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Best Pet Care Services In New Hampshire

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Harry has always had a soft spot for creatures great and small, thanks to his upbringing in the southern part of New Hampshire. He had a black lab named Atlas who suffered from arthritis from a young age and died when he was a teenager. He earned his bachelor’s degree in business administration from Merrimack College and his master’s degree in finance from Villanova. Theodore (Teddy), a miniature long-haired dachshund; Elvis and Phil, two rambunctious labrador retrievers; Harry and Martha now have three dogs. Teddy, along with the rest of the small dogs, is a common sight at LRPR.

Martha’s always made an effort to spend as much time as she could with pets. She devoted much of her free time to helping at animal shelters and rescue groups. While a student at Franklin and Marshall, Martha discovered her love for dog training and went on to train her first service dog, Yoda. He mentored her into a more capable handler and gave her the freedom she required to keep growing in her skill set.

Martha is an expert in the development and socialization of puppies; she guides new dog owners through the process of selecting the right puppy for their family, introducing the puppy to new environments in a controlled manner, and laying the groundwork for the dog’s future success. Private training and boarding are two of the services we provide, and they cover everything from basic obedience to more complex behaviors and problem-solving.

AAA Pet Services

Our Londonderry-based company is the region’s go-to choice for pet-sitting services. Londonderry, Litchfield, Windham, Derry, Hudson, Chester, Pelham, Salem, Manchester, Amherst, Merrimack, and Bedford are just some of the cities in Rockingham and Hillsborough counties that our team proudly serves with pet care.

Customers who do not live within our normal service area are welcome to inquire; we do our best to meet unique needs and would be happy to create a custom plan just for you.

AAA Pet Services is a full-service pet care and holistic animal wellness facility, providing everything from daily walks and overnight stays to energy work for pets dealing with anxiety, illness, or just needing some extra company. We even offer pet photo shoots with our award-winning photographer if your pet is more of a diva. When you choose in-home boarding for the night, your pets can stay in their familiar environment and maintain their regular routines.

You can rest easy while away from home knowing that your pets are getting the best care possible and will be kept on their routine. Your pet sitter will arrive in the evening and stay until breakfast is served in the morning, giving your pets their daily doses of exercise as per your specifications. We advise this for pets of any age who are more vulnerable to illness or stress. If you need assistance maintaining your dog’s daily exercise routine, AAA offers private dog walking services.

As part of a 30, 45, or 60-minute visit, our team will take your pet or pets for a walk; the length of the walk is up to you (in terms of minutes, distance, or route). Every visit comes with a full report card detailing the day’s events as well as fresh water, food, or treats if allowed. April Barrett, a Reiki Master Teacher, helps animals whose owners seek the health benefits of energy healing for their pets. Anxiety, stress, pain, and general wellness are just some of the reasons why reiki can be beneficial for pets.

Animals in the household can benefit from Reiki as well, as it can help them adjust to the addition or removal of a pet. Consultations with animals usually last between 30 and 45 minutes. AAA Pet Services provides professional portrait photography for dogs, cats, and horses. Photographer Mackenzie Crandall has won awards and had her work displayed.

She’s also one of our fantastic in-house babysitters. Every one of our clients is unique, and we treat them as such when deciding on the location, atmosphere, and concept that will best reflect their pets’ personalities. In this photo shoot, humans are not only welcome but actively encouraged to pose with animal models.

Small Pet Boarding

What should you do with your rabbit, guinea pig, or other small pet while you’re away? Instead of worrying about burdening friends and family, you can relax during your trip by leaving your dog at Pup ‘N Pals’ loving care.

We welcome pet owners who are searching for a special place to leave their rabbit, guinea pig, or other small pet while they are away, and are pleased to offer our home as a safe and comfortable boarding facility. While it’s possible to leave your furry friend with a house sitter or an inexperienced friend for the day, why do that when they can spend the day in the comfort and company of their own home with you and your family?

We provide a peaceful, comfortable environment for our small animal guests, complete with soothing music, lots of natural light, and lots of room to run and play. We have over 20 years of experience caring for small animals, and our priority is the happiness and well-being of your pet during their stay with us.

Everything from organic, farm-fresh hay to litter boxes and litter to bedding, bowls, and hideaways is provided for your rabbit or guinea pig in their spacious boarding suite; all you need to bring is your pet and its food! Every guest receives daily interaction and attention while staying here, and all pets, including hamsters and chinchillas, are housed in their housing that was brought from home.


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