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Best Business Consultants in Nebraska

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Actuarial Consulting Services, Inc.

When it comes to employee benefits, no one does it better than Actuarial Consulting Services, Inc. (ACS). Our expertly crafted products and services are geared toward enhancing the value of our client’s employee benefit plans. ACS was established in 2002 in response to a market need for reasonably priced, expert, and unbiased group health consulting. To select a strategic business partner, businesses have historically had two primary options.

Luma Services

In the greater Omaha, Nebraska area, Luma Services links the most qualified consultants with the most prestigious businesses. With an emphasis on IT project resource needs, we provide contract, contract-to-hire, and direct placement services to businesses in key project roles such as Program and Project Management, Business Analysis, Business Systems Analysis, Quality Assurance, and Testing, and Systems Architecture.

PI MIdwest

We at PI Midwest are people-obsessed to the core. Collectively, our consultants’ years of experience in the human capital transformation field number in the hundreds. Because of our firm’s commitment to evidence-based decision-making and our emphasis on the value of each individual’s unique strengths, we assist our clients in making impartial choices.

Kernan Consulting, Inc.

We just want to help people. Kernan Consulting equips entrepreneurs to expand their businesses, their teams, and their bottom lines by applying time-tested principles and best practices.

To learn how to establish a successful business culture, focus on building a team of dedicated employees. Kernan Consulting is for you if you want to learn how to market and sell more effectively than the competition and how to compensate your employees in a way that motivates them to perform at a higher level.

The Strawhecker Group

In the realm of electronic payments, The Strawhecker Group (TSG) is a rapidly expanding analytics and consulting firm. Both small fintech businesses and large multinational corporations are among the customers of this company. The company’s advisory services, research, and analytics aid clients in formulating and enacting their strategic plans. Omaha is home to TSG, making the company a leader in the rapidly growing and changing payments industry.

Koski Professional Group P.C.

Koski Professional Group was founded in 1986 and offers a wide range of public accounting and consulting services. All of us here at KPG is dedicated to helping businesses and individuals succeed. We get that you’d like your advisor to offer more than just bookkeeping services. We have a winning mentality and a strong desire to serve our customers, which drives us to consistently go above and beyond for them. You can count on us for prompt assistance that’s tailored to your specific requirements.

Masimore, Magnuson & Associates PC

Accounting, auditing, tax, and consulting are just some of the many services we provide to both individuals and businesses. We promise to always treat each of our customers like family. We are pleased to reassure you that the expert guidance you receive is the result of extensive study, practical experience, and savvy with money matters. Our dedication to the highest standards is reflected in the time and money we put into training our staff in the latest industry developments, acquiring cutting-edge computer systems, and cultivating an expansive network of business contacts.

Leadership Resources

The investment in Leadership Resources will pay off in ways you never imagined. You can get where you want to go in life as a leader if you can think of creative ways to effect positive, long-lasting change in your organization’s culture.

As a result of our tried-and-true procedures, your staff will be inspired to collaborate with others, maintain attention to key objectives, and prioritize tasks accordingly. You and your company will reach new heights of success as a direct result of this profound shift in routine.

Peter Small

Pete Small, a member of the NeuroLeadership Institute’s faculty, is a certified executive coach and leadership facilitator. Pete is an accomplished professional with 20 years of experience in program design, staff management, and fostering individual and group change, and he has training and certification from the esteemed Coaches Training Institute, NeuroLeadership Institute, and International Coaching Federation.

Pete is a former psychologist who graduated from the University of Utah with a Bachelor of Psychology and English and from the University of California, Berkeley with a Master of Social Welfare.

Valerie Trembaly

The first twenty years of Valerie Tremblay’s career were spent in the field of human resources, where she worked for companies in sectors as diverse as pharmaceuticals, engineering, real estate development, and manufacturing.

Valerie’s previous position was that of Chief Human Resources Officer for a retail company, where she was in charge of all HR operations. Val has an MBA and is a certified coach through the International Coach Federation.


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