Woods” that went viral), and performing, mixing, and mastering full-choir arrangements for Ralston, RickRack has a wide range of audio engineering experience.

Kia F.

I have studied both early and modern music at the university level, and I am a trained professional singer. It’s only been recently that I’ve begun to dabble in voice-over work in addition to my primary career as a recording artist. While I do have experience with corporate, educational, phone systems, and promotional recordings, I am always open to trying something new. Whether it be suggestions for phrasing, tone, or overall recording quality, I am always receptive to hearing from my audience.

I am an accomplished Project and Process Manager who focuses on streamlining operations through the use of automation and practical procedures. Workflows in Jira, Trello, Asana, Zendesk, Smartsheet, Google Drive, Sketch, and other applications have all been optimized by me for various businesses. I provide consulting services in the area of team and workflow optimization, which can drastically improve your team’s efficiency in a matter of weeks. If you need any further information, feel free to get in touch.

Bryan S.

Years of performing in both dramatic and comedic theatre have prepared me to take on a variety of voice-over roles. While my primary experience is with podcasting, I do have a wide variety of character voices and dialects that can be used in any medium.

During Adventure Check’s live Dungeons & Dragons broadcasts on Twitch, I play a variety of characters. I play a wide range of original characters and narrate riveting tales throughout the show. In addition, I’ve contributed my voice to several YouTube channels that discuss everything from technology to the stock market.

You can compare my rates to those of other professionals in the field at the Global Voice Acting Academy. While these rates are standard in the industry, I understand that your project may lack the resources of major production studios, and am open to discussing alternate payment structures based on the specifics of your endeavor.


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