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Best Home Repair Services In New Hampshire

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Looks Good Landscaping

Just letting everyone know that we can help with any landscaping or design needs. Drainage, heated gutter cables, and ice dam removal are just a few of the specialty jobs we’ve completed. In preparation for a move or major cleanup, a lot of trash must be discarded. If you ask and we don’t do it, we’ll tell you the truth.

Hello, I’ll tell you a little bit about myself. I’ve worked in this field for over 30 years, though I wasn’t really immersed until 2007. When it comes to large projects, I have five or more employees working on it. I find the entire process of dealing with a client quite rewarding. Though I’m new to Yelp, I come highly recommended and would love to have you as a client, whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner. And we perform customised projects all around Eastern New England, which requires us to travel extensively.

John’s Helping Hands

John’s Helping Hands provides individualised services for the Home, Office, or Property, including but not limited to Moving, Handyman, and Assembly. To relocate a single item or a full household, you may count on our professional moving services. Everything from pianos to antiques to hot tubs to automobiles, we move it all.

Our company is a nationwide provider of moving help, including packers, drivers, and storage facilities. The carpentry and handyman services we provide are available for any job around the house. We also provide expert assembly services for a wide variety of products and furniture, including but not limited to: cubicles, shelving, exercise and play gear, tools, and kits. Make an appointment to discuss your upcoming project with us and learn more about how we might be of service.

We’ve spent our entire life in this field. John came from a family of Craftsmen, Artists, and Handymen, therefore he has been involved in their endeavours ever since he was a kid. Presenting (4 years old) Making and Selling Woodwork, Relocating (4 yo – present ) I’ve been a professional mover for over 20 years, a driver for over 18 years, a home builder for 8 years, a transporter for 18 years, an assembler of mechanical parts for 2 years, a commercial builder for 18 years, a business owner for over 10 years, and I’ve been doing all of these things for pay since I was 12 years old. As of right now, my knowledge is limited, but it is expanding rapidly.

Ski instructor, sailor, sports enthusiast, mountain climber, bicyclist, woodsman, rock climber, winter survival / backcountry specialist, painter, sculptor, musician, handyman, craftsman, builder, installer, assembler, repair tech, mechanic, driver, rigger, construction worker, teacher, business owner networker, gardener, landscaper, designer, mason, plumber, electrician, mover, packer, towing specialist.

Ridges Peak Remodeling

We take great care to work and communicate with each customer in a professional manner in order to fully comprehend their requirements and exceed their expectations. No matter the scale of the project, we will always maintain the high standards of service, safety, quality, and honesty that have made us a household name in the industry. Get in touch with my carpenter business for service anywhere in the city! I also provide first-rate services in the areas of pressure washing, flooring, painting, siding & roof work, bathroom & kitchen remodelling, finishing, and basic handyman projects of any size!

Having worked in this industry for over a decade, I have been a BBB-accredited business for the past four. Rather than taking the easy way out, I believe I can perform a better job at a lower cost while still providing the quality service my clients need and deserve.

Having spent several years working in Cape Cod, I am a native of Boston. If a consumer isn’t happy, I’m not happy.
High Score

You can fill out the job order by visiting my website at We at High Score, LLC are experts in fixing up both private and business properties. Among the many services we do are kitchen and bathroom improvements and repairs that use finish carpentry.

Plumbing and tiling installation services Troubleshooting and mending of electrical systems Putting up new window and door frames and painting them fix and set up bespoke structures like shelves, walls, and more. Cleaning and fixing decks outside with pressure washers repairs to the foundation that don’t leave a mess, and more…

High Score, LLC has been providing comprehensive property maintenance and improvement services for over 20 years.

James founded High Score, LLC in 2014 after working for many property management firms. James is a consummate expert in his field; he is punctual, polite, and attentive to detail. He is an expert in every facet of home maintenance and improvement. James also has a certification to inspect homes.



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