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Best Computer Repair Companies in New York

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Located in the heart of Manhattan between Penn Station and Times Square are LaptopMD, a computer, and mobile repair shop. Thanks to its central location, it serves all five boroughs. Since its founding in 1999, they have provided all-inclusive computer and mobile device servicing. They’re pleased to have been the first to offer these amenities to New Yorkers.

Because they think it’s the right thing to do, LaptopMD provides free cost estimates for all of your devices’ repairs. Since their inception, they have worked tirelessly to ensure that all requests are fulfilled and expectations are exceeded. The business is open six days a week.

New York Computer Help

New York Computer Help was founded in the year 2000 as a computer repair service for homes and businesses in the New York metropolitan area. The company places a premium on satisfying every one of its customers, and it claims that this approach has led to a large number of satisfied clients in both commercial and residential settings. One of their founding principles was “Treat every customer as if they were our mother.”

The business was the first of its kind to offer free computer drop-off diagnostic services, which let clients learn more about the machine’s health and the associated repair costs before committing to any work. Customers will have complete say over what happens next. Customers can rest easy knowing they are dealing with true professionals thanks to the company’s tech, which boasts of talent and expertise in their crafts.


Comptechnyc is a computer service center on New York’s 30th Street. The firm is highly regarded as a leader in its field, serving both commercial and individual customers. They cover all of Staten Island, all of Queens, all of Brooklyn, all of Long Island, and a portion of the Bronx. You can save a lot of time and money thanks to their hard work.

As a team, they take great pride in their ability to fix motherboards with a 90% success rate, and they never give up trying to find a solution. They recognize that you earned this money through your efforts and are grateful for it. There has been no decline in service or attention to customers in over a decade.

D and Q Computer

New York’s D and Q Computer is very accessible, as it can be found on Avenue B. We fix computers of all makes and models, including Macs. Upgrades for your computers, both desktop, and portable, are also available. Keyboards, motherboards, touchpads, screens, power jacks, memory, hard drives, and more can all be fixed by the company.

D&Q Computer also offers services for fixing computer problems like viruses and malware, as well as reinstalling operating systems like Windows and Mac OS. Your electronics can be serviced either at your house or at their location. They constantly work to improve your comfort. To achieve 100% customer satisfaction, the company is committed to providing products of the highest possible standard.

All Computer and Internet Services

Located in South Ozone Park, All Computer and Internet Services provide IT support and computer repair. Mike, the company’s owner, has been working in the IT field for over 20 years. He can fix any issue with your computer, from viruses to operating system issues to hardware failures to lost data to digital music collections to routine maintenance and tune-ups.

B-Z John Computer & Electronics

If you’re in the New York City area and need help with your computer, laptop, or mobile device, B-Z John Computer & Electronics is here to help you. The electronics retailer has been around for over 17 years and always employs the latest in computer hardware and software. Data recovery, smartphone, iOS device, tablet, laptop, and PC repair are just some of the services offered by the company’s certified technicians. B-Z John Computer & Electronics can also clean your system of viruses.

BNYTech Inc

BNYTech Inc. is a New York-based IT company that serves both businesses and individuals with professional computer repair, networking, and web development. The company offers a variety of IT services, such as hardware upgrades, software installations, data recovery, mobile device repairs, and LCD screen replacement and repair. In addition to their already impressive list of services, BNYTech Inc also provides network configuration, printer maintenance, CCTV system installation, and projector maintenance and rental.

Brooklyn PC Clinic

Brooklyn PC Clinic is a business in Brooklyn that specializes in fixing and supporting computers. Quick and easy remote assistance is available 24/7. PC upgrades, virus and spyware removal, custom desktop builds, wireless and networking, smartphone and connected device setup, and data recovery are just some of the services offered by Brooklyn PC Clinic.

ComputerSettings, Inc.

Bronx-based ComputerSettings, Inc. provides both residential and commercial computer support to residents and businesses. The computer provides a variety of services, including on-site fixes for computers and other electronic gadgets like screens, virus removal, data recovery, mobile device fixes, and game console fixes. In addition to selling and servicing security cameras, CCTV systems, and phone systems, the company also provides installation services.

D&Q Computer, Inc.

As a New York-based business, D&Q Computer, Inc. specializes in providing both hardware and software support for PCs and other electronic devices. A variety of computer products, including complete systems, barebones, monitors, notebooks, parts, and accessories, are available for purchase from the company. D&Q Computer, Inc. also offers a wide range of additional services, including on-site service and home visits, network setups, wireless setups, and network cable wiring in addition to hardware repairs, upgrades, configurations, virus removal, data backup, and data retrieval.


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