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Best Veterinarian In North Carolina

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Animal Hospital at Brier Creek

The Animal Hospital at Brier Creek in Raleigh, North Carolina is a top-notch veterinary clinic recognized for excellence in veterinary care by the American Animal Hospital Association.

All aspects of veterinary medicine, from routine checkups to emergency surgeries, are covered by the hospital’s team of highly trained vets. The facility’s mission is to provide high-quality veterinary care at reasonable prices in a warm, welcoming setting.

Ansede Animal Hospital

Located in the heart of Raleigh, North Carolina, Anse de Animal Hospital is a full-service veterinary facility run by a caring family that is dedicated to delivering affordable, high-quality treatment.

The clinic provides comprehensive veterinary treatment, including dentistry, radiography, surgery, diagnosis, and therapy, in a safe and efficient environment for cats and dogs of all ages. The facility has signed up with the VIN.

Armadale Animal Hospital

Pet owners in Raleigh and the surrounding areas can trust the veterinary care provided by Armadale Animal Hospital. Expert veterinarians work at the hospital, providing state-of-the-art care for pets through techniques including laser therapy and surgical spaying and neutering.

They take great satisfaction in giving their patients friendly, caring service at reasonable prices, and they have full laboratory and x-ray facilities on site.

Brookwood Veterinary Clinic

In Raleigh, North Carolina, you’ll find Brookwood Veterinary Clinic, a full-service veterinary clinic that prioritizes providing quality treatment for pets at an affordable price without sacrificing the comfort of their human patients or the safety of their young visitors.

Dr. Cotton leads a team of qualified and experienced veterinarians who provide a full range of veterinary medical services, including wellness exams, preventative care for heartworm and fleas, blood testing, and vaccinations. Additionally, new patients can receive discounts from the clinic.

Cary Veterinary Hospital

For almost 35 years, pet owners in the Cary, North Carolina area have relied on Cary Veterinary Hospital for their pets’ medical, surgical, and dental needs.

Allergy treatment, pain management, parasite control, euthanasia, diabetic management, heartworm prevention, and more are all within the scope of expertise of the hospital’s veterinarians.


CityVet is a high-tech animal hospital that has been helping the people of Raleigh, North Carolina for many years. Dr. Patrick McCrory, a qualified veterinarian with years of expertise at the helm, and his team provide thorough and compassionate care for pets of all shapes and sizes, including cats and dogs. The clinic aims to deliver high-quality, reasonably-priced care in a setting that pets and their owners will enjoy.

Creedmoor Road Animal Hospital

The Creedmoor Road Animal Hospital is a general practice animal hospital in Raleigh, North Carolina, that treats cats, dogs, and other small pets.

Wellness exams, dental care, rehabilitation, microchipping, vaccines, and testing for and treatment of parasites are just some of the veterinary medical treatments provided by the hospital’s team of qualified and experienced veterinarians.

As an added convenience, they provide boarding and childcare for pets.

Falls Village Veterinary Hospital

Pet owners in North Raleigh and Wake Forrest have had access to Falls Village Veterinary Hospital for over 40 years. Animals of all shapes and sizes can benefit from the expertise of the hospital’s staff of compassionate veterinarians, who provide conventional and alternative medical care for pets.

Veterinarians at this facility take great pleasure in the excellent care and service they provide for their patients’ owners’ pets.

Grace Park Animal Hospital

Grace Park Animal Hospital in Morrisville, North Carolina is a full-service veterinary medical facility committed to providing quality veterinary treatment in a soothing, pet-friendly setting. Veterinarians that care about their patients and have extensive training use cutting-edge diagnostic and treatment methods to get animals well again as quickly as possible.

Orthopedic surgery, therapeutic laser therapy, and chemotherapy are just some of the veterinary care procedures they offer. Services like doggie daycare, boarding, grooming, and training are also available at the hospital.

Mitchell Mill Animal Hospital

The veterinarians at Mitchell Mill Animal Hospital in Raleigh, North Carolina are experts in the care of both dogs and cats. Veterinarians at the facility perform both preventative and curative care. They also provide cutting-edge laser therapy for ailments of the skeletal muscle and skin.

The hospital has cutting-edge veterinary technology so they can treat their patients quickly, safely, and effectively.

NC State Veterinary Hospital

Located in Raleigh, North Carolina, NC State Veterinary Hospital is staffed by highly qualified veterinarians that provide cutting-edge medical attention to small companion animals in addition to equines, farm animals, and exotic species.

Soft tissue surgery, neurology, behavioral medicine, genetics, and internal medicine are just a few of the veterinary specialties they deal with. Treatment regimens are individualized to meet the specific requirements of each patient, as the hospital strives to make a positive impact on their life.

Northwoods Animal Hospital

For almost 25 years, residents of Cary, North Carolina, and the surrounding areas have relied on Northwoods Animal Hospital for high-quality veterinarian medical treatment. Electrocardiography, ultrasonography, geriatric care, dental care, surgical procedures, and more are all within the scope of expertise of their team of well-trained and experienced vets.

They have a diagnostic lab, nutritional guidance, and dog boarding and training services. Northwoods Animal Hospital has been recognized by the American Animal Hospital Association as a top-tier veterinary facility.

Six Forks Animal Hospital

In Raleigh, North Carolina, Six Forks Animal Hospital offers the best of the best when it comes to veterinarian care, boarding, and grooming.

Since its inception in 1967, the clinic has offered a wide range of veterinary medical treatments, including preventative care, dermatology, radiography, and ultrasound. In addition to having highly qualified veterinarians on site, this facility also features cutting-edge veterinary technology.



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