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Best Home Repair Services In Nevada

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Dave’s Wall 2 Wall Restoration and Repairs

Please describe the materials you have gathered so that we can use them in our work. Which, a brand-new TV or a super modernized sink, is it? We go over every little detail. We offer flexible payment plans and volume discounts as you accumulate repairs, replacements, and new installations. Full custom work was done on the television wall brackets.

There are three different install tiers available to meet your specific requirements. We need to have a toilet fixed, replaced, or moved. What about finally getting that ceiling fan installed that you’ve been meaning to get around to? Damage to the walls, such as a hole caused by a nail during the move, or scuffs and dents.

We will fix any size hole in your drywall, from a dime to the entire wall, or replace it if necessary. Toilet or sink springing a leak. Or maybe you’re just tired of the one you have and want to upgrade it. You may be experiencing an increase in your water bill and be baffled as to why this is happening. There is no work too big or too small for Dave and Drew to handle.

Get expert help at a price you can afford. We’re offering new customers a discount of 10%, in addition to a welcome package full of useful information. (If you’re curious about the contents, feel free to inquire.) What we do is important to us, and we take great satisfaction in being able to assist others.

We will do what we can to fix what’s broken right away, so don’t worry about going without. Restores your home to its original condition. Or, you can improve it such that it generates income on your behalf. We devise a strategy to implement the idea within the constraints of your present financial situation. The phrase “chill out, we got you” is used to reassure someone that they are in good hands. Restoration and repairs from wall to wall by Dave. To Protect Your Ideas in 2020

Drew here; my business partner Dave and I were both laid off due to the COVID pandemic, so we decided to put our heads together and launch a company. Dave’s background is in both extensive renovation and new construction.

With a background in technology and appliance installation, I am well-equipped to address any issues Such as computers, audiovisual equipment, and television sets. We’ll fix that dripping sink or toilet that’s costing you money every month. We’ve got this slow drain covered! We’ll make sure your brand-new appliances are set up and working properly.

We put up your new TV. There is brand-new surround sound equipment that needs to be set up. I’d say that’s it. The computer must be connected to a network. We do this in addition to everything else. Go to for a free quote, and we’ll mount your first TV for free, or we’ll do whatever else you want for free, up to a $159 value. Keep in touch!

My background encompasses a wide variety of fabrication-related positions. A powder coating company once employed me as a fabrication technician. From the baseboards up to the crown molding, I have experience with all aspects of home trim work for both renovation and new construction. Then I entered the field of low-voltage audio-visual equipment.

In addition to developing a penchant for gadgetry. I am now proficient in both computer maintenance and the installation of home entertainment systems. Arrange TV Wall Bracket Installation. Family-sharing networks should be established. After that, I worked with Direct TV for five years, where I learned to install phones, computers, and coax cables in any location.

Furthermore, I hold a business and marketing certificate from a well-regarded online university. Since I’ve spent a lot of time in people’s houses over the years, I know what it takes to make them happy, keep them as customers for the long haul, and earn their trust and respect along the way. And our results reflect that. Here at DAVE n DREW’S, there is no such thing as an impossible task. Everything is taken care of by us. Handymen!!

LV Home Service

Primacy is given to serving customers. The difference-making qualified and insured contractors Having a positive experience while working is equally important. Any sort of house maintenance or renovation project is within our capabilities.

We specialize in home makeovers. We got our start in the sector and worked our way up from the bottom. Helping property managers, investors, and homeowners with maintenance and improvements. But getting there is only half the fun. Providing excellent communication and service to customers is what we do best. That’s why everything you encounter is an Excellent Experiencing.

A Handyman And Home Repairs From Walter

Our company provides a wide variety of repair and maintenance services for homes. Services include but are not limited to, wiring, plumbing, installing new windows and doors, painting the interior and outside, and reworking both the kitchen and bathroom. We’re known for our speedy turnarounds, fair prices, and reliable service.

After serving as a paratrooper in the United States Army with the 82nd Airborne Division and receiving an honorable discharge, I immediately set out to establish my home repair and handyman business. What I learned about hard work and taking pride in one’s abilities while serving in the 82nd Airborne Division, I’ve applied to my own business.

For most of my 35 years in the business, I worked in the San Francisco Bay Area, where I renovated homes with prices ranging from $550,000 to $29,000,000. I’ve recently moved my business to the Las Vegas region and brought with me all my experience, integrity, and confidence in my talents. I plan to maintain the same standard of excellence in my future work here.

After serving as a paratrooper with the 82nd Airborne Division and being discharged with honor, I saw firsthand how important it is to hire reliable professionals to do home improvement jobs. I learned from the finest how to complete tasks on time and with integrity while charging reasonable rates.

Always, my goal has been to make sure that everyone benefits. That is exactly what I have done for the past 35 years of my professional life. When it comes to my work, I’ve always been committed to maintaining the same high standards that I currently do.



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