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Best Gyms In Montana

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Idaho’s Clubs

It all began on Ironwood Drive over 40 years ago when a brand-new club called Ironwood Athletic Club first welcomed its first members. It was at this time that Ironwood Athletic Club established itself as the premier health and fitness facility serving the greater Coeur d’Alene area, home to some 30,000 people. Hayden and Post Falls branches opened as time went on. These establishments underwent numerous transformations and membership growth to become the PEAK we all know and love today.

Since its founding in the early 1980s, PEAK has made community members’ health and happiness a top priority. This local ownership group is committed to offering the finest services and amenities available in the health and fitness sector. Family and friends in Missoula, Montana can share a common interest in health and fitness at the PEAK gym.

For more than 40 years, PEAK has been a vital part of the local community, and throughout that time, it has grown and adapted to stay at the forefront of the fitness and wellness industry. Our number one priority will always be making sure that our members and other extremely valued clients have a place to come to where they feel at home while working out and improving their overall health and well-being.

All of our employees, across all of our locations, share a single goal: to encourage our customers to achieve their full potential. For the next thirty years and beyond, we pledge to do everything in our power to make your fitness goals a reality.


What this means is that every square foot at MUST is devoted to human motion, making it suitable for strength and conditioning trainees of all skill levels. And by “amenities,” we mean things like turf, beats, tires, and a no-frills setting in a sweet old warehouse.

Members of our community are chill, but they put in the work, and they take pride in keeping the gym in pristine condition for everyone who uses it. They put their weights away, clean their equipment after each use, and treat others with dignity. Simply incredible. At MUST, we keep our staff small and our front desk staff for only a small portion of each day.

MUST is a clubhouse gym with fantastic amenities and staff for those who are serious about building muscle. Since 2009, MUST has been the place for health and fitness enthusiasts of all stripes because it is clean, organized, and full of positive energy.

The Ridge Athletic Club 

The Ridge is the best because it has two convenient locations. Everything from individual trainers to a swimming pool and a children’s area to a full-size basketball court and jogging track, not to mention a locker room with a steam room and a dry sauna illuminated by Himalayan salt lights.

Group Fitness classes are available at The Ridge as well, and they cover a wide variety of disciplines and methods of exercise, from cycling and spin to Zumba and Aquafit to yoga and pilates and even barre. Adults and kids alike can take advantage of their specialized programs.

Orange Theory 

There is a devoted following for this small-scale group exercise facility. Orange Theory’s arrival in Bozeman has us giddy with anticipation. The Orange Theory is a one-hour, total-body workout that emphasizes stamina, strength, and/or power. They engage in Heart Rate Based Interval Training, a form of exercise that results in greater calorie expenditure both during and after the session.

During classes, students wear branded heart rate monitors, and their real-time data is broadcast on multiple screens around the studio. All fitness levels can benefit from the workout because the intensity is customized to each participant based on their Heart Rate zones.

Zephyr Cycling Studio 

This excellent group exercise facility was established in Bozeman by a resident. Weekly classes that foster empowerment through music, community and the like are led by an inspiring group of extraordinary people.

The point of Zephyr is to “Studio is a haven where people of all backgrounds can develop their convictions and nurture their spirits. To see people take the necessary steps in the studio and then go out and give the world their best is one of our greatest hopes “. Choose a wide range of interesting courses! Go HERE to check them out!

Pure Barre 

Bozeman now hosts yet another cult classic that has a devoted fan base. Pure Barre offers a wide variety of classes for people of varying fitness levels, with an emphasis on small, precise movements and cutting-edge techniques that focus on building strength, cardiovascular endurance, and pliability. Group exercise classes have competitions.

Epic Bozeman 

EPIC is a great place to get in shape because they offer personal training, group fitness classes, yoga, and pilates. Classes in ski conditioning will debut this winter.

The Pitt 

Superb fitness center opened by a Bozeman native and NFL veteran. After spending years as a professional football player, the founder decided to use his experience to create a place where athletes of all ages and abilities could safely challenge themselves physically while also developing their skills and self-assurance. In addition to being a great place to work on your game, this gym also provides physical therapy services.

Crossfit Bozeman 

Using constantly varied, functional movements performed at a high intensity, CrossFit Bozeman trains athletes to reach elite levels of fitness. If you’re a CrossFit fanatic, you’ll love Bozeman CrossFit, a 4,000-square-foot CrossFit-only warehouse gym.

The Practice Power Yoga 

In comparison to the other yoga studios in the area, The Practice stands out due to its heated environment. The temperature is set between 90 and 95 degrees so that you can sweat and relax. There are so many options for classes, it would be impossible not to find your Zen.

Altitude Athletics 

The Altitude program takes a novel approach by emphasizing four key components of physical preparedness. Superhuman physical abilities, including strength, stamina, power, and resilience! Weight training, high-intensity sprint intervals to increase your “power to weight ratio,” and individualized routines are all available.

Bridger Pilates

Everyone can find what they’re looking for. Did you try Pilates for the first time today, or are you a seasoned reformer veteran? There is nothing else like this pilates studio in the area when it comes to health and wellness offerings. Therapeutic massage, aromatherapy, and individualized or small-group instruction are just a few of the services we offer. Using ballet-inspired exercises, you’ll emerge toned and erect.



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