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Best Voice Actors in North Carolina

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Stephen L V.

I have been working as a voice actor for over twenty years. Among the many projects I’ve voiced are animated adaptations of “Twelve Years a Slave,” “Huckleberry Finn,” and “The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass,” as well as commercials, webinars, video games, and audiobooks. I can do dramatic, subtle, or conversational readings of the text, as well as character voices.

I have worked with individuals, businesses, and governments from the US, Canada, Israel, Ukraine, Western Europe, and Asia, providing voiceover services. Additionally, I do all of my editing and mastering, and can even apply those skills to projects that don’t feature my voice. My rate covers any necessary changes up to 30 days after the contract has been finalized, and I am adaptable, focused, and quick to turn around work.

I’ve worked in customer service, arts administration, education, management, the nonprofit sector, creative writing, improv comedy, and public speaking for well over a decade. I have a Master’s in Liberal Studies/Interdisciplinary Studies in addition to my BAs in Communication Studies and Theater Performance.

I’m currently the Artistic Director of a community theatre. For the past two decades, I have also served as co-company manager of an improv comedy troupe. I have extensive experience with media outreach, curriculum development, employee training, and facilitation of group projects and workshops (corporate and public sector). In addition to a strong work ethic, professional demeanor, and adept time management skills, I also enjoy working collaboratively and autonomously.

Alexander P.

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Rebekah A.

Howdy, folks! Whoever you are, I appreciate you taking the time to view my profile. Greetings, and it is a delight to finally meet you in person!

My name is Rebekah and I have over 15 years of experience as a public speaker in the fields of public health education, substance abuse counseling, and animal behavior certification as a Master’s-level Qualified Professional and Board-Certified Animal Behavior Counselor and Certified Dog Trainer. I have extensive experience as a public speaker and have written both informative and entertaining pieces for use in public forums like health fairs and community forums.

I have been making my edutainment (educational + entertainment) analyses of video game content—whether in-depth reviews, top 10 countdowns, or guides/walkthroughs—for the past decade or more as a hobby, in addition to doing voiceovers for a variety of online projects.

They say I have a professional, yet friendly and approachable voiceover style. I have a wide range of voices available to me and can convincingly imitate both the American and British varieties of the English language.

Diego Ortiz C.

I have raised in a bilingual and multicultural environment thanks to my birthplace, Colombia, in South America. I graduated from high school in Mexico and moved to California, where I have spent the past 15 years honing my voice acting skills while working as the Spanish voice for such household names as Canon and Coca-Cola, among others.

My lifelong interest in voice acting led me to start my training a long time ago. Training from some of the best coaches in the US, as well as vocal instruction from a world-renowned performer and instructor.


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