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I have over five years of experience as a teacher, all of it spent leading dynamic workshops on topics like teamwork, autonomy in the workplace, and critical thinking. In my current and future Training Specialist positions, I plan to continue making use of these abilities.

My resume is a rainbow of experiences demonstrating my proficiency in developing interactive and participant-focused training modules. Working as a Training and Development Specialist/Generalist for Resilience Inc. helped me hone the expertise I had developed as a teacher. As part of my Specialist/Generalist role, I learned Adobe Captivate, Project Management, and how to use a learning management system, and I was able to put my facilitating talents to use in a virtual training environment.

As a Training & Documentation Specialist, I have been more involved with training workflows (such as LMS management and documentation) over which I had no prior control. Working as a specialist in documentation, I contribute to the creation, maintenance, and improvement of materials for customers, employees, and the company as a whole.

I’m hoping to build on the success I’ve had so far in my career by taking on a challenging new position in training or documentation.


As a veteran esports copywriter, I’ve done everything from consulting with teams and businesses to fine-tune their messages so they appeal to fans and customers to writing companion apps that assist gamers to take their skills to the next level.

I’ve written extensively for the League of Legends esports scene, and I also enjoy penning in-depth pieces on other single-player games.

Content writing that engages readers on a cerebral level, editorial writing that is entertaining to read, and producing copy that can meet consumers in the place in the middle without feeling disingenuous: these are the kinds of writing I enjoy doing in both of these fields.

Reach out to me if you need high-quality writing for your website or app, or if you’re interested in discussing content strategy. You can count on me to provide you honest feedback on the quality of your website; if I believe it needs improvement, I will tell you so, and I won’t put my name to anything I find trite or unoriginal, even if the Internet is rife with similar pieces of writing.


I have a penchant for producing high-quality nonfiction and am a writer and charity administrator residing in Montana. I live in the rabbit hole because I enjoy delving deeply into a variety of subjects, from cutting-edge science to culinary mastery. To write a clear essay or assist a client in deconstructing a topic on the page, I will happily educate myself on any relevant topics.

Having earned a bachelor’s and a master’s degree from prestigious universities, my educational background in writing is substantial. I’m hoping to put my knowledge to good use by taking on additional editing and writing projects alone. Hire me to edit your next paper.


It’s important to me to provide a secure home and a comfortable lifestyle for my loved ones, therefore I’m working to build a financial cushion. I have excellent writing, math, and quick-study skills, and I am a highly skilled and motivated individual. In the classroom, I have consistently performed well, and my dedication and tenacity have earned me a solid reputation. With these abilities and my quick study habits, I can be an advantage to anyone who needs assistance.


Hello! To introduce myself, my name is Vlad, and I am a professional writer/editor with a Bachelor of Arts in English, a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing, and more than a decade of experience in tutoring, teaching, and editing.

I have extensive experience editing a wide variety of texts, including marketing newsletters, business communications, admissions essays, personal statements, cover letters, creative writing (fiction, nonfiction, and poetry), grant narratives, student essays, research papers, and even political messaging for a *successful* city council campaign.

Having dealt with so many forms of writing, I can say with authority that they are all fundamentally the same. The goal of a marketing article, a cover letter, and a work of fiction are the same: to intrigue the reader enough to keep reading. Ineffective rhetoric, awkward sentence construction, overuse of the passive voice, etc. will bore the reader to sleep. It is my responsibility to eliminate language as a potential point of failure for your product.



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