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Best Pet Care Services In Montana

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After settling in Bozeman for a while, I’ve returned to the city where I was raised: Missoula. I’ve spent my entire life around animals and feel nothing but unconditional love for them. My dog, Canela, and I love to take walks and hang out at local dog parks. Having said that, I also enjoy a cozy cuddle session. I have a lot of patience and kindness, so I can help any dog learn to trust and love me. For dogs who are being abandoned, my mellow demeanor may come as a welcome relief. Having had to leave my dog before, I know how stressful it can be, but I promise to do my best to make you and your pet feel at ease.

After 3:30 in the afternoon, I am free for walks or visits as I work from home full-time. I am available to house-sit any time of the day or night, any day of the week because I work remotely. On the weekends, I am available.

Please let me know what your pets enjoy and avoid before I come to visit. To make sure your pet feels comfortable and safe, I’ll ask if there’s anything we should avoid while out on walks. For the sake of consistency with the owner, I’ll also inquire as to whether or not we both use the same training jargon.


I’ve been taking care of canines of all sizes since I was in junior high! I’m no stranger to mayhem; between my three rambunctious Yorkies and two naughty French Bulldogs, I’ve had my fair share of practice! I’ve babysat numerous small animals, including rabbits and ferrets, for coworkers, so I’m confident in my ability to handle any similar situation.

So, I can also take care of your small pet!

If your dogs would like to drop by for a play date or some walking company, my two French Bulldogs, Gibbs and Josie, would be happy to oblige! If you have a young dog, this is a great way to wear them out while you’re gone because they can get pretty rowdy.

I work full-time in the medical field and therefore cannot do drop-ins or walks until after 3 p.m., Monday through Thursday. And I’m free all day on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays! Feel free to peruse my availability by day.

When the weather is nice, I take my pets for a walk of a couple of miles every day. Evening strolls in the fresh air are something I regularly indulge in. As a dog lover, I’d be happy to help out with sit, stay, lay down, and other basic training commands in exchange for treats. Let me know if you need anything!


In 2021, I went out on my own and opened a private pet-sitting and pet care service. Before that, I had learned a lot from my dogs and cats. I’m the go-to person for pet-related tasks in my social circle. I just finished up a year-long stint as an employee at a local dog kennel. My other certification is in Animal Reiki.

In addition to running my pet-sitting and care service, I also work on the Rover.com platform. I am happy to stay at your home to care for your pet while you’re away, and my availability for drop-in visits and dog walks extends from late morning to early evening. Being self-employed gives me the flexibility to work whenever it is most convenient for you and your pet.

When I’m housesitting, I’ll take your dog on walks around the neighborhood or to the trail or park that he or she most enjoys. While you’re gone, I’ll spend as much time as possible with your pet, showering it with affection and providing emotional support. Your dog can tag along with me on car rides and other appropriate daily tasks if you so desire. Drop-ins and house-sitting services are happy to include feeding, grooming, pet care, playtime, and treats.

Jordan M.

When it comes to pet care, I’ve got more than 15 years of experience with everything from cats and dogs to horses. Throughout high school, I assisted my mother in caring for a large number of dogs in need of foster homes. For two years, I was in charge of the veterinary clinic’s three to twenty kenneled canine residents in Missoula, Montana.

Boarding was a service I provided for animals in my care while they were here for appointments or recovering from surgery. Three times a day, I had to take each dog out for a walk, and I also had to give them their medications, check on their vitals, and make sure their living quarters were always spotless and comfortable. Because I am well-informed, trustworthy, and articulate.

My availability is very open. We’re able to adjust to almost any situation thanks to my dog and me. While house-sitting, Rover dogs are permitted two daily walks on a leash.

Twice daily 30-45 minute walks with the dog on a leash. Supplemental nutrition and hydration, as well as oral medications, are available. Since I do my job from home, your pet won’t be alone for too long.


Because of my upbringing on a farm, I consider having frequent contact with a wide variety of animals to be crucial to my well-being. I’ve had dogs and cats as pets for as long as I can remember and was a 4-H member for over a decade. I don’t have any kids or pets of my own, so your animals will have my full attention. If you’re new to Rover, you can save $20 on your first reservation by using my discount code: TIANAJ10926

My home’s double doors and fenced yard keep my pet-proofed from fugitive friends. Before, I used to help out with a program called Date with a Dog at the Humane Society. I’ve been taking dogs for walks and providing pet care for my own and others’ pets in Missoula for over a decade now. Since I no longer have to care for my elderly cat, I can also offer boarding services. I’m keen on day trips with canine companions of all sizes.


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