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Best Graphic Designers in New Hampshire

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Don’t Look Like a Rookie – Set up an email signature

What an accomplishment—you’ve gone out on your own! You jump right in and start planning your business’s launch. You take the time to carefully construct the ideal email to share the news of your new venture with your loved ones and professional contacts. How awesome is that? Sure, why not… Whether or whether you used a signature in your email communications, you should consider doing so. This is something that many business owners forget about.

Having a formal email signature is essential. Microsoft Outlook and other email clients make it possible. Since everything is so well formatted at the email’s footer, it makes a good impression on contacts and aids in their ability to recall the relevant contact information and what you do.

Channel Creative Energy

It has been an entire year this month since the United States and its workers were shut down because of the COVID-19 pandemic. We were assured that two weeks would be enough to turn the tide, but instead, we must contend with the peril of viral mutations. The truth is that job loss due to COVID-19 are as tenacious as this pandemic. Wedgewood Graphic Design may not know the answers to the big problems, but we can give your team or organization the creative boost they need to get through this difficult period.

The purpose of this post is to establish a rapport with you and provide the assistance you and your organization require by answering some often-asked questions about the advantages of outsourcing creative work.

You are not alone if COVID-19 has led to layoffs at your workplace. Whether or whether that gives you peace of mind, you still have to get things done for your clients, even if it means working with a smaller team. If you can find the proper team to work with, outsourcing temporary expertise might be an effective solution. Wedgewood Graphic Design is happy to help any business that could use some creative assistance, but we work especially effectively with advertising agencies, design firms, in-house marketing departments, and start-ups.

Experts agree that the United States economy is no longer in a recession, but that many companies, especially smaller ones, are still feeling the consequences of the downturn. No surprise entrepreneurs and even government bodies of considerable size are wary of bringing in outside help. Exciting news! It is usually much more cost-effective to hire contract or freelance personnel for a short-term or longer retainer project than it is to make a fresh recruit.

Wedgewood’s Creative and Graphic Design Retainer Program

Your company can hire us for as few as 10 hours per month, or as much as 40 hours per month, with a creative and graphic design retainer. Gain immediate access to a wide variety of high-quality creative and graphic design services without the time and expense of employing and training an in-house staff member.

By now, you probably realize that some tasks might benefit from having a creative and graphic design team on retainer. So, how can you determine if it is the best option for your business?

Our retainer will save you time and effort if you need to coordinate the efforts of various service providers. A design retainer can be especially helpful if you frequently need to hire outside designers for a wide variety of project sizes and types.

It’s also possible that a retainer would work. When there is a lack of personnel in-house. You may require a designer in the short term even if you have plans to hire a graphic designer in the long run. This person should be able to communicate effectively with the marketing and communications staff. Until you find the right person for the job, a retained designer or design team might step in and do the job normally done by an in-house designer.

Steven Vaillancourt  

A professional graphic designer who is also fluent in desktop publishing and web design. Extensive background in creating graphics for both digital and analog media utilizing a wide variety of programs and methods. Proven track record of success in all phases of print design, from brainstorming through layout to final production. Highly driven and methodical, prioritizing timely project completion. Competent with Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, and Acrobat. Keeping up with the latest developments in technology by studying new programs and skills regularly.

Timothy Wickham  

I’ve just relocated to the New England area from Seattle, and I’m on the lookout for a design position that will allow me to grow professionally while also providing me with interesting new challenges.

When I was living in Seattle, I worked as a freelance Graphic Designer for clients including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Hacker Group, WongDoody, and the Puget Sound Business Journal. I did everything from batch picture processing to high-volume pre-press production. While in New Hampshire, I kept up with my busy freelancing business, contributing art direction and troubleshooting talents to several important projects for Legendary Games.

You have been warned that I am a designer with an extremely upbeat disposition, an almost obsessive obsession with detail, and a passion for working long hours. Some may attribute this to my love of the strong coffee so common in Seattle, but the truth is I enjoy finding solutions to issues and making art. The first thing I think about in the morning (after my coffee, of course) is how soon I can get back into the studio to continue learning and adapting.


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