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Best Voice Actors in North Dakota

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Jeremy F.

Jeremy is a family man who has raised four kids. He’s been on the radio and spoken in public before. He has spent years engaging in his favorite pastime of imitating celebrities by creating fictional voices and characters. Additionally, he has worked with people with disabilities for over ten years.

Jeremy’s vocal versatility is on full display in his demos, which feature a wide range of voices and effects. And he is not afraid to make an extremely uncomfortable-looking face to achieve the desired vocal effect. Jeremy has worked in customer service for quite some time and is adept at delivering results that satisfy both the client and the business. You can expect prompt responses, clarity in explanations, a willingness to incorporate suggestions, and a high-quality final product.

Jeremy has the skills, resources, and drive to produce a professional-quality vocal performance from start to finish. From a soft, soothing voice for audiobooks or commercials to a loud, exaggerated one for a movie, cartoon, or romantic comedy… Only Jeremy, the Voice Over, and Vocal Effects Artist can give you a performance you can rely on.

David F.

I’m a professional voice actor with a studio-quality recording setup in my home. My voice is friendly and trustworthy, making it a good fit for radio, podcasts, e-learning, audiobooks, and other forms of broadcast media. Making up backstories for fictional characters in media is a lot of fun for me.

My equipment consists of a soundproof booth, an Elegato Wave: 3 USB microphones, some closed-back Audio-Technica headphones, and the most recent version of Audacity for editing. I value constant contact very highly. Message me and I’ll respond quickly.

Eve E M.

In addition to my day job as a human resources professional for an IT consulting firm in the DC area, I am also actively auditioning for voice-over roles. The parents of my students sought me out for years because of my pleasant voice, clear speech, and neutral American accent when I taught English to speakers of other languages (ESL). My goal is to reach a wider audience with my voiceover work.

Grant J.

A talented voice actor who is comfortable in front of an audience and has worked with common audio software like Audacity and file formats like WAV and MP3 in a live theatre setting. A polished voiceover for your commercial, instructional video, animation, corporate presentation, or random web video? I’ve got you covered.

Milena Benefiel

I am an ex-Critical Care RN who, after 9 years of successful part-time booth work, is planning to make the switch to full-time VO in 2020. From my professional-quality home studio, I am currently offering directed sessions Monday through Friday via Source Connect Standard or Zoom. Alternatively, if you’d like, I can work on your project independently and deliver files quickly. People usually say my voice sounds friendly, approachable, humorous, and genuine.

Monci Hoadrea

I am a full-time voice actor who has studied at the prestigious Voice Actors Studio in Las Vegas and is ready to assist you in conveying your message honestly and compellingly. I offer an exciting new sound captured in my Source-Connect-equipped home studio. I am a Hispanic/Latina voice actor from New Mexico who is fluent in both US English and Spanish but was not spoken in Latin America (though I can get by) thanks to years of study.

My previous customers will attest to the fact that I am dependable, friendly, easy to work with, and capable of producing high-quality audio in a short amount of time without breaking the bank. I hope I can be of assistance to you as well. If you need a voice actor for a commercial or audition, you can contact me here.

Mom Next Door, heartfelt, fun, friendly, new, vibrant, clear, maternal, motherly, sassy, bubbly, girl next door, Latina, Hispanic, young adult, DRTV, IVR, phone messaging, message on hold, phone systems, virtual assistant, commercials, explainers, explainer videos, eLearning, e-Learning, radio, television, mobile apps; authentic; engaging; warm; friendly; conversational; millennial; reassuring.

William Dougan

William’s vocal range is wide and varied, spanning from deep bass/baritone to high/cartoon. Commercials, corporate instruction, and electronic learning are his forte. However, he also frequently lends his voice to documentaries, trailers, whiteboards, and explainer videos.

In a recent development, William provided his voice for a commercial for Cutwater Spirits that will air during the 2021 Super Bowl. He has provided his voice for a wide variety of well-known companies, including Google, Nintendo, Hello Fresh, Anheuser-Busch, Porsche, and McDonald’s.


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