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Best Veterinarian In Nevada

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Blue Cross Animal Hospital

For almost 30 years, Las Vegas residents have trusted their pets to Blue Cross Animal Hospital, an AAHA-accredited veterinary facility. Vaccinations and surgical procedures are just the beginning of what Blue Cross Animal Hospital has to offer to pets in need of medical care.

During business hours, pets in need can get expert emergency care, and after hours, they can get intensive care or even have a vet come to their home. Both medicated and unmedicated bathing options are provided.

Caring Hands Animal Hospital

Veterinarian services for dogs, cats, and birds, including vaccinations, general and preventative care, dental, dermatology, and more, are available at Las Vegas’s Caring Hands Animal Hospital. Dogs can get a rattlesnake vaccine to protect them from getting bitten.

Dogs, cats, reptiles, rodents, and amphibians can all stay in a safe, clean environment with access to veterinary care and boarding services all year long. Grooming, obedience classes, and microchipping services are also available at the clinic.

Companion Animal Hospital

The Las Vegas area is served by Companion Animal Hospital, a full-service veterinary hospital. Wellness exams for new puppies and kittens, general preventative care, care for senior pets, surgery (both soft tissue and orthopedic surgery), dentistry, diagnostic testing and imaging, nutritional and behavioral counseling, pain management, and more are all services provided by the knowledgeable veterinary staff at Companion Animal Hospital. Pets including dogs, cats, birds, and even pocket pets can stay in the kennel for the night. Dogs and cats can also get professionally groomed by experienced groomers.

Craig Road Animal Hospital

It’s easy to get your cat or dog checked out at Craig Road Animal Hospital, a full-service veterinarian clinic in Las Vegas. Craig Road Animal Hospital also provides dental care, laparoscopic surgical procedures, digital imaging, ultrasound, breeding consultations, boarding, and grooming in addition to routine wellness checkups and preventative medicine. Patients in need of emergency care outside of regular business hours can do so, but they must call beforehand to guarantee adequate staffing.

Desert Inn Animal Hospital

The Desert Inn Animal Hospital in Las Vegas, Nevada, is an AAHA-accredited facility. When it comes to treating feline hyperthyroidism, Desert Inn Animal Hospital is the only veterinary facility in Nevada, Utah, or Arizona that offers radioactive iodine therapy.

The staff’s familiarity with canine genetics, as well as their connections to the state’s first canine semen bank, make them an invaluable asset to the state’s dog breeding community. Individuals who are trying to conceive, offer comprehensive care throughout pregnancy and thereafter as well.

Treatment for cancer, laser therapy, cutting-edge and minimally invasive surgery, dental care, Baer Hearing Tests, Penn Hip treatments, and many more specialist options are also offered. When it comes to giving back to the community, Desert Inn Animal Hospital does everything from partnering with local animal shelters to providing low-cost spay/neuter services.

Flamingo Pet Clinic

Flamingo Pet Clinic has been serving the Las Vegas area’s canine, feline, avian, rodent, and reptile residents for over 30 years. The avian services of Flamingo Pet Clinic include boarding, grooming, endoscopy, and surgery. Dogs, cats, and birds can all stay at the hospital’s boarding facility while receiving routine medical care and preventative maintenance.

The knowledgeable veterinarians at Flamingo Pet Clinic are equipped to treat a wide variety of animals, but it is their love of birds and reptiles that allows them to provide specialist care for these species.

Las Vegas Veterinary Specialty Service

The Las Vegas Veterinary Specialists Clinic (LVVSC) is a veterinary hospital that serves the Las Vegas area. Board-certified and residency-trained veterinarians licensed veterinary technicians, and support staff with advanced degrees in specialties like cardiology, internal medicine, cancer, ophthalmology, surgery, neurology, and physical rehabilitation are on staff.

Cardiology, Internal Medicine, Oncology, Ophthalmology, Surgery, Neurology, and Physical Rehabilitation are just a few of the specialties available. Many nearby veterinary clinics bring their patients to LVVSC when they need specialized care, so the facility serves as a valuable resource for both pet owners and vets.

Pet Health Animal Hospital

The veterinarians at Pet Health Animal Hospital in Las Vegas have worked with pets of all sizes for decades. Medical care, prevention and treatment of parasites, emergency and elective surgery, cardiology, dermatology, diagnostic imaging and ultrasound, care for the elderly, and nutritional and behavioral counseling are just some of the services provided by the hospital.

During regular business hours, you can reach the on-call veterinarian who will assist you, and after hours, your call will be transferred to another veterinary hospital that provides emergency services. We also offer boarding and bathing facilities.

Sahara Pines Animal Hospital

Since 1986, Las Vegas pet owners have had access to Sahara Pines Animal Hospital and its extensive array of veterinary services. All kinds of veterinary care, from routine checkups to specialized procedures in radiology, cardiology, surgery, and dentistry, are available at Sahara Pines Animal Hospital.

The in-house laboratory at Sahara Pines can perform a wide range of basic tests, while other diagnostic labs offer more specialized services. Parasite control strategies are tailor-made for each animal at Sahara Pines Animal Hospital, taking into account their unique habitat.

Siena Animal Hospital

Southwest Las Vegas, South Summerlin, and the neighboring neighborhoods have had access to Siena Animal Hospital’s veterinary services since 2007. Every pet is important to the physicians and nurses here, therefore they always give them a thorough physical examination when they see them. Siena Animal Hospital provides a wide range of services, including routine medical care, veterinary dentistry, and digital x-rays for the early identification of hip dysplasia in dogs. Cats, dogs, birds, and even some exotic species can stay in the boarding facility.

Southern Hills Animal Hospital

Located in southwest Las Vegas since 2015, Southern Hills Animal Hospital offers a broad range of veterinary services. Southern Hills Animal Hospital’s mission is to treat each patient as an individual and to educate pet owners so that their dogs always receive the best care possible.

Pets of all shapes and sizes, including canines, felines, and rodents, are welcome at Southern Hills Animal Hospital, where they can receive routine medical care, dental cleanings, and even minor surgery. Services such as dental examinations and cleanings, grooming, boarding, and even nutritional guidance are provided.



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